Jeremy Corbyn Finally Gets It!! Although the Fact That the Wealthist 1% Actually Pay 33% of all Taxes Raised, Still Escapes the Comrade.

by John Shaw


When pontificating about high tax payers taking advantage of tax reducing schemes he said “People who avoid some, tax harm the country, and therefore there is less money for the National Health Service” etc. etc..

How very true, but by saying it the Marxist does not realise that he has finally admitted that governments have no money, it is all our money and every time the Labour Party destroys the British economy, there is less real money for vulnerable people and yes, the National Health Service.

People of such incompetence, like him, should never be allowed to run our country.

Only the British Democratic Party has the social and economic policies, that rising above class warfare, will vastly improve the lives of our people.

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  1. Further to this , it is obvious that Number one Comrade , Number two Comrade ( SHADOW CHANCELLOR , JOHN MACDONALD ) plan to raise Corporation Tax levels on Companies operating in Britain , too EXTORTANATE LEVELS if they get the reigns of Power. This is despite the fact that incomes from Company Corporation Tax have risen in Britain and America , when a more reasonable rate has been applied. Another benefit to Britain of this , has been more Company Investment with its accompanying growth in Jobs ! Win , Win really . The Marxists Leaders of the Labour Party JUST DO NOT UNDERSTAND , Having Never saved , let alone Created a JOB IN THEIR LIVES !

  2. The reason our Party Website discusses things like Jobs , Corporation Tax and such exciting things like that is because , in a first for NATIONALISM in Britain , WE ARE A PROPER , DECENT PATRIOTIC POLITICAL PARTY . Only the British Democratic Party has the SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC POLICIES to save us British from the Dinosaur Political Party’s that have failed us all , for so long. Don’t Join a Leaders Cult , Don’t Join a One Issue Pressure Group , JOIN A REAL , CLASSLESS , DECENT , PATRIOTIC PARTY , that against all the odds , is trying to save us BRITISH. DON’T BE A DINOSAUR , JOIN TODAY.

  3. Jeremy Corbyn’s brand of politics…Socialism…making everyone equally poor, except for him and his other Brit hating cronies.

  4. Has there ever been more despicable pieces of work than Corbyn Abbot Starmer McDonnell and Thornberry for godsake lets not let these anti British traitors ever get into Government

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