Jack Sen – Guest Speaker At AGM – His New Book

jack-sen-653x435Former UKIP parliamentary candidate for West Lancashire, Jack Sen, spoke at our AGM on November 21st where he discussed his eye-opening experiences as a member of both UKIP and the BNP.

The following selection is from the introduction to his book,How to Get Suspended from Ukip & the Bnp in 10 Articles & 2 Tweets”  gives some insight into what pundits have described as the controversy of the general election.

Book depository Jack SenIn “How to Get Suspended from UKIP and the BNP in 10 Articles and 2 Tweets”, the former UKIP parliamentary candidate for West Lancashire argues his removal from Farage’s party with less than one week to go in his parliamentary campaign, together with the fact that “Nigel Farage made a secret pact with the BBC and mainstream media and well-funded American Neoconservative warmongers to subvert genuine British Nationalism”, demonstrate that UKIP is willing to put foreign and business interests above British ones.

Jack’s book with its hard hitting political analysis, insider anecdotes and compilation of essays penned by Britain and America’s foremost nationalists – former Member of European Parliament, Andrew Brons, Jez Turner, Dr Dan Roodt, John de Nugent, Matthew Heimbach among others – exposes UKIP as an establishment safety valve, as much as it entertains.  A second respected British Democrat also contributed a story anonymously to the publication.

From exposing shenanigans at the UKIP leadership conference to his turbulent relationship with the party and Nigel Farage, Sen pulls no punches.

Operation May 7th                  

By Jack Sen

My foray into British politics actually started while sitting on my wife’s family’s farm in Lapland, Northern Sweden, nearly a decade ago.

Although under various pseudonyms I had been blogging about Zionism and Marxism on and off since university, as well as running several successful Facebook community pages and a revisionist historical society which had come under fire from the Zionist Organization of America (see photo below), it wasn’t until I started watching YouTube videos illustrating how wretched our beloved Britain had become that I decided I wanted to get into politics.

I was stunned at how much England had been transformed since the summers I had spent with my grandparents in rural Lancashire and simply wanted to do my part to right the wrongs that had been perpetrated against my beloved homeland by the ruling elite.

So I blogged online, read, and ultimately watched a decade’s worth of Panorama and Question Time episodes in the process  –  all without having to pay the Marxist buggers a penny in licence fees.

Seeing Britain’s Establishment parties sell us out to foreign and corporate interests and my native land ravaged from within by Cultural Marxism and sovereignty-destroying EU policy was enough to make my blood boil.

Witnessing Ed and Dave Miliband’s ascent to power in British politics, and knowing what I do about their Marxist father’s friendship with the demonic Joe Slovo and Erik Hobsbawm – accompanied by the fear that one of the scoundrels may one day occupy 10 Downing Street – would ultimately carry my family back to Britain.

If my grandfather knew that the party he had supported most of his adult life had been hijacked first by Zio-toffs Tony Blair and Peter Mandelson, and then handed on to the treasonous Milibands, he would surely turn over in his grave.

Knowing that my granddad’s local had been turned into a Baltic food shop and the old town hall now held weekly Jummahs (Islamic prayer sessions) drove me ballistic.

Unfortunately, my hands were tied due to the fact I was literally snowed in north of the Arctic Circle. Trust me when I tell you it’s hard to accomplish much of anything from a remote timber farm along the 68th northern parallel, come winter.

PHOTO 1 - Alan Johnson - Copy
With Labour Party politician Alan Johnson who served as Home Secretary under war criminal Tony Blair, to whom he remains as misguidedly loyal as ever.


At this juncture politically, a small part of me was still attracted to the Labour Party due to the ideological overlap traditional Labour has with the brand of National Socialism I prescribed to.

However, knowing what I did about New Labour – and the sorts of charlatans who’d corrupted the minds of the few honourable politicians left in the ranks of the party into supporting multiculturalism, mass immigration, and societal degeneration – meant I needed a new route into British politics.

My contempt for the traitorous Tories meant they too were out of the question.

With Neil Hamilton at a West Lancs fundraising lunch

Although I agreed with much of the British National Party’s platform, they were in my opinion unelectable in parliamentary elections, and a waste of time.

Enter the United Kingdom Independence Party.

UKIP were far from ideal due to the conspicuously Tory aura which men like Nigel Farage and company emanated. Then there was the fact of which I had no doubts that they had been influenced by Zionist pressure groups. Still, unlike the British National Party – that had been harmed by infighting and poor management – they were, in a word, electable. They’d proven that at the 2009 European election, where they’d secured 13 seats and were all the buzz back in Britain.

The fact Nigel had been on Question Time on more occasions than any other politician told me the Establishment had some involvement in UKIP’s success. I recall being unsure at this point if they were controlled opposition (1); however, from the conversations I’d had with family and friends back home, and the sorts of people (patriots) they’d informed me had gravitated to the party, I decided UKIP would give me the best opportunity in the real world to make a difference.

UKIP would also be, I suspected, easy to penetrate on a local level, and the membership susceptible to radicalisation and the sort of well-crafted black-operation schemes I’d managed to run on American Tea Party and so-called Cuckservative sites with the European Knights Project. Although this may sound a tad deceitful, well, these are precisely the tactics our enemies use and HAVE used for decades to undermine and ultimately destroy organic grass-roots nationalist movements.

I decided to join the party, not to harm them or bring them into disrepute, but to radicalise its members and bring them to a more honourable message – and to say aloud what most were thinking.

So UKIP it was.

I would head back to Britain, reach out on a local level, and try my best to manoeuvre my way into the party. Although the party brass would inevitably be corrupt, I expected that on a local level grass-roots supporters would be decent folks and open to my message, which indeed they were. Some, including a regional organiser I’d become great friends with, were as awake and politically astute as I was.

I envisaged myself perhaps even appearing on Question Time, where I would tell the likes of Zionist warmonger Melanie Phillips Rozenberg, as well as Bonnie Greer, Diane Abbot, Sayeeda Warsi and Jack Straw to shut their gobs before being nicked by the thought police.

When the sobering realism of the Swedish winter and the fact that I was a three-day drive to London from Nortbotten (including an overnight ferry from Esbjerg, Denmark to Hull) finally sank in, I decided to sit down and devise a plan.

I spent the next few months reading, writing and preparing. I discussed my idea with good friend and nationalist pioneer, John de Nugent, during our regular conversations, as well as with local nationalists and my contacts in Britain – some of whom have penned stories for this publication. I saved up a few pennies, and mapped out what I literally referred to as Operation May 7th, 2015 and headed back to Britain….

Book depository Jack SenJack’s book can be purchased from the  –  Book Depository.

Jack Sen – in what reporters at the BBC, Independent, ITV and Channel 4 referred to as the controversy of the 2015 General Election – was suspended by UKIP for Tweeting his displeasure at a local Labour MP’s repeated pandering to foreign interests and in particular “the Israeli lobby”. The popular Prospective Member of Parliament’s actions caused such a stir that Nigel Farage held a press conference on ITV to express his “embarrassment” before suspending Mr Sen.

Jack now heads the newly created British Renaissance. Through his work at Brit Ren Jack hopes to bring nationalists regardless of party affiliation together for the common good.” The European Knights Project


12 thoughts on “Jack Sen – Guest Speaker At AGM – His New Book

  1. I’m a little surprised the party is involving itself with Jack Sen, he seems a controversial character who makes waves where he goes, I understand he is also of ethnic origin. The average voter is not very interested in Zionism / conspiracy and I think it would be a mistake to embrace this kind of thinking, more important are bread and butter issues. This is not criticism as such, but as a member I have to defend what the party does, so am not too happy when we embrace mavericks.

    1. I googled British Democrats and Jack Sen and see that the man is all over the Net!

      To comrade JM:

      I understand your concerns.

      Let me say that I am as hard-core as they get on race and genes, and fiercely proud of my own British ancestry (Norman, Anglo-Saxon, Scottish and Norman-Irish). http://www.johndenugent.com/wn-biography-of-jdn/

      But I have known Jack, his gorgeous wife and daughter, and his mother (Welsh and Scottish, and highly educated and multilingual) for a year now — and they are just such huge assets to our Cause.

      That is why from my modest means way over here in the States, I forked over $600 for Jack when he was a UKIP candidate. I see in him charisma, education, charm, and a deep love for Britain. He descends from two British naval heroes! And he listens to us older veterans of the struggle. He is combative but not cocky. Study his face in any picture!

      Some pseudonym guy named Max Musson is trashing him, since Jack is 1/4 Indian, saying he is not white enough.


      Actually, high-caste Indians themselves are heavily white, going back to the ancient Aryans, JM. The word “Aryan” is still used to mean “noble behavior” in everyday speech in India to this day. If you do a huge favor for a friend, he will say “that was really Aryan of you.”

      Now, here are some more ghastly part-Indians. 😉



      Dark hair and eyes — should we admit them to our club? Shoud we keep such swarthy riffraff out of our movement?;-)

      (Actually they are Captain Archibald Ramsay, MP, captain in the Household Guards in WWI, author of “The Nameless War” — I am doing the audiobook of this great work — and Sir Oswald Mosley!)

      Both did years in Churchill’s prison during WWII unjustly under “Regulation 18b.”)

      Here is another frightful non-white, the commander of the Army of Northern Virginia of the Confederacy in the American Civil War, Robert E. Lee:



      Here is Hitler with some, I guess, Egyptian non-white guy named, who-s-its, Goebbels, I think. (That Hitler, such a liberal race-mixer!)


      And look, that Hitler with another non-white, a dago in fact! 😉


      Now here’s a REAL white man, the heroic Shaun Wright, who let muslim Pakistanis MOLEST 1,400 of his fellow English, — poor, innocent young white girls — in Rotherham as the police commissioner. But his genes ARE impeccable!


      And here is a fine white man who brought down the British Empire, Germany and the whole west, and let the Zionists take over everything that he did not give to Stalin:


      And he had nice blue eyes too, but very cold blue eyes, and you know what? He was a traitor, and lower than whale -sh–at the very bottom of the sea!

      The real problem for the Jack Sen haters (not you!) is that Jack has star power, education, daring, and 48 million hits on his name on Google. He brilliantly leveraged his UKIP candidacy to rise up the ladder — and jealous little men, I think, envy the man.

      And do we REALLY have so many thousands of bright young men lying about that can inspire and lead us that we can afford to spend hours, as Sen haters do, penning screeds and trying to drive them away?

      “We are at war,” as Jack Sen said at the dynamic Brit-Ren luncheon WHICH HE ORGANIZED. (I heard the Brons speech was excellent. I spoke by video.)

      Now just why, asks this former Marine, in the middle of a battle, should any of us be STABBING A FELLOW SOLDIER?

      Don’t we have enough to do in fighting the Zionists, Masons, antifa’s, paedophiles, satanists, and hostile islamists and the extremists among the blacks?

      A further point, brother JM, is that, like it or not (and I do not like it or to admit it), we who are of pure northern-european blood have just a few too many ice cubes in our veins. Where really are the most dynamic parties for indigenous white folks in Europe? It is the Greeks of Golden Dawn, the French of the Front National, and going back, it was Mussolini who started the whole thing, and after him Franco of Spain, Codreanu in Romania, and the black-haired southern Germans: Hitler, Hess and Himmler!

      We do love so to recite “When the Saxon begins to hate” by Kipling, and it stirs my blood indeed, but you know, the problem is it take aeons and fifty years of outrages before said Saxon finally does begin to hate! 😉

      Jack, comrade, is good people. He has the right stuff to change Britain.

      I had dealings 13 years ago with a show-business agent in New York with the William Morris agency.

      He said to me: “John, there are two kinds of talent: One, the supporting actor, who comes on the stage and says something interesting and moves the plot along, then is gone.

      Two, you see right away the type that is the ‘leading man’ or ‘leading lady.’ People will watch them for ninety minutes, for a full-length movie. What will he or she do next? They pull you in.

      And you are either one or the other. But both can find work; both are needed for every movie.”

      Jack will make you all proud — I can feel it in the lad — and he will do so — with your advice and help, brothers!

      1. Thanks very much for the information John, I will read the links you have given. Although I’m sure Jack Sen is a man of ability and I certainly agree with you to a certain extent, as you will have seen by looking at the web he is also very divisive. At this time when Nationalists are desperately trying to find common ground, we do not need anything that will divide us further. I understand that Jack has his own organisation, so what he says and does is obviously up to him. This is really a BDP problem and not a Jack Sen problem, I think the BDP should try (maybe harder) to avoid becoming involved with people who are very controversial and are known for their very hard-line stances.

        1. Incidentally, I think you will find that neither Capt Ramsey or Oswald Mosley were part-Indians, OM’s background for instance is very well known. Perhaps I’m taking this seriously when it was a joke?

          1. Yes, JM, I should perhaps have made clearer I was joking abour Ramsay and Mosely.

            I was merely making the point that many great Brits, and many British-Americans like our Robert E. Lee, a man whom even northern Americans revere 150 years later, had very dark hair and very dark eyes. This is the brunet gene going back to the pre-Indo-Europeans – the kind you see especially in Wales and the west coast of what is now Ireland. Are the Welsh not white?

            I would add that Jack’s beautiful and well-behaved little girl has blue-gray eyes, and genetically you cannot have a blue-eyed child unless the gene for blue eyes, which unfortunately is recessive, is present in both the mother and in the father.

            Here is a pic of the lass, who is of course the apple of her daddy’s eye, and when Jack and I talk by webcamera, I see this little angel on her daddy’s lap, with her head on his cheek:


  2. ( Party Official ) Great point J M . I remember the keenest Party Members , with eyes glazing over , steeling themselves to listening to yet another OLD PARTY speech by the Chairman about NEO CONS. Lets stay relevant and shout about the HOUSING CRISIS , BIAS AGAINST REAL BRITS , REGARDING HOUSING AND ALSO THE PROBLEMS WITH HOUSING ! GOT IT !

  3. I believe Sen is a quarter ethnic who looks no different than a Portuguese or southern Italian. Besides I think he has his own org and is just trying to bring people together.
    Can you upload his talk? I’d like to see it. He ran in my region for parl and exposed establishment madness

    1. It was decided not to video or record our AGM activities and thus there is no permanent record of Jack’s speech. In retrospect that was not a good decision, however, a lot of the content within Jack’s speech was from his new book so is captured there.

    2. Read Yockey Jonathan, Whilst we argue over the length of some ones nose or the colour of their eyes. the West is being invaded by a religion so medieval and the negroes of southern Sahara. We all end up headless.

  4. I agree with the comments. he like others, speaks wherever he can get an audience. Over 25 years in the struggle I’ve met a few. Some are even in the BDP. Johnathan Bowden comes to mind . RIP. A truly of the fence looney, we all loved to hear. But had no real plan. Who moved freely within the mainstream to a certain extent.
    If one wishes to be seen as an upstanding politician by the Islington luvvies. This place s not the place to be.
    What is strange is how Corbyn’s rhetoric seems closer to our outlook. than the rest. But for all the wrong reasons . The guys a peacenik, with an army of hate at his rear, Now that is oxymoronic.

  5. Jack Senn is a ‘maverick’ certainly. I heard him speak at the London forum. He is one of the only nationalists that is prepared to talk about the Zionists, but not fixated on BUF style politics. Good on the British Democrats for inviting him to speak at your event. Love to see a video and his book looks interesting. Thanks for sharing this in our network. Do you have the representative in that British Renaissance that Senn has with Jez Turner?

  6. If this Jack Sen fellow can bring about more attention to our struggle, and the British Democrats in particular, then that is a good thing. I know I have criticised an element of his previous article, but this Party does permit some conflicting viewpoints on certain matters, which is always a healthy sign.

    The fact Mr Sen may have some other-than-white genes is irrelevant, I have relatives who do also not qualify as pure European. Leave the self-defeatist stuff to the bone-head groups who just want to hate everyone. The immigration which is destructive, is that which has been en masse and dependant, and flourishes because of the structures provided for it to do so…and that’s what we noeed to focus on.

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