Labour “Deliberately Engineered Mass Immigration”

Report by Jane Edwards.  


mandelson-immigration-search-partyAt first I was amazed to read Labour peer Lord Mandelson’s comment in the Daily Mail that Labour had sent out ‘search parties’ for immigrants to get them to come to the UK.

His actual words, given at a rally for the Blairite think-tank Progress were: “In 2004 when as a Labour government, we were not only welcoming people to come into this country to work, we were sending out search parties for people and encouraging them, in some cases, to take up work in this country.”

This was a stunning confirmation that the Blair and Brown governments deliberately engineered mass immigration. Mandelson was New Labour’s  spin doctor and a former Cabinet Minister, so he must have known what was behind this policy.

Importantly, this is further confirmation of the revelations made by a former Labour adviser Andrew Neather nearly three years ago. Mr Neather said that they deliberately encouraged immigration in order to change the make-up of Britain – and they have almost succeeded! He said that the policy was designed to ‘rub the Right’s nose in diversity’. Let us not forget that Tony Blair, now making millions as a one-world advisor, was the man in charge and knew all about this plan which would breed us out of existence.

The White working class now realise that New Labour has sold the pass. It has no connection with the valiant pioneers of Labour. One such was Bob Blatchford who campaigned under the slogan of “Britain for the British”. If you read through the  British Democrats policy you will see that it supports working class values as well as middle class and private entrepreneurs. Therefore, we should insist that we are not a party of the Right. Leave that to UKIP and the Tories. We are Social Nationalists.

Immigrants Should Re-apply For Settlement

All the figures they give us on immigration are net figures. This is to hide the fact that we are being flooded. Thus, what we should take on board is that it is not just the net figure of 2.2 million who came here between the New Labour years of 1997 to 2010, but the gross figure of at least 5 million, i.e. the total before they deducted those people who left (mainly white Brits).

I have seen on this site that some BDP people are suggesting that apart from deporting illegal immigrants (they broke our law to get here) we should withdraw the automatic right to stay here that was given to immigrants under Labour’s plan  to  deliberately change the make-up of Britain. Such immigrants would be asked to re-apply. Where admission was not accepted, then they and their families would be given maximum re-settlement grants for their original homelands. The law for resettlement already exists on our statute book.

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  1. So the truth outs at last. I am not sure if this admission is a simple “slip of the tongue” or that the Labour Party aided by there allies (UKIP) are so cock sure of winning the next election. They do not give a damn about what the electorate thinks, they have the postal voting system so stitched up they arrogantly assume they are guaranteed hundreds of seats. Delighted to see Jane is questioning the “right wing” tag mistakenly used by our enemies and even some of our own, there is a huge void to be filled and the Party that appeals to the larger section of society is on to a winner.

  2. This admission by Mandelson was one of the big news stories of last week. In recent years Mandelson has not appeared on the media very much ,so when he appeared on the BBC’s flagship ‘Sunday Politics’ last Sunday, I waited patiently for Andrew Neill to question him about it. Not a whisper. Nada. Zilch. As we have become accustomed, the BBC has been totally complicit in the promotion of mass immigration and multiculturalism and not least in the failure of its political journalists to hold those responsible to account.

  3. A very good article and I hope you will not mind if I just point out one misunderstanding.

    You mention Bob Blatchford who wrote a pamphlet “Britain for the British” and who campaigned under that slogan. This early Labour Party slogan is often erroneously used by nationalists as evidence that the Labour Party was once patriotic and anti-immigration. It is not.

    The pamphlet written by Blatchford does not concern itself with immigration, rather it is a socialist call for redistribution of wealth. Blatchford’s argument was that “Britain,” (by which he means the wealth of Britain) was owned by a small minority and he called for it to be redistributed to “the British,” i.e. the majority of working class people in the country.

    I hope you will not mind me pointing this out. I only mention it because if nationalists keep wrongly referring to this slogan we may be giving our opponents an opportunity to embarass us.

  4. “social nationalists”

    Have to say I think this is a very poor choice of words. All of the pc lefty liberal haters will look at this phrase and find all the ammunition they need to justify calling this new party fascist and nazi. Dont think its helpful in gaining the support of your average joe voter either. Just thought I would mention it. Carry on the good work.

  5. Pity they didn’t mention this social engineering policy in their manifesto and party political broadcasts; perhaps even the suckers, sorry electorate, may not have bothered voting for their demise.

  6. Bliar, Brown, Straw, Harman, Blunkett, Milliband – all should be put on trial for attempted genocide.

  7. (Party Member) Only a couple of years ago immigration was hardly mentioned. Now it’s discussed day and night in the media and for a fifth month running a Mori poll has immigration listed a very close second to the economy as British people’s biggest worry.

    The Labour Party, with feedback from union bosses regarding their members opinions, are in a state of panic like the Conservatives. They are all becoming multi-cultural deniers and fear people will blame them for the awful state of our poor country.

    With the Romania/ Bulgaria situation following the slaughter of our Lee Rigby, 2014 is the year the British people should say enough is enough.

  8. Appreciating the time and energy you put into your blog and in depth information you provide. It’s good to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same unwanted rehashed information. Excellent read! I’ve saved your site and I’m adding your RSS feeds to my Google account.

  9. John Shaw ( Party Official ) These Commies who run the Labour Party are guilty of Economic and Social Crimes against our Society , with Labour’s ‘ traditional support ‘ suffering the most , as we NATIONALISTS told them they would ! It’s great they have now realised this and in their own interest , they should NOW JOIN US , TODAY !

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