Labour move to the left as Corbyn wins leadership

Jeremy Corbyn makes first speech as Labour Leader to the 'Support the Refugees' march in London.
Jeremy Corbyn makes first speech as Labour Leader to the ‘Solidarity with Refugees’ march in London.

The veteran socialist MP Corbyn polled almost 60% of more than 400,000 votes cast, trouncing his rivals Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendall. At one point being 200/1 rank outsider. The Islington North MP won on the first round of voting in the leadership contest, taking 251,417 of the 422,664 votes cast – against 19% for Mr Burnham, 17% for Ms Cooper and 4.5% for Ms Kendall.

Cobryn polled 121,751 from members, 88,449 from registered supporters and 41,217 from affiliated supporters. Nearly 87% of the new £3 registered corbyn_952720csupporters voted for Corbyn and just under 50% of all party members. Former minister and Gordon Brown ally Tom Watson was elected deputy leader. Trade Union man, Tom Watson won the deputy Labour leader contest in the third round of voting, with 50.7% of the vote. Stella Creasy came second with 26% and Caroline Flint third with 22%. Watson was backed for deputy leadership by 174 constituency Labour parties, more than twice the number backing his nearest rival, and more even than those who supported Corbyn, for the top job. (He once shared a flat with Len McCluskey of Unite, and ran his deputy leadership campaign from a Unite office).


Results 1st Stage Members Registered Supporters Affiliated Supporters Total % of Valid Vote
BURNHAM, Andy 55,698 6,160 18,604 80,462 19.0%
COOPER, Yvette 54,470 8,415 9,043 71,928 17.0%
CORBYN, Jeremy 121,751 88,449 41,217 251,417 59.5%
KENDALL, Liz 13,601 2,574 2,682 18,857 4.5%
TOTAL 245,520 105,598 71,546 422,664


Results 2nd Stage Members Registered Supporters Affiliated Supporters TOTAL % of Valid Vote
CREASY, Stella 62,875 27,874 12,997 103,746 26.4%
EAGLE, Angela
FLINT, Caroline 57,305 15,434 16,799 89,538 22.8%
WATSON, Tom 111,465 51,815 35,682 198,962 50.7%
TOTAL 239,953 99,991 68,526 408,470


Certainly interesting and compelling times ahead for Labour, a period that could seek them collapse or grow dramatically electorally, one where the majority of Labour MPs have to serve under a corbyn - skyleader who they do not want, with many of those 35 MPs who nominated Corbyn not voting for him as their first choice. The biggest question is will Labour plunge into civil war as moderates and those who support  the New Labour project refuse to stand in Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet and will the leftists organise to deselect Blairite MPs.


In what could signal events going forward just minutes after Corbyn’s victory, the shadow health minister Jamie Reed resigned from the frontbench. Further, Rachel Reeves, the shadow work and pension’s secretary, has also announced she will leave Labour’s frontbench following Corbyn’s election as Labour leader. The shadow education secretary and Kendall backer, Tristram Hunt has said he will not stay in the shadow cabinet under new leader Jeremy Corbyn.


Jeremy-Corbyn-with-Gerry-AdamsA group of centrist and Blairite MPs dubbed ‘The Resistance’ will also begin holding a series of public policy debates about Labour’s future in a move that will be seen as open defiance of his leadership. The current list of those expected to not serve in a Corbyn shadow cabinet include: Tristram Hunt, Chris Leslie, Jamie Reed, Emma Reynolds, Vernon Coaker, Michael Dugher, Shabana Mahmood, Mary Creagh, Yvette Cooper, Chuka Umunna, Lucy Powell, Liz Kendall

As a Labour Leader who doesn’t believe in any immigration controls and praised leadership Yvette Cooper, who campaigning for an extra 10,000 and more Syria migrants to come to the UK. Many hope Labour, the party that has done more damage to the UK than any other political party in British history splits and sinks.


20 thoughts on “Labour move to the left as Corbyn wins leadership

  1. This is great news for us as at last the LIEBOUR Party has a leader who will throw caution to the wind and tell it as it is ie more immigrants,hatred for his own race,destroy what is left of our demoralised Military,show solidarity with ISIS and the rest of the lunatics.I cannot wait to see how the Zionist lobby treat him as he openly states that Israel must be returned to the Arabs.Fun times ahead as the vile Liebour Party fragments.

    1. Sad as I am to say this, he could do the Labour Party a power of good in a way. During Bliar’s term of office, the Labour Party LOST quite a bit of support (even Bliar’s huge victory in 1997 looked far better than it actually was because of our crooked and fundamentally undemocratic FPTP electoral system. Bliar entered office in 1997 with LESS actual votes than Mrs Thatcher obtained in 1979) They lost support because Bliar tired to ape the Tories too terms of what most people actually vote for in elections (ie not nationalist issues like the EU/immigration) eg the economy, heath service, privatization, welfare/social security etc. Under Corbyn, the Labour Party will probably aim to stick-up for ‘their people’ ie the disabled, the unemployed, the poor like the Tories under Cameron blatantly couldn’t care less about the unfortunate in our society and only really care about the billionaires, multi-millionaires, tax dodgers/non-doms etc. Basically, Cameron has re-introduced class voting into British politics (a foolish thing to do and something Mrs Thatcher was careful enough to generally avoid doing) and now the Labour Party is going to respond in kind.

      1. ( PARTY OFFICIAL ) So Steven , we should all join the Labour Party as they are the only ones who care about people , especially the Left wing of this wonderful organisation.

        1. No, certainly not. The Labour Party stands for some very wrong things like we all know: principly mass immigration with all of its severe consequencies. The Tories do as well and they have made the choice to actively destroy the welfare state and to continue with mass immigration when the choice is between having a welfare state or mass immigration. Our party will say you can’t have both and we will come down on the side of having a welfare state.

          One of Jeremy Corbyn’s ideas is apparently to set-up some sort of state investment bank which can help to found new industries. This is something we need and is actually a nationalist idea (Japan and South Korea has done this and along with many other policies now have ‘tiger economies to show for it): http://musingsofadurotrigan/2012/03/beyond-fringe-buiding-credible.html

          Sad to say, but the British economy is fundamentally weak and very unbalanced (ie our lack of a manufacturing base as Japan, South Korea and Germany have avoided and reliance upon the City of London and retail shops). We have all the classic signs of making a fetish out of pure market forces over the last 30-40 years a massive trade deficit and huge STRUCTURAL unemployment.

          1. ( Party Official ) The biggest threat to welfare in Britain is actually the Labour Party , who last time came within 90 days of running out of money ! A cut to the state pension, like happened in Greece , was imminent as they had made a monumental ‘ Ed Balls up ‘ of everything. Any Government has to earn the money before it can give it out ! Anyway , anyone actually interested in Nationalism , I ask you to keep reading john shaw.

      2. Quite possible Steven but the point I was trying to make is that for years the voters have swung to Liebour or Tory knowing that on matters that really affected them there was little to choose.This has now changed the choice is between an extreme Right Wing Conservative government or a vote for the Liebour Party that has lurched to the extreme left, no more fence sitting for the electorate .Meanwhile you could always consider voting for a Party that deplores the selfish antics of the Tories a Party that embraces Patriotic ,caring , Socialist values the British Democratic Party.

  2. It’s impossible to know how this will play out.

    People love novelty and seeing those in power brought down. Add in the current hubris of the Tories, and the fact that another five years of some upturn in the economy (not as much as claimed) would mean an almost unprecedented length of unbroken expansion. Add the failure to control immigration and possible terrorism – that’s real terrorism not the little game where if you disagree from the right you are classed as coming under terrorism law.

    It’s possible that the ancient mindless cry ‘give the others a go they could not do any worse’ (yes they could) might just deliver power.

    How will Cameron respond to Corbyn’s elevation? By moving to the left as the farcical Spectator suggests or by securing the genuinely conservative vote he continues to abuse? Then there is UKIP……

    1. I tend to agree with you that it is difficult to see how it will play out as politics is so often unpredictable but I wouldn’t be against Corbyn improving the Labour Party’s position at least in the short-term. Cameron ought to ‘move to the Left’ at least in terms of at least ATTEMPTING to govern for the sake of the entire nation instead of being so blatantly only on the side of the most wealthy (even Mrs Thatcher would never have attempted to demolish the welfare state and drive vulnerable people into committing suicide as that evil wretch Iain Duncan-Smith is doing.)

      1. Cameron has no interest in securing the genuinely conservative vote. He is just a posh snobby liberal who hates poor people with a burning passion. I would have thought he has made this ultra-clear by now.

  3. Jeremy Corbyn could possibly mobilise the mass-immigrant vote engineered by his predecessors. He could also make the Tories appear to be ”right-wing” …this is what worries me the most. For now, it is better that UKIP benefits from the anti-immigration vote…

    Corbyn epitomises the Leftie of today. ”I’m for everbody, except for my people…I want you all to know it”… On the surface he appears quite intelligent, but beneath this deceptive fascia is a philosophy that is so intrinsically self destructive that in reality old Jez is little more than a deluded fool.

    Marxism, as far as our people are concerned, is Darwin is reverse.

  4. ( Party Official ) Anyone who puts out our leaflet will be amazed at the different reception from people. With the same policies as the ‘ old party ‘ the hostility is replaced with interest and support .It is therefore clear that our strength is in our GOOD NAME that has not been dragged through the mud by our powerful political enemies who own the media.

  5. ( Party Official ) Many years ago when Sin Feign ( my deliberate spelling ) were still denying any connection to the I.R.A. , the loyalists decided to never again write or say the name Sin Feign without putting ‘ I.R.A. on the end ! In other words they were ‘ Sin Feign I.R.A. The name stuck and as we now KNOW they always were the same organisation , the rest is history. So in applying some much needed honesty , Marxist Labour Party ( M.L.P. ) fits the bill !

  6. One beneficial side effect is that many former Labour Party members who left because the party wasn’t left-wing enough and joined the nutty Greens are returning. I think we tend to overlook the damage the Green Party is doing to the country, they are in the forefront of this campaign to welcome the Syrians up and down the country. We basically have in the Conservative Party-UKIP, two liberal parties….Lib Dems and Tories, and two extreme Left parties…Labour and Greens.

    1. ALL of them also represent GLOBALIST values whether that comes in the form of disastrous ECONOMIC GLOBALISM ie UKIP and the Tories and SOCIAL (support for mass immigration) GLOBALISM which the Labour Party, the Lib Dems and the Greens especially support. The Tories and UKIP support EXTREME RIGHT policies ie they are both passionate advocates of economic neo-liberalism and economic globalism.

      We, as nationalists on the other hand, stand outside of this ‘system’ just as Marine Le Pen’s FN in France does. Globalist is our political ‘swear word’ for these parties.

    2. I wouldn’t consider the Tories to be liberal or the Labour party extreme lefty ones. Both heirs to Blair’s nu Labour. Which in my view defy any straight forward ideological description . They were neither black or white. red or blue . Mostly what’s in it for me . JellyCorbyn ( Christianed with that moniker by Littlejohn seems apt )despite his notions on immigration and his love affair with the IRA and any similar terrorist grouping . Has policies one could describe as being either BNP or BDP, re-nationalising of utilities for one
      This is the man who is on record as open to discussion with anyone . But not patriots of our Land.

      1. Yes, the Tories could hardly be called 'liberal' when they have a Home Secretary in Theresa May who wants to shut-down free speech on the internet etc under the catch all title of 'preventing terrorism'. It can be difficult to succesfully label parties as 'Right-wing' or 'Left-wing' and this often depends upon which policies you are attempting to describe ie the economic ones or the social proposals or all the policies taken together.   Yes, Jeremy Corbyn appears to want a bit more economic interventionsm by the government and we wouldn't be averse to that. Japan and South Korea have both avoided making a complete fetish out of the 'free market' and letting the market rip regardless of its consequencies as the Tories and UKIP believe in. Does this stance by Japan and South Korea's governments make them 'extreme left/'socialist' as so many Tories and UKIP people would say? I don't know how Marine would describe the FN but when her father led the party he said the FN was "economically to the Left, socially to the Right and nationaly for France"

  7. ( Party Official ) Just read that Corbyn has a Mexican wife named Laura Alvarez ! How did they meet ! Was it abroad at an International meeting of demented lefties , planning World Domination , or was it just down the pub ?

  8. ( Party Official ) It is no surprise to me that the leader o the Marxist Labour Party , Jeremy Corbyn , has CANCELLED HIS SPEECH THAT WAS PLANNED FOR A REGIONAL CONFERENCE. He was going to make awful statements regarding FOREIGN POLICY ,the economy and politics in general ! As sure as ‘ eggs are eggs ‘ you can be sure that everything is our fault . Given the LATEST EVENTS he was VERY WISE TO CANCEL !

  9. ( Party Official ) When the Marxist Labour Party was streets ahead in the POLLS , on behalf of our Party I am proud to have suggested that the Conservatives would probably win ! Likewise my prediction that Ukip would do well with many votes as , although being conned by them , I knew people were looking for a DECENT NATIONALISM. Also I was alone in predicting massive working class support for them , for the same reason. Join the BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY TODAY , WE KNOW WHAT WE ARE TALKING ABOUT !

  10. ( Party Official ) Jeremy Corbyn ( Who APPOSED the European Union Superstate for thirty years ) says he is going to Vote to STAY , although HE SAYS he does NOT AGREE WITH IT ! As a NATIONALIST I think this just about sums up the Marxist Labour Party and it’s LEADER ! Vote LEAVE and JOIN THE BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY ! YOU KNOW WE , AT LEAST , MAKE SENSE !

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