John Bean's Nationalist Notebook – No. 15


Britain produces a thousand Jihadists

As Britain faces the outcome of further atrocious, medieval beheadings of innocent victims by fundamentalist Moslem jihadists, it is shocking to realise that nearly a thousand, probably including the main executioner in Syria, were born in Britain.

As few of them start off as fundamentalists, much of the blame for what they have turned into rests with our schooling system. Their brainwashed predominantly Anglo-Saxon teachers see that they imbibe the self-flagellating guilt with which Britain and the West regards its own history.

What they are taught in school about the British past is designed to induce remorse over colonialism, so-called imperial exploitation and aggressive nationalism. Thus, as their contempt for us grows daily, they are drawn into a cause to avenge what they have been told by us are the historic wrongs inflicted upon their race and religion.

Thus these young men offer to risk their lives on a cause, which they often have to mug up on with the aid of Islam for Dummies or the like as they catch the plane for Turkey unhindered.

The difference between them and us could be indicated in a new document in circulation from Forces War Records. It says that it is “proud to announce we have partnered with Britain’s DNA to help you trace your genetic inheritance beyond the written record.” It adds: “You can discover on a global level how much European, Asian, African DNA you carry and on a more detailed European level.”

As much as the establishment system tries to suppress it, the rising awareness of the differences (not superiority) between the main races is slowly becoming available to all by DNA. We appreciate of course that Islam is not a race but a religion. But its followers are overwhelmingly from Arab or Asian origin

Remember, there are around five million Moslems in Britain today and 55 million in Europe as a whole. In 25 years it is estimated to become 25 per cent of our population. If just one in a thousand indulges in, or gives support to, jihadists campaigns of medieval murder, beheading and crucifixion the situation could become unmanageable. This is a major reason why it is necessary to call a halt to mass non-European immigration.

Problems with Re-Nationalisation

Several opinion polls over the past year show that a growing number of Britons wish that our railways and power industries, particularly electricity and gas, could be re-nationalised.

Although some of us in the BDP have sympathy with this view – not least because it is the view of many former Labour supporters who now see little difference between Labour, Tory or the new Tory party known as UKIP – it is fraught with problems.

Supporters of re-nationalisation are resentful of exploitation by powerful privately owned monopolies, which are all too often foreign owned – even foreign government owned. To unpick these arrangements, which could be manna from heaven for hedge fund operators, would probably mean that the main benefactors would be lawyers from home and away.

Nevertheless, it is an issue that should be constantly reviewed by the British Democrats.

As the BDP’s Kevan Stafford says: “If the proposed EU/US Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) comes into effect, particularly the ISDS clause, it will permit independent companies, such as those which collaborate with the NHS, to sue any government within the EU if its policies decrease their profits. As noted by others, people should not be held to ransom by big business.”

(Kevan Stafford is the BDP’s Leicester organiser, who in the recent by-election for the Thurmaston Ward pushed the candidate for the BNP to bottom of the poll.)

My view is that we could re-nationalise the railways quite easily. When the franchises for the present companies operating it run out – most within four years – they are returned to the government of the day by default. It should then hold on to them.

Does America aim to destroy BP?

Moving on to the original home base of international finance, it appears that the USA is doing its best to destroy our British oil giant, BP.

The disaster in 2010 on the Deepwater Horizon rig in the Gulf of Mexico led to the death of eleven rig workers and the pollution of the beaches of Louisiana. BP was rightfully charged with being responsible and originally fined $1,100 for every barrel of oil spilled in the disaster. BP agreed to pay the then total fine of £4.6 billion.

As time went by the US courts decided that BP was guilty of “wilful misconduct”, “reckless” behaviour and “gross negligence”. All this meant that the fine grew to $18bn. Meanwhile, Transocean and Halliburton, the two American companies which also worked on the rig and in reality were the contracted operators, were respectively apportioned just 30pc and 3pc of the blame, and told they would be covered by indemnity clauses in the original contracts with BP, i.e. BP would have to pick up their bills.

The business section of the Daily Telegraph, 5.9.14, says that it soon became a political issue when: “President Obama went for the obvious choice of kicking the foreigner. He insisted on calling BP ‘British Petroleum’, even though it hadn’t gone by that name for years, and vowed to find out just ‘whose ass to kick’. Meanwhile Ken Salazar the US interior Minister, promised ’we will keep our boot on the neck until the job gets done.’ ”

Unsurprisingly, since the flood gates were opened up to 10,000 new claims were lodged against BP every month.

What has happened to America’s claimed reputation as a reliable place to do business, with a trustworthy legal system, not that this is given space to in the news pages of our media or on BBC?

In contrast we are continually told that Russia under the leadership of Putin is now completely unreliable with business dealings, including in particular the oil business.

It is not denied that Shell have had problems with Russia’s Gasprom gas producer and distributor. However, BP, who own nearly 20 per cent of Rosneft, Russia’s largest oil exploration company, maintains a profitable working relationship with them.

An English language Russian newspaper of 30.9.14 reports that Rosneft is taking a stake in the Norwegian-British company North Atlantic Drilling Ltd (NADL), which specialises in deep-water oil production.

Has any reader seen mention of this in our media? I haven’t.

14 thoughts on “John Bean's Nationalist Notebook – No. 15

  1. I would suggest that the answer to most of the issues posed by John is to get out of the EU, PDQ. The Queen in Parliament would then be supreme again. Then we can tell all the hedge fund managers and other leeches where they can go. They can sue all they like if Parliament is supreme with a nationalist government we can get things back on track.

    1. ” The Queen in Parliament would then be supreme again” really ? Both of them represent everything that is wrong with Great Britain today..

  2. Many corporations have found the USA to be a minefield to do business in, from Insurance to supermarkets. Tesco, for example, pulled out of its ‘Fresh and Easy’ operation in the USA.

    The Yanks seem to have a habit of making life difficult for foreign businesses in their country.

  3. I thought I might update everyone regarding Marleen. She is now in a bungalow being looked after by McMillan nurses and local health nurses. She has still had no contact from Rotherham council neither an acknowledgement of her brave stance re the paedo muslims or any form of apology for harassment.

    I am sure you will want to join me in letting her know she is in our thoughts.

    1. I have met and talked with Marlene on a few occasions and she is a true patriot who has fought passionately and tirelessly for the nationalist cause. Our thoughts and our sincere appreciation are with you Marlene. You are a true heroine.

  4. There is a very strong case for re-nationalisation.
    The basic needs to live are, water, gas and electricity. All these are in foreign hands working against the interests of our own people. The Lib/Con/Lab have taken the pieces of silver from foreign companies who now have a monopoly with the very products we cannot live without.
    I would suggest that nationalists have a policy of re-nationalisation of these companies that are making large profits for their investors, mostly outside of the UK. These profits can be used when the companies are in public ownership to reduce the cost to the public of services we need. At the moment the private companies who own our gas, water and electricity supply, have a monopoly and the British public held by the neck.

  5. We always knew our unelected PM was a bit dim now we know it for sure. Does he REALLY think that constantly pandering to muslims will ever make them vote Tory in large enough numbers to make a difference to his party’s chances of winning an election? If he had a brain, he would be dangerous. Labour, Lib Dems, Greens can all pander to them far more than the Tories can and do it far more successfully as well. Is it any wonder then the Tories haven’t won a general election since 1992 and had to crawl to the Lib Dems to form a government last time? With his sense of political strategy or rather the complete lack of it they won’t be winning a general election anytime soon.

  6. Stevens the Republican Party in the USA is making exactly the same mistake with Hispanic immigrants.

    Most Hispanics vote Democrat, as do Blacks.

    1. Yes, Ronald Reagan when he was President didn’t do what most Republican voters in the USA wanted him to do ie to clamp-down harshly on non-European migration to America and that allowed the Democrats under Clinton to keep the doors wide-open so they could import a future voting block in their favour. This present Tory government hasn’t done much in regard to this subject so David Cameron has made it extremely difficult indeed for his party to win a general election outright in the future. The Tories are not called ‘Britain’s stupid party’ for nothing!

  7. Neither Britain nor the EU have their own foreign policy. They only exist to represent US interests even when US interests damage British interests and European interests. The days when Britain had its own foreign policy are long gone. Britain is no longer the coloniser but a colonised country and it is being ethnically cleansed.

  8. Karl, I fully agree, but apparently none of the main UK party spokesmen (persons) including UKIP do. However, Putin does – but he’s a Russian nationalist who does his best to keep the US out of his .back garden.

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