Israel and Britain: A Study in Hypocrisy from the Board of Deputies of British Jews

The Israeli government’s new racially-based propaganda initiative which warns Jews against marrying non-Jews and encouraging them to move to Israel has highlighted the hypocrisy of the Israeli-supporting Board of Deputies of British Jews over race and nationality in Britain.

Astute readers will recall that the Board of Deputies launched what it called a “nationwide campaign” against the BNP before the June 2009 elections.

This campaign, run under the slogan “Your Voice or Theirs,” included the distribution of thousands of “special kits containing posters, leaflets and balloons” containing an anti-BNP message. A call centre was also set up to phone members of the public to urge them not to vote for the BNP.

The Board’s initiative received also received support from the United Synagogue, and the Jewish head of Searchlight, Gerry Gable, whose son served in the Israeli Defence Force.

While it is the Board of Deputies’ democratic right to support or oppose whoever they wish, their uncompromising support for Israel does however expose the hypocrisy behind their actions.

Within the last few weeks, the Israeli government started sponsoring advertisements in the US warning young Jews here against marrying non-Jews, telling them that if they intermarried, they would be stripped of their identity and insult their religion.

According to a report on the RT news service, the “Israeli government has given the go-ahead to an ad campaign in the United States that, through a series of billboards and online video clips, is urging Jews to come back to Israel and cut ties with Americans, lest they want to be stripped of their identity and insult their religion.”

According to RT, “Steven I. Weiss of the Jewish Channel recently broke the story and believes that Israel government-comped campaign cost the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption office a price of around $1 million.

“In one video clip, Dafna, an Israeli girl, is observing Israel’s memorial day while her clueless boyfriend, Josh, becomes perplexed and confused. ‘They will always remain Israelis,’ voices a narrator in Hebrew. ‘Their partners won’t always understand what this means.’”

The RT article continued: “In another , an American Jewish couple lets their daughter participate in a webcam chat with her grandparents overseas, who conduct the conference from their end before an illuminate menorah,” the RT article continued.

“When the elder couple quizzes the tyke on the candelabra, the child says it is a Christmas decoration, which prompts grandma and grandpa to look at each other in disgust and shame, but not before the girl’s parents are shown horrified by their own offspring’s naivety of faith.”

The RT article concluded by saying that billboards “with similar messages have reportedly already sprung up in Palo Alto, California, New York City, Boston, Massachusetts, Hollywood and Florida.”

The state of Israel’s propaganda campaign is, of course, entirely correct from its own perspective. If Jews wish to maintain their identity, and preserve Israel as a Jewish state, then intermarriage and a lack of Jewish emigration to Israel will lead to an end to the Zionist dream.

No-one would want to deny the Jews the right to maintain their identity or a homeland.

The Board of Deputies supports Israel’s position unilaterally, and also encourages the preservation of Jewish identity.

Yet it seems, the Board of Deputies refuses to grant this same right to the British people. According to the Board’s “logic,” Jews have the right to be Jewish, but British people do not have the right to be British.

British nationalists recognise and even support the right of Jews to be Jewish, and in return, the Board of Deputies should stop being hypocritical and support the right of British people to be British.

3 thoughts on “Israel and Britain: A Study in Hypocrisy from the Board of Deputies of British Jews

  1. It is precisly this sort of repugnant hypocrisy that increases what is called ‘anti-semitism’ (though it is very often more gentile revulsion at Zionist extremism/Jewish Supremacism) or creates it where it didn’t exist. If it is right for Israel to remain overwhemingly Jewish (as a nationalist I support that right) then it must also be right for Britain to remain British, France to remain French, Germany to stay German ext.

  2. The Board of Deputies of UK Jews are indeed being two-faced on this issue. Jesus said a lot about certain religious and and national leaders being hypocrites, so this is nothing new. However, it is good that this article recognises the Jewish right to their own national home in Palestine and I could not agree with that more, as a Christian pro-Israelite.

    However, the Board of Deputies of UK Hypocrites must, in the name of equality, recognise the rights of the British to their own national home in their historic homeland. I am only calling for what is equal: it is about time they did too.

    We have got some great Jews in our party: not one of them is a hypocrite! Amen and Amen to that!

  3. Don’t the Jews need all the friends they can get………………
    goyim or whatever?
    Although I do approve of their idea of
    “keeping things in the family.”
    If only we did the same!

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