'Integration' – the latest seamy plaything of the LibLabCon party

bdp-integrationby Mike Newland.


Since time began (well since the current official dogma became law in the 1960s) we’ve been told that the more ethnically and culturally diverse Britain is the more ‘enriched’ we are. Strong too – not Count Arthur but ‘our strength is in our diversity’. Both high comedy.Not long ago a change in the sanctimonious script about what is right for Britain popped up in the capable hands of experts like Trevor Phillips, late of the race equality police. Multiculturalism is not good after all. We need integration.This requires some explanation. Why would the more left-wing forces in operation wish to abandon their central doctrine which was developed to placate alarm about Britain’s increasing social fragmentation while pleasing their minority clients? Stroke of genius in presentation – make a national virtue out of it!

The left was always able to rely on the ethnic vote – until recently. It was predictable that once the numbers grew to a certain point ethnics would start looking for their own representatives no matter how large the handouts and frequent the loveins with Labour. This has now happened in Bradford with the election of George Galloway and in the Islamic Republic of Tower Hamlets.

The above has not gone unnoticed in Labour Newham, one of Britain’s most diverse boroughs and just over the border from Tower Hamlets. Think Syria and spillovers into surrounding states. Sir Robin Wales, the local leader, has smelt the air and decided that a little integration might be a good idea – for Labour. Too much multi in the end means no Labour which is visibly a white man’s party with window dressing.

So it’s about turn in Newham. Foreign newspapers out of the libraries. Less translation services. No mega mosque. No single community grants. Get the ethnics sort of back on board. But how do you square it with what you’ve told them for a generation about diversity? The new policy is to protect Labour’s clients from suffering ‘apartheid’ in Newham, say Labour. Shameless.

What should the Tories do? Welcome Labour’s conversion to integration? Quite a few ethnics will be a bit miffed at the practical effects which amount to telling them they ain’t so special after all if the ‘anti-apartheid’ line is not swallowed. Opportunity beckons! Step forward the Tory leader in the London Assembly, Andrew Boff. He says the downtrodden ethnics of Newham are having their ‘diversity suppressed’.

Anyone who thinks the new fashion in ‘integration’ represents a dawning of sanity think again. It’s just another squalid political manipulation in the continuing power struggle within LibLabCon.

If I were ethnic I’d vomit – then form my own party..

6 thoughts on “'Integration' – the latest seamy plaything of the LibLabCon party

  1. It’s an ‘infrastructure’ problem. The road to Hell being paved with good intentions, is being undermined by unintended consequences.
    Good! Traitors the lot of ’em.

  2. Integration is the myth by which the political elite try to control the masses. One day in the not too distant future the English will realise they have been lied too for over 50 years. The alleged benefits of mass immigration are that criminality amongst some ethnics is much higher than the majority population.

  3. We have Muslim Labour M.P.s
    We have Tory Muslim M.P.s
    We have Liberal Muslim M.P.s

    One day, when there numbers are sufficient, they will ALL unite under a Muslim M.P. party banner and it’s Goodbye England and democracy.

    Why cannot the idiots in power see this? I have been to Christian Muslim conferences who are telling us this, THEY know what’s happening, AND THEY ARE SCARED that sharia law is on its way in ALL its forms.

    We were informed by them, last year, that Cameron is allowing Islamic leaders room in parliament (House of Lords) for a supreme sharia court which will have EQUAL WEIGHTING with our own British law in some areas. It’s creeping in folk, ALL new vehicle insurance policies ARE NOW sharia law compliant!!!!!!

    Week By week, step by step, vote by vote they are taking over. I’m only glad I am 70 yrs old and will not see the worst of it, hopefully. But our children, how I pray for a miracle to save them from this bleak future.

    In any election- Make sure you VOTE for the local candidate who opposes immigration and who opposes the E.U. monster.

  4. (Party Member) The ghastly era of ‘Liberal Type’ thinking with the destruction of all morals, standards and things we cherish, like the family, is coming to an end! All the signs are there. The Liberal Party vote is collapsing with every poll and indeed local council seat By-Election, throughout the country! The Conservatives, who have been heavily infiltrated with Liberal thinkers, have lost over half of their massive membership due to the Liberal thinking of their leader on gay marriage and other matters. The Labour Party unholy alliance of Liberal thinkers and Marxists are worried about womens rights and the prospect of creeping Sharia law! Day and night the still deceitful media are forced to discuss immigration. This was unheard of five years ago. The cracks in the multi-culti utopia are spreading far and wide! A groundswell of opinion is growing for Ban the Burka (like France has) and the death of poor Lee Rigby has opened the eyes of many! Our time is coming with the mistakes of the past learnt and Nationalists being proved right. We will mend Broken Britain with the BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY. Join us today.

  5. Perhaps these dreadful siege/killings in Kenya and Pakistan will help to wake up people to the very real threat. The Nairobi siege in the Westgate shopping Mall particularly. Although they are equally dreadful, not everyone goes to church, but everyone goes shopping and shopping malls are very popular.

    It must come home to people that the risks are real.

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