John Bean’s Nationalist Notebook No. 8

Poor White Boys Need Help

The Department for Education, and even some MPs, are at last becoming aware that genes are more important than teaching standards in determining academic success. This is despite countless tests world-wide over the past century showing that East Asians have the highest IQ, closely followed by Europeans, with Africans well behind both.  Yet  white  boys from poor families in Britain in primary and secondary schooling are now falling behind boys from  Black, Asian and Chinese (East Asian) backgrounds.. It was also revealed in the latest data from Ucas (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) that only 29 per cent of white school leavers applied to university this year, compared with 34 per cent of black pupils and 57 per cent of Chinese.

As Dr Leunig, a London School of Economics advisor to the Government, said: “You cannot have your dominant racial group doing badly in school and expect to flourish as a country.”  Imagine some academic saying that five years ago and still keeping his  job.

To determine why this is so, I think we must also consider the rise of  feminism since the end of World War 2. Back in the thirties girl’s education was still not given the same support as that for boys. As an example, my father was told by the headmaster of the primary school I attended that, although I was to be congratulated on gaining a Grammar School place, “Your youngest daughter is the most intelligent of your three children”. But somehow, she was never given the opportunity to attend the girl’s Grammar School (nevertheless she ended up working for the MoD).

Today, whilst we readily accept the equality of women in access to all spheres of education,  feminism rules. At infant schools, boys still respond best to female teachers. But from junior schools onwards they suffer from the absence of male teachers. Where they come from a single parent family,  predominantly headed by the mother, often the boy does not see a father either. Male guidance and discipline is missing from his life.

The boy is now in the second or third year of  secondary education which in the case of the poor whites means some dump of a secondary modern comprehensive or its equivalent.  As it is co-educational his rising testosterone cannot really handle the distraction of girls. Being more advanced at  this tender age, the girls are more likely to deal with the problems of puberty.  What is more, more girls- of all races – will actually make an attempt to do homework and thereby return a much better result in course work. Thus, when it comes to GCSE exams in particular which give priority to course work, (less so now with A-levels) white girls often get better result than white boys. For more fortunate white  boys, as well as Asian or Black, a higher percentage of them than girls do better at examinations as opposed to course work.

It is now customary for local and national TV and  press to herald the annual GCSE and A-level results by showing  jubilant girls waving their pass notifications, with perhaps a smiling Asian lad looking on. For poor white boys in particular it is just more evidence that there is nothing in this education lark for them.  Any inspiration still left will be directed to trying to become a professional footballer or a pop singer.  If not, then ‘get on the benefits’. For the sports-minded they see that women are now brought into TV presentations of their game at a much greater level, even where they are limited physically in participation; such as becoming commentators on  rugby, boxing and formula 1 motor racing. This means pubescent boys have increasingly fewer areas of their own.

To quote Ucas again, 49 per cent of women  and just 38 per cent of men are now pushing for a university place.

Key beliefs in the British Democrats education policy are: we require an education system, where discipline is restored and that pushes education in science and technology. We favour selective rather than comprehensive education. Not every pupil is suitable for university education  therefore we would increase the number of technical schools, particularly those leading to apprenticeships.

As the above comments were inspired by the plight of poor white  boys how do we explain the better results being obtained by some boys of African and West Indian origin?  Apart from the fact that  in many cases their parents push them more to achieve better results, let us remember that IQ levels are average levels in a given population group. The European population has more peaks and pits in IQ than the African, and unfortunately in Britain it is the ‘pits’ who seem to produce the most children. In two internecine World Wars we lost over a million men including many sergeants, junior officers, and 56,000 aircrew – the cream of the cream – who were unable to add significantly to our gene pool. Thus, we are left with a disproportionate and ever increasing number who are destined to be just ‘hewers of wood and drawers of water’ –  if you could get them off the benefits.


600,000 EU Immigrants On Benefits

Only three weeks ago a fellow contributor on this site showed that 407,000 non-UK nationals were receiving benefits. Now, a new 291-page study published by the European commissioner in charge of employment  and welfare discloses that there are 611,779 “non-active”  EU migrants in Britain. Most are receiving some form of the various benefits available, including a cost of £1.5 billion (that’s 1,500,000,000 pounds sterling) to our NHS alone.

Before anybody else makes the point, EU immigrants to the UK are still not much more than a third of the total from the world at large.

The Government says that it wants to curb the number of benefit migrants who are fleeing the Eurozone crisis of mass unemployment, but this is to be contested in the courts by a powerful far-left socialist, Laszlo Andor,  who is the EU’s Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion. He says that Britain’s claim that we are being flooded by benefit tourists is just a myth despite the figures quoted above from the report.

Of course, Laszlo Andor  denies he is a former communist, despite once launching a ‘defence of life in the Soviet Union’. He studied economics at the Karl Marx University in Budapest in the Communist era, before gaining a British Council fellowship to study development economics at ManchesterUniversity in 1993.


Insane Green Energy Policy

It is my opinion that anyone who tries to justify the planned massive extension of land-based wind farms in these isles must either be deranged or actually believe that the Coalition and Labour politicians can deliver us manna from heaven – as long as the winds are blowing from its lower levels.

It all started from the global warmist lobby that dominates the EU who in turn decided that we must produce 20 per cent of our energy by wind power over the next decade, and shut down our coal and oil and gas-fired power stations.

Of all the UK wind farms subsequently built on sea and land  the output so far does  not exceed 2 per cent of our electricity requirements. Nearly all the turbines were built by overseas companies (mainly German and Danish), who also own the companies operating the wind farms. Aided by the Lib-Lab-Con politicians, the companies who then supply us with our electricity – mainly German and French owned – are in the happy position that the £900 million subsidies they receive for highly expensive wind farm energy is paid for by us by the simple expedient of  tagging it on to our electricity bills.

We must not forget that there are some Britons who do very well out of wind farms: land owners, small and large, who can pick up £50,000 in ‘rent’ for having one of the bird-slicing, scenic view destroying monstrosities on their land.

All this has led to concern that this winter will see massive power cuts because of our closure of so many conventional power stations. According to Christopher Booker writing in the Sunday Telegraph 13.10.13, this is unlikely to happen because the National Grid has been quietly signing up thousands of diesel generators, linked by computers to the grid, which can be switched on at a moments notice.

In brief, the BDP believes that we should have an energy mix that utilises modern design clean coal and oil and gas  power generation and nuclear power, plus renewable energy  such as offshore wind farms, solar power and wave power.


10 thoughts on “John Bean’s Nationalist Notebook No. 8

  1. Didn’t we get wind farms because a certain Chris Huhne MP had shares in one of the companies, and was energy minister at the time? They seem to be a huge waste of money as they don’t work when there is no wind. They get blown down when there is too much wind etc. Our corrupt and venal politicians are making loads of money out of them though. We can be sure of that.
    I read (probably on line somewhere) that the metal required to make the engines of these things work comes from the rare earth variety of minerals and that the residue is then dumped. Most of the metal comes from China and there is a huge lake of this residue, which is apparently toxic. People who live on the edges of it are going down with cancers.

  2. Don’t we also have to buy these giant wind turbines from abroad? Such is the decline in British manufacturing capabilities – nuclear reactors from China, turbines from Germany. I even noticed that the soap I use – a familiar British brand – is now made in Turkey!

  3. Your idea that white boys wellbeing is foremost in some MP’s consciences is surely misplaced.
    They mostly are concerned about the coming elections and how they may fare against UKIP. Being the dullards they are, they believe that the Farage circus is what it says on the tin.
    So these MP’s issue a few comforting words both Tory and Trotsky Labour and Leninist. Only in the hope their constituents are dumber than themselves.

  4. I would like the BDP to be environmentally friendly. If I win the lottery and buy my own house then I will have solar panels put on the roof. I support a green approach, but I am not prepared to sit in the cold/dark reading a book by candlelight.

    1. Well that puts the problem is a nutshell! Current solar electricity is expensive. Fine if you are rich.

      I looked into this and concluded that solar electricity is not worth the bother in our climate. Take a look at the cost of a say a 2 sq m panel and how many watt/hrs you can expect to get each day in winter. Of course the costs may come down.

      What is far cheaper to arrange is partial hot water heating by roof panel. No expensive solar panels. Basically just a central heating radiator in a box but collecting heat instead of dispensing it.

      1. I’m a tenant, so anything like that is down to the landlord; however, despite getting zero cooperation from the council, I am an avid recycler.

  5. Baz 4545: Where have I said that “white boys wellbeing is foremost in some MP’s consciences”? Most of them could not give a fig. Read the first sentence again. It is a fact that the Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove, and one or two other Tory MPs, have at last recognised that inheritance, i.e. genetic factors, is more important than teaching methods in the schools. They do it grudgingly, of course, in case they are accused of racism.

  6. I’m quite sure, as John Bean points out, that dysgenics plays a significant role in the comparative failure of poor white boys, as does the breakdown of traditional family life (the lack of a decent male role model). However, as I point out in my article “School Matters” on the Western Spring website ( there is an additional major factor, namely the disproportionate allocation of funds to ethnic minority education, that in turn is part of the ongoing process of empowering and privileging ethnic minorities and dispossessing the majority.

    but as I point out in my article “School Matters” on the Western Spring web site ( an additional, and important, factor is the disproportionate funding of education for ethnic minorities

  7. As somebody who has been consistently opposed to mass immigration I fully agree with frederickdixon that the disproportionate allocation of funds to ethnic minority education is an important factor in the failue of education for poor white boys (poor white girls, too). My article above is to look at other major reasons.

    I feel that I am supported in my view that priority to methods favouring girls education has to be considered by the report just published this week by The Independent Schools Association (ISA).It was concerned with Government ministers’ plans to scrap course work and make final exams harder and more important. A small majority opposed this – perhaps, understandably, because they do not like the Coalition Government!

    Neil Roskilly, the chief executive of ISA said:

    ‘There is compelling evidence to suggest that girls in particular may be affected by the changes, as research suggests that boys perform more confidently when assessed by exams alone’.

    Incidentally, the report also said that England was the only country where school leavers had worse literacy and numeracy than adults approaching retirement age.”

    What an indictment of the old parties failure of our educational system!

  8. Since white children for decades have had a less than subtle message forced on them that white people are bad and should give way to everyone else who could be surprised that there has been an effect on education.

    Who can be surprised that many have adopted the worst aspects of black culture in an attempt not to feel inferior to the obviously favoured? The teachers, of course, would not see things that way. From their perspective, they are merely protecting underdogs who are, of course, by definition ethnic.

    The trouble with this approach is that from a child’s viewpoint some are favoured and those left out will wish to join them. It generates a social fabric of wishing to be defined as underdogs to join the party.

    This is not a milieu in which white children will wish to succeed. Once again, the road to hell paved with good intentions.

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