Liam Kernaghan – Bradford, Wyke Ward

Liam Kernaghan will be representing the Party in Wyke Ward in Bradford on 7th May.



LiamLiam lives in Bradford South and is self-employed, running a giftware business. He previously worked for the fund raising department of a children’s hospice.

He is determined to preserve the green belt areas around Bradford. He believes that derelict and semi-derelict housing stock should be regenerated to avoid building on green belt land.










Anyone in the area wishing to help out and get involved please contact: (07876) 383636

2 thoughts on “Liam Kernaghan – Bradford, Wyke Ward

  1. ( Party Member ) Well done Liam. Yet another genuine person trying to save Britain. This Country needs the British Democrats like him and not the self serving , despicable creatures that dominate the LibLabCon.

  2. It’s many years now since I was last in Bradford. That was in the 1970’s when Bradford was still an English city. The thing about the city then was that it had a sense of history – it felt British, you felt at home there. How things have changed, and not for the better. Well done to Liam for having the courage to stand up and be counted. May I also add that the statistics for this site are impressive, much better than I had imagined. Keep up the good work.

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