Kevan Stafford – Loughborough, Ashby Ward



Kevan Stafford

Kevan Stafford will be representing the Party in Ashby Ward in Loughborough on 7th May.


The big local issue is a ghastly plan to build 3,000 homes (as a result of mass immigration) on green fields on Garendon Park, next to where the historic Temple of Venus sits.  




Kevan says: 

"I am pleased to have been selected as your British Democrat candidate for Ashby Ward. I was brought up in Shelthorpe and attended local primary and secondary schools. As a former architect I believe that I can help promote a good quality environment in Ashby ward and encourage the potential which is embodied in the local community. I oppose political correctness; Google ‘The Frankfurt School’ to see PC’s Marxist origins and aims.

Please let us know your local concerns and any suggestions you have for positive change, eg tackling maintenance, litter or anti-social behaviour, or for additional local amenities".


Anyone wishing to help contact: 07513 975408

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  1. ( Party Member ) Well done Kevan Stafford. A decent local Patriot , yet again representing THE decent Nationalist Party. Regarding these new houses. I believe they will be built and occupied , not by Immigrants , but by white people escaping the ‘ occupied ‘ areas of Leicester. For the benefit of the DENIERS I can tell you what this process is called. WHITE FLIGHT.

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