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In recent local election the Party polled a respectable 10% plus results in two Leicestershire seats and in Pendle. Graham Partner polled the highest percentage at 12.7% in Hugglescote St Johns. Our three candidates in Thurmaston polled an average of 11.5% and Gary Topping polled over 10% in Waterside ward in Pendle.
As a comparison to other patriotic parties we polled much better. We know those parties are finished electoral and this includes the British National Party and English Democrats. I won't mention the rest as they are not worth mentioning.
UKIP is now imploding at a central level over the future of Farage, who resigned and then 'didn't resign' or it seems didn't resign 'officially'. What a comedy show! It is now thought Farage will try and purge UKIP of those who democratically oppose his leadership; Patrick Flynn, Suzanne Evans and even Douglas Carswell. 
Nigel Farage took a break once before after he was leader from 2006-2009, when he was replaced by Lord Pearson for one year before returning. In fact Farage has been UKIP leader for just under a decade in two stints. UKIP really is a one man show. Does this behaviour remind you of another leader, but with less personality – Yes Nick Griffin! 
In light of the above and UKIP going to the centre and the collapse of any other patriotic party it is time for the fence sitters to get involved, work for and promote our voice and JOIN THE PATRIOTIC FIGHTACK!
2010 was a poor year electorally for the movement, but it was for the Lib Dems too and Labour in Scotland. Together we can grow and win back our supporters. Why make this stand because BRITIAIN NEEDS A REAL GENUINE PATRIOTIC VOICE!
Membership of the British Democratic Party runs from 1st January to the 31st December. People joining after 1st October will be accredited with the following year’s membership.


Membership Rates


Family £40 – You can add all family members over the age of 16 living at that address. Please enter their details on the rear of the membership form. Only one issue of the regular bulletin will be sent out to the nominal head of the family membership.

Full Membership £25


Concession £15 – The concessionary rate only applies to OAPs, Students, people claiming Job Seekers Allowance, Sickness Benefit and Income Support. Proof of entitlement will be asked for.

10 thoughts on “Join the Fightback!

  1. ( Party Official ) It is no surprise to me that, even with mixed results due to the false flag Ukip tidal wave , our Party polled the best amongst the Nationalist Community in this Country.

  2. ( Party Official ) With a refreshing honesty we published our results straight away and we know we were a close second amongst the Public, gaining considerable sympathy for our views from all sections of British society , not just a narrow part of the remaining British People.

  3. ( Party Official ) Even if you are still a Member of another Party , I hope Patriots will JOIN the growing , Classless , Future Of Nationalism in this Country. The British Democratic Party.

  4. ( Party Official ) God help us. The latest Immigration figures show that even more British People have LEFT our shores. Also even more people , many of whome have hatred in their hearts for us and everything we hold dear , have come to live amongst us. If this worries you in any way, think of your children and grandchildren and JOIN US TODAY. You will feel better for it !

  5. ( Party Official ) The above article shows how OUR GOOD NAME is making steady ELECTORAL PROGRESS ! Today 8/1/2016 I am shocked to report that the B.N.P. HAS BEEN REMOVED FROM THE LIST OF POLITICAL PARTY’S WHO CAN STAND FOR ELECTION IN GREAT BRITAIN. Whether deliberate or total incompetence only time will tell. As a Nationalist I am very sorry this has happened , but ask is this a GOOD DAY TO JOIN THE BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY WITH OUR GOOD NAME ? Yes it is , so JOIN US TODAY.

  6. ( Party Official ) New year , new HOPE. Don’t just sit on the fence , even if you are still a Member of another Party you can Join Us for £25. ( that figure rings a bell ! ) and provide HOPE for you and your FAMILY. Do the RIGHT THING AND JOIN US TODAY !

  7. ( Party Official ) The above older article shows what this Party had STARTED TO ACHIEVE ! With the RIGHT EFFORT we can , in the era of smaller Political Party’s growing , be a new PHENOMINUM IN BRITISH POLITICS ! Obviously ALL OUR PARTY’S LITURATURE , including the Policy Document , now needs to be re- worked and updated as we are NO LONGER IN THE EUROPEAN UNION SUPERSTATE ! This all needs to be REPLACED WITH OUR proposals ON who can stay and who has to go ! There is considerable unease , bordering on PANIC , amongst many groups of IMMIGRANTS. The GOOD NEWS is that , as all decent and sensible people will agree , WE CAN NOW DEPORT FOREIGN CRIMMINALS AND INDEED POTENTIAL TERRORISTS ! Remember the problems our Home Secretary had DEPORTING ‘ Captain Hook ‘ ? YES , I DO AS WELL !

  8. John Shaw ( Party Official ) Just like many Political Party’s in this Country , there is a bit of a lull in activity. Most of these have descended into civil war , like Labour and Ukip. This Party has avoided that and I can tell you that we have great plans for the future and people are working hard behind the scenes. One example of this is a leading Member of our National Executive Committee reached out to DONALD TRUMP and with a generous donation on behalf of us British Democrats , established contact with our sensible American Friends and indeed distant relatives. ACTIONS LIKE THIS SHOW FORSIGHT and having advocated we appoint a liason officer with the Front National in France I applaud this type of forsight. If we act bigger than we are and make the effort , it will be a self fulfilling Prophesy ! Whilst posting may I take the Opportunity of APOLOGISING ON BEHALF OF OUR PEOPLE for the DISGUSTING HOSTILITY AND DOWNRIGHT LIES THAT HAVE BEEN PORTRAYED BY OUR MEDIA TOWARDS MR. TRUMP AND THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. The power of the Liberal Left in both our Countries is DISGUSTING.

  9. John Shaw ( Party Official ) Further to my previous comment about the ‘ liberal type ‘ DEGENERATE ATTITUDES that are destroying our society , you may be sick of being the SILENT MAJORITY who just lead a normal life and , keeping your head down , just work hard for yourself and your family. However , there is something you can do about it all ! SEND A STAMPED SELF ADDRESSED ENVELOPE TO OUR P.O. BOX AT LEICESTER AND RECIEVE A MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM. FOR £ 25 YOU CAN JOIN AND ALTHOUGH IT WILL NOT CHANGE YOUR LIFE , YOU WILL KNOW THAT YOU HAVE MADE A GESTURE TOWARDS SAVING OUR WAY OF LIFE !

  10. John Shaw ( Party Official ) When I read the British Democratic Party POLICY DOCUMENT , I knew that the way forward for NATIONALISM IN BRITAIN was with the British Democrats. The fact is that the old Party and others are ACTUALLY , NO LONGER NATIONALIST AT ALL ! No longer MONARCHIST , NO LONGER LOYALIST , HOSTILE TO ANY BUSSINESS , RIDDEN WITH CLASS PREDUDICE AND OFTEN NOT EVEN IN FAVOUR OF BRITAIN STAYING COMPLETE. Over the yearsthave totally lost their way to become RACIALLY AWARE COMMUNISTS ! The BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY continue to value Christianity and defend our Christian way of life. Whilst feeling very let down by the Royal Family’s failure to defend our People from the IMMIGRANT INVASION , we cherish , value and protect the institution that does so much to guard Democracy in this Country. Likewise we unreservedly support our Loyalist friends in Ulster , who have suffered so much to just stay part of their Britain. We are in favour of doing all we can to promote Commerce in our Country and have many sensible ideas to give everyone a fairer share in the Prosperity that a REAL NATIONALIST COUNTRY WOULD PROVIDE. I will be on holiday for three weeks and hope that whilst I am away , people decide to RETURN TO THE REAL NATIONALIST PRINCIPLES , DEVELOPED IN THE SEVENTIES and in a RETURN TO NATIONALISM , JOIN THE BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY .

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