Le Pen vs Macron

John Bean on the French election

 It is unlikely, but possible, for Marine Le Pen to beat Macron for the Presidency of France on May  7th.

She knows this and  her astute mind  realises that as long as her poll registers a noticeable increase  over that achieved in the run-off for the final two candidates then she will become President in 2022.

 By that time it will be interesting to see where Macron’s new party En Marchet has marched to. Will he still have retained the power that his globalist financial backers gave him to get established in less than a year (without previously contesting a basic local election) using the false flag of being a moderate  independent centrist? To decide this it is worth looking at his career over the past decade

 In 2008 he dropped his job in the civil service, where he had earlier worked  for the former leftist President Mitterand, and joined Rothschild bank. Within a year he became an Associate of the bank  and helped seal a multi-million pound deal between Nestlee & Pfizer.   He then joined  Monsieur Hollande – the Socialist Premier – as a pro-business department secretary general.

He met his school teacher wife when he was 15 and she was coming up to forty. Unconfirmed persistent  rumours said he was a homosexual. Although distasteful to some, this is not a sin, either socially or political, but could be a reason for the wide gap in their ages.   Although pro-business reformist, many of his actions show that he is firmly on the Left on social issues, including immigration.

 Marine Le Pen’s populist nationalism has been pursued with an approach that has drawn the support  of many young people in areas that have been devastated by globalisation and its resultant mass unemployment.  She calls for a ‘national priority’  for French people in jobs, housing and welfare. The priority she has given to achieving more than a doubling of her 22.5 per cent vote is emphasised by her action of withdrawing temporarily from the leadership of the Front National because, she says, the President must be beyond party politics. This makes it clear that – like de Gaulle – she wants power.

 British Democrats recognise that although our own old party regime has only hate for her, successes she makes are to the UK’s advantage. She was quick off the mark to extend her support for Britain’s Brexit actions. As with the British Democrats Marine Le Pen stands for withdrawal from the Euro. She has made it clear that one of her first actions would be to hold a referendum for the French to decide whether or  not they should accompany Britain by withdrawing from the EU. She wants France to regain border controls and monetary sovereignty and authority over laws.  So do we.

On immigration she stands for automatic expulsion of illegal immigrants and holding a moratorium on present legal immigration. This would be followed by the intake being cut to 10,000 a year. Whether or not her objectives could be achieved (particularly on immigration) depend upon how much the establishment have been curtailed now that its backing from the orthodox old parties politicians was eliminated for the first time in nearly 40 years at the first round of this  important election.

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  1. although none of My Business what happens in France I would be happy if Marine Le Pen wins the Presidency of France instead of the Bankers puppet Macron if Le Pen wins it will bring down the EU and Macron is like Blair Sarkozy Cameron Merkel etc davidmurrin.co.uk

    • Macron is EXACTLY like Blair! The French only have to look across La Manche to see what having a globalist open-borders, anti-nativist extremist in power can do! They are very lucky to have such a wonderful, pro-French candidate to be the President of their republic so they should take the opportunity of electing her. They should give her that chance. If she is elected and is found to be no good then they can get rid of her but they won’t know unless they try!

      Failing that, I wouldn’t argue against persuading Marine to dump her French citizenship and become British. We could do with someone like her even more than the French as we’ve got that globalist goon Teresa MayBE as our PM and the perpetual dullard Amber Rudd as her gormless Home Secretary.

  2. En Marche. On The Move – though with Macron, only if this includes walking on a treadmill.

    I hope Le Pen gets a respectable vote as the media are busy with their routine guilt trips and he is just another political glove-puppet dancing to the establishment’s pipetune.

    35% + would still be a great result for the FN, a party falsely branded as ”extremist” for defending France against mass immigration.

    • On the move! That is a good title for his suspiciously new political movement. If the French have any sense, they will realise if they elect him it will mean a A QUICK MOVEMENT OVER THE CLIFF for their country and its people. This man, I have no doubt, will be dangerous for them should he achieve that high office as he has the mannerisms, the arrogance, the smarm and the smirk of his fellow globalist open borders extremist in Britain called Tony Bliar. The resemblance between them is uncanny. Mr Macron won’t do anything to control immigration properly, expel Islamist extremists plotting terror or fundamentally alter in anyway France’s ruinous globalist trajectory with regard to immigration, sovereignty or the economy.

      Simply put, if the French value their nation and their country then they MUST elect Marine Le Pen to be their next president.

  3. The TV debate proved to be a resounding success for Macron he was smooth , calm and calculating whilst Mdm Le Pen allowed him to goad her.Macron is a product of the establishment whilst Mdm Le Pen left voters in no dought she represents real change, are the French ready for change or will they plump for the ” Devil we know”.

  4. Even the BBC have admitted that Macron is ”an uninspiring speaker” with very little experience in politics…Realistically only he can win, and he’s getting the tactical block vote, including a large proportion of the non indigenous French vote…which in numbers, is very considerable. If she can get 40% it will be seen as a massive victory for freedom of speech and resistance to Globalism.

  5. Unfortunately it looks as if the Front National did not make the 40% against the anti French/pro EU block vote I had hoped they would…still, for a much maligned Party called every name under the sun by all the usual parrots, puppets and denialists worldwide, Marine Le Pen’s showing is a significant improvement on her fathers attempt.

    Macron will fail as his predecessors have, perhaps even more dramatically. Let us sit back and watch him ”unite” France, but don’t hold your breath !

  6. John Shaw ( Party Official ) Yes indeed. We were all rooting for our fellow Nationalists in France. The Front National are the real deal , a classless , genuine NATIONALIST PARTY , that loves their Country . Anyway MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF VOTES SOUNDS GREAT TO ME WITH MANY MEMBERS AND MORE AND MORE FLOCKING TO THE BANNER , AS TIME GOES ON.

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