Jim Lewthwaite – Parliamentary Candidate for Bradford East

By Elections Officer

The Party will be making a representation in the forthcoming GE in Bradford. We are pleased to announce that Jim Lewthwaite is our parliamentary Candidate for Bradford East.

This is a good opportunity to grow the Party in Bradford and the surrounding areas. An interesting point of note is that in Bradford East the pro-immigration UKIP have selected former Labour party member and Muslim Owais Rajput. The changing face of Bradford like many of our cities is alarming. This is evident by the election of pro-Islamist Respect MP George Galloway in Bradford West in 2012.

Jim stood last year for the Party in Royds, Bradford and has previously stood in several parliamentary and local elections. He was also an elected Bradford councillor for Wyke from 2004 to 2008, and has a wealth of experience in local patriotic politics in Bradford and surrounding areas.

Outside of politics, Jim used to work in teaching and has PhD from Cambridge in archaeology.

Our team in Bradford is already out campaigning. Anyone wishing to help with the campaign or donate vital funds please contact:

Liam Kernaghan (07876) 383636     (01274) 6043658

Dr. James (Jim) Lewthwaite (07554) 516669     (01274) 522223






11 thoughts on “Jim Lewthwaite – Parliamentary Candidate for Bradford East

  1. ( Party Member ) Well done Jim, for providing HOPE for Bradford, that is suffering the Multi- Cultural Nightmare ! A donation to your campaign will be sent to Head Office from Dorset. Once again Well Done Sir.

  2. Excellent news! Very few in the patriotic right as prepared to front up and stand at present due to the media promoted UKIP. The more people willing to stand the quicker UKIP become exposed. In this seat they are standing a Muslim candidate, who claimed to have spent 23 years campaigning for Labour.

  3. ( Party Member) Our Party Prides itself on not constantly bombarding our Members, Supporters and People in general with CONSTANT PLEAS FOR MONEY. With a General Election looming I think the Party deserves a cheque posted to Head Office. This way we can stand for Parliament and continue to promote our decent Nationalist Policies. Every little counts as they say !

    1. Certainly any party that does this incessantly is not going to be too popular with its members but politics is and always has been an expensive business and this needs to be taken into account. I know no-one would wish to dwell on this point but I think it would be a good idea if the party had a means to more easily donate money to the party ie having a paypal facility etc on the website.

      1. An application for a new central account has been made this week. Once approved the party can then set-up paypal to recieve online payments. Hope this helps.

        1. Excellent! Of course, no one would wish to excessively dwell upon the subject of money but it is a fact that politics has always been an expensive activity for any political party to undertake. Money is the lifeblood of a any party that wishes to progress. Having a Paypal or Nationbuilder account is easy method by which members and supporters of a party can give it much needed funds. Perhaps, in time, the party could look into having a facility whereby people can donate by text message from their mobiles as the Tory Party website had.

  4. The media/UKIP smokescreen may still be lingering for a while yet; however a genuine patriotic British Party is needed for the future, for when the media/UKIP sham becomes more and more apparent. A good opportunity for the British Democrats to gain recognition in the area, and the best of luck to Mr Lewthwaite.

    1. It certaininly is. UKIP whilst having some good points about it has numerous flaws particularly their globalist economic stance which restricts their gaining a wider social appeal. I think their star will wane pretty soon if they don't do spectacularly well at the general election as I believe a lot of their members and supporters are too confidently predicting they will do better than they actually are likely to do. Nigel Farage seems to have done little to tell his members about just how difficult it is for any party that isn't part of the Lib/Lab/Con cartel to do thanks to our achaic and undemocratic fraud of First Past The Post and lower their expectations accordingly.

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