Just Like Britain, Canadians Are Denied The Truth

by Anglo Saxon

Faisal Hussain

The media make me sick.  A gunman went on the rampage in Toronto Canada, killing two and injuring twelve and all the media can do is say people should not jump to any conclusions about possible motivation in regard to this incident.

Do they think we are all stupid? anyway they have finally, reluctantly, issued the name of the culprit.  It is Faisal Hussain, of Toronto.  No he is not from Toronto and to suggest that he is a local man, as Canadian as anyone else, is a bloody insult to the good people of Canada.

To add total insult to injury, police chief of Toronto, Mark Saunders, said the motive for his actions was not known! and then the fall back position went into play and everyone was told he had suffered from depression!

The insults to the good people of Canada continue. They know the truth despite not many immigrants living in Canada, there have been many examples of these people being terrorists, organised or not.

Canadians know that these people hate them, their culture and their country, whatever the conniving media say on behalf of the morally bankrupt authorities.

The people know the truth as do we in Britain.


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  1. Cover-ups by the mainstream media are sickening. Whose side are they on? They seem to be on the side of the terrorists, presumably on instructions from the government who do not want to deter cheap foreign labour from the economy, no matter what the cost in lost lives to the indigenous population. But why do people not use their votes to get rid of these useless governments and replace them with patriotic representatives?

  2. Many people suffer from mental illness or psychiatric disorders at some point in their lives. Sometimes as a chronic condition. It should never be used to excuse acts of violence or terrorism, or as an attempt to recast the crimes as less of an evil than they actually are. We saw this with the murder of an American woman in Russell Square, where the knifeman was predictably portrayed as a ” victim” despite his frenzied attack on innocent people. It should also be noted that a disproportionate number of these attacks are against people of European heritage, and many of the individuals who are deemed as having “dimished responsibility” in reality harbour a malign hatred of Whites.

  3. as much as I regard our Canadian brothers they did elect leftard Justin Truedeau as PM

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