by John Shaw

Sure, we know the actual Government legislation regarding commencing withdrawal from the ‘European Super State’, is not called the ‘The British Freedom Act’ but it should be.

This major British Democratic Party Policy, despite all attempts at sabotaging our democratic vote, is now law and heralds the revival of the British People.


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  1. Our Party must now organise a real alternative to failed Lib-Lab-Con-Green-SNP-UKIP none offer anything that puts Britons and Britain first

    • Yes Adam , you are right. Personally I feel we have looked very ‘ Aimless so far , with no clear sense of Identity. This is a tragedy as our BRAND OF DECENT , CLASSLESS NATIONALISM IS THE WAY FORWARD FOR THE PARTY AND COUNTRY. I hope we promote our FANTASTIC POLICY DOCUMENT more , as I believe it is a wonderful ‘ BLUEPRINT ‘ THAT WILL CURE THE WOES OF OUR PEOPLE.

  2. It’s no secret the Queen wanted to Leave the EU as well as the majority of native Brits.

    Our freedom will really come when we can start deporting the people who are here illegally, and the troublesome immigrant communities who cause so many problems. That’s what I would call real freedom, but leaving the EU is the first important step.

  3. Jean Claude-Junker plans to make an ”example” of Britain to deter others from quitting the EU.

    The shifty Globalist has told German paper Bild …”Britains example will make everyone realise it’s not worth leaving. The remaining member states will fall in love with each other again and renew their vows with the EU.”

    This is the true nature of these people… desperation, veiled threats and scaremongering. What Junkers really means is :”if you refuse to stay in the corrupt EU superstate, we’ll do our best to ruin you”.

    Well Unlucky Jean-Claude, your ship is slowly sinking, and thankfully all of Europe’s traitors will be going down with it !

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