Lib Dems Say Human Wrongs Are Here To Stay

By Southwest Nationalist. With due apologies to all readers, it’s Nick Clegg again! – yes, we’re all sick of him, even the Liberal Democrats are, but this had to be worth bringing to people’s attention – this time with comments on the Human Rights Act and European Convention on Human Rights.

“So let me say something really clear about the Human Rights Act. In fact I’ll do it in words of one syllable: It is here to stay”

There we have it, in words of one syllable, thank you for making that clear Nick.

Under the Liberal Democrats watch it is here to stay. The insane European Convention on Human Rights, given further legal effect in the UK.

Foreign rapists and terrorists we cannot deport are here to stay, it’s against their human rights.

Every single decision has to be made with reference to a code of rights that is arbitrary, senseless, and often reaches decisions which fly in the face of common sense.

If sanity prevails and they fail on human rights here, there is always an EU court for you to fall back on.

A vast and tangled legal bureaucracy which reaches its tentacles into every aspect of our existence is here to stay.

That’s what voting Liberal Democrat gets you, your rights given away under the guise of a human rights act.

Who among you can honestly say that Britain is a better place for the insanity of the Human Rights Act?

It isn’t, it has become a comedy of the absurd, a land where a foreign killer can be allowed to remain here and funded by the taxpayer because throwing him out would interfere with his family life

A land where rights are accorded to all who violate our rights.

Human Rights has handed all rights to the perpetrator, and taken all rights away from the victim, victims to be, or the nation as a whole.

Human Wrongs would be a more apt name for the way in which the whole legislation is enacted and applied, and for the damage which it does to our society.

Still, Nick Clegg – and I promise to try my best not mention him again in an article for at least a week, we’re all sick of him – supports it.

Just for Nicks benefit though, is this a triumph for human rights? – Iraqi Kurd Aso Mohammed Ibrahim who left 12 year old Amy Houston to die under his car after a hit and run gets to stay in UK because of human rights laws – BBC.

Enough said, surely there must be a human right which classes every word Clegg says as torture or degrading treatment.

Maybe it’s worth a test case?

7 thoughts on “Lib Dems Say Human Wrongs Are Here To Stay

  1. David Cameron’s is going to teach my children right from wrong ?
    Well I wonder if he thinks it was right to kill 500,000 Iraqis through sanctions between both Iraq wars.

  2. What ever amazes and disgusts me is that the very same people who parade their peaceful and left wing ideoligy are the very same ones who then vote to bomb the hell or beat the hell out of anyone who disagrees with their peaceful policies.

    it is the same mentality as the inquisition, we are going to kill you in order to save you

  3. I have more respect for Cleg than David Cameron, Cameron pretends he dislikes the laws and knows full well he cannot do anything about them.

    Clegg sticks with his false ideology, Cameron conceals it and uses false indignation to garner support.

    Who is more dangerous?

    1. Good point, though I’d say both are as dangerous as eachother – the corrupt rights system needs both its vocal backers and its illusion of opposition among officialdom in order to continue existing.

      It takes both the vocal supporter and the hidden snake with honeyed words for us to reach the point we are at now, and to keep the nightmare alive.

      I do agree those like Cameron, with his hypocrical posturing and false indignation, who use the illusion of opposition for political gain, are less worthy of respect than a fool like Clegg who appears to wholeheartedly embrace the madness openly. At least Clegg seemingly does believe what he is saying on the issue, however misguided and idiotic he may be.

  4. “Human Rights are Here to Stay” ?? And this statement comes from a second-rate, inept, devious and unprincipled politician who himself is destined not to be here much longer, and whose ridiculous and traitorious party is also already ceasing to operate under its own steam and being absorbed by the Tories like a bunch of bacteria are absorbed by antibodies. (That is, by white blood cells, but we’re not allowed to call them that any more: we must now by law call them “culturally enriched blood cells”, which is technically leukemia, and will have the same effect upon Britain as leukemia has upon a person.)

  5. We Nationalists in the new British Democratic Party want a society that respects ourselves and our Country. We value our Traditions and History. We cherish the family and Christian Decency. We Respect the rule of law and Democracy. We Respect Humanity by Acknowledging the different Country’s of the world and their peoples. The ‘liberal type ‘ multi-culturalist has NO RESPECT for ANYBODY or ANYTHING particularly THEMSELVES. Their BIGOTRY knows no bounds and they are trying to destroy all that we hold dear to our hearts. Help us stop them ! Join the British Democratic Party today.

    1. ( Party Official ) When our Prime Minister pretended he was negotiating with these European Union Superstate people , we Nationalists KNEW it was ALL A BLUFF. So it proved as he asked for very little and did NOT EVEN GET THAT ! When we are OUT we can REALLY scrap the Anti British legislation of the E.U.Superstate and replace it with a BRITISH PEOPLES STANDARDS , RIGHTS AND DUTIES ACT. Now theres a thought !

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