At Last Someone Is Made To Pay For Producing FAKE NEWS

by John Shaw

Courtesy CBS News

Britain’s Daily Mail, so called ‘News’  Paper has agreed to pay damages and costs to the first lady of the United States of America, over a disgusting article regarding her modelling career.

In horrific media style the ‘news’ paper had reported ‘front page’ allegations that Melania  Trump once worked as an escort.  This was done deliberately during the US Presidential Election.

The Mail Apologised in London’s High Court and has agreed to pay damages and costs.

Given the dreadful things that the British media have done to us British Nationalists, I believe that newspapers should be forced to shut down for one day, every time they behave in this manner!

The high cost of shutting down and then commencing production, as well as the loss of sales, should force the British media to maintain a decent standard!

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  1. A punishment John but not harsh enough considering the untold misery the media has inflicted on many fine Patriots.We do not need this daily dose of self inflicted poison, we need to sack the editors and shut down all of these daily misery bringers and replace them with a Patriotic Daily newspaper promoting the virtues of being White British.

  2. The day there is an uncensored and 100% honest paper is a long way off, they all serve their masters whose goal is to create a propagandist assault on the minds of our youth, put simply deception at the highest level. Trumps Mrs is a target because Trump himself is, and although I’m glad he won the election, I get the impression he is easily swayed by his emotions. I would much rather it was Steve Bannon in the Whitehouse.

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