Letter from Andrew Brons To Telegraph

Andrew Brons




North Yorkshire

31st August 2017

Dear Editor

The EU is still insisting that negotiations about future trade relationships between the UK
and the EU cannot begin until the UK’s fee for leaving the EU has been agreed. However,
Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty states: “the Union shall negotiate and conclude an agreement
with that state, setting out the arrangements for its withdrawal, taking account of the
framework for its future relationship with the Union”.

It can take account of its future relationship with the Union only if that relationship has
already been agreed. This means that agreement about future trade relationships must
precede the arrangements for the UK’s withdrawal, which would include decisions about
any financial contribution.

The EU’s prescription for the order in which the negotiations should take place is in clear
breach of Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty.

Yours faithfully

Andrew Brons


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4 thoughts on “Letter from Andrew Brons To Telegraph

  1. The notion that we should pay anything in relation to leaving the Superstate , because that is what it has become , is PLAIN WRONG. The E.U. has bled Britain White and WE WILL NO LONGER PAY , IN EFFECT , FOR OUR OWN DEMISE !

  2. It is now common knowledge that the EU is attempting to frighten the other EU members from even daring to think about leaving their rotten Leftist dictatorship. Poland and Hungary will be next to leave, The EU Leftist dictatorship seeks to punish them with sanctions for not cooperating with their Third World Majority for Europe agenda.

  3. The EU must and will fall, and last year the British people made a great contribution to making sure that great and inevitable event of the future takes place.

  4. if this apology of a Tory Government wakes up and simply withdraws Britain from the EU & ECHR immediately We as a Country would be better off for it We are not the Greeks and will not tolerate being trodden on by a old foreign pisshead like Juncker

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