John Bean’s Nationalist Notebook – No 17

Population Growth Almost Entirely Due To Immigration

In my column last month I pointed out that the UK’s expanding population – 59m in 2000 to today’s 64.2 m – is responsible for the all-time high pressure on the NHS, housing shortages, inadequate schools, wage levels, benefit claims and clogging of the motorways. I stated that the problems were aggravated by the fact that England in particular was far smaller than France and Germany. Now here are some population density figures to support this argument.

England has a population density of 420 people per square kilometre, Germany 233, France 111, Poland 124 and India 368, to state just a few. As I stated on Twitter recently, these figures show that: “We’re swamped. They’re not. Shut our gates now.”

The figures put out from time to time by the Office for National Statistics continually underestimate the effects of immigration on our population growth, because they fail to take into account babies born to foreign mothers.

The latest study from Migration Watch found that 84% of population growth between 2001 and 2012 – or 3.8 million – was due to migration once births to foreign mothers were factored in. This was 1.35 million higher than the ONS estimate on migration. In reaction to the Migration Watch study, an ONS spokeman said: “In accordance with United Nations International standards, ONS does not define children who are born in the UK as "immigrants.” This brings to mind the Duke of Wellington’s comment: ”If you are born in a stable that does not make you a horse”.

‘Chinky’ Is Wrong But ‘Kraut’ ‘Froggy’ etc OK?

An outbreak of political correctness has seen an enthusiastic young Ukip supporter being dropped by Nigel and chums (seeking respectability) as the prospective Parliamentary candidate for Basildon. In an e-mail he wrote – two-and-a-half years ago – he referred to a young Chinese lady as a “chinky bird”. You may “tut tut” but not “tweet tweet”. To make matters worse, he referred to gay supporters of his party as “poofters”.

Surely no malice is necessarily intended if you describe Chinese as ‘chinkys’ or Irish folk as 'paddies’ – the latter often do so themselves come to that. But nevertheless the spread of originally Marxist-inspired political correctness has deemed that is the way it is today if you are referring to non-whites, and we must obey it.

Funnily enough, it is still ok to call Frenchmen ‘Froggies’, Germans ‘Krauts’, Scots ‘Jocks” and Irish ‘Paddies’. The Sun regularly uses such terms matter of fact.

I have made it clear in the past that I am opposed to any abuse of homosexuals or lesbians and have no objection to their preferred nomenclature of 'gay'. There are several distasteful expressions for describing gays but if you listen to pub talk you will hear 'poofter' commonly used in a friendly way to describe part of the nature of a friend or workmate. But it is now definitely politically incorrect, so I suppose if you have been ‘outed’ it is out.

The Pariah Who Discovered DNA

Professor James Watson was a key figure in the British team which discovered the structure of DNA. In 2007, he suddenly became a pariah – or ‘unperson’ as he described it. He was forced to retire from the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory on Long Island, where he was the Chancellor Emeritus. He was then fired from the boards of several companies and left with very little income.

What heinous crime had he committed to be so treated and which forced him to sell his Nobel Prize medal for his outstanding DNA discoveries? Well here it is.

In 2007, the Sunday Times ran an interview with him in which he said he was “inherently gloomy about the prospect of Africa” because “all our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours – whereas all the testing says ‘not really’”. He added that media people wanted to believe that everyone was born with equal intelligence.

Professor Watson’s medal was bought at auction in New York on December 4th for £3 million by Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov. He said: “James Watson is one of the greatest biologists in the history of mankind and his award for the discovery of DNA structure must belong to him".

The point is that Professor Watson and others who are aware of what DNA structures tell us are not advocating superiority of any one race over another, but difference. There are too many yardsticks involved to quantify any superiority. The larger brain capacity of the East Asian gives them an edge in some matters over the European, with his slightly smaller brain.

You can see a more updated version on this website by clicking on ‘immigration’ in the top bar and then going to ‘race’. There you will see that nearly ten years ago geneticists believed that the differences between individuals and similar groups (races) was down to only around 360 genes of the 25,000 that make up human DNA.

Today, nearly a thousand genes have been discovered to be making a difference in some aspect or other of our behaviour. Surely, it can’t be much longer before the exact equality myth for human behaviour is blown out of the water. Breeders of horses, cattle and dogs knew this fact long ago.

Money Activists Plot Raid on Sainsburys

In brief, British Democrats believe in Economic Nationalism which supports private enterprise but believes that natural monopolies such as the postal system and railways should be publicly owned. The BDP would bring in much stricter control over the activities of hedge funds and other purely financial activists who are not concerned with manufacturing or financial services which operate to the benefit of the nation.

A typical example is the activities (perfectly legal) of Crystal Amber Fund, registered in Guernsey in 2008 as an "activist fund taking stakes in underdeveloped companies and taking action to enhance value”.

Recently, 13% of its fund was invested in shares in Sutton Harbour – a big project in Plymouth to ‘upmarket’ buildings around the harbour.

It was the front page heading in the Sunday Telegraph on December 7th that caught my eye. It told us that Crystal Amber was in talks with several large overseas investors about mounting a dramatic and sharp raid on Sainsburys as part of a plan that could see an attempt to engineer a takeover of the supermarket giant. What was the object? Better service and cheaper food prices for Sainsbury customers? Not on your life. The report said that, with the help of another large international retailer, it could force a major sell-off of Sainsbury’s vast property estate. You can bet that housing for ordinary wage-earners is definitely not part of the plan.

If you are perfectly happy with the ecopnomic setup that allows this form of financial activity then carry on supporting the Lib-Lab-Con or Nigel Farage. They are all dedicated to it – even New Labour.

* John Bean's new novel Blood in the Square is set in the mid-60s and is centred around a nationalist/radical right background. It will shortly be available on Amazon books as a paperback and on Amazon Kindle as an e-book. A hard cover version should be available by mid January.


5 thoughts on “John Bean’s Nationalist Notebook – No 17

  1. The people who hound James Watson belong in the same bracket as those who hounded Galileo and burned Bruno. Truth before convenience!

  2. Another very interesting nationalist notebook there, John! Please keep them coming! I always look forward to reading them.

    You are spot-on regarding your comments about population growth. This is a problem for the entire country but for those of us who live in Southern England we notice it more as the problem here is worse.

    Whenever I go on holiday and visit other parts of this country, the congestion on the roads gets bad as you hit the Midlands let alone the South East. I have often wondered just how tranquil and wonderful this country must have been in the past when we didn’t have this excessive population with all that it entails for transport problems, housing etc. The quality of life in this country is steadily getting worse because of it.

    This organisation: (it used to be called the Optimum Population Trust) has in the past said that Britain’s ‘optimum’ population should be around 30 million!

  3. Seen the latest repeat of Fawlty Towers which had a certain scene edited out
    even though there was no uproar when it was first broadcast or on its first repeat.

    A case of creating a problem which did not exist.

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