Improving Party Structure – Group Development

Liam Kernaghan
To improve Party structure nationally Liam Kernaghan is the Party 'Acting Group Development Contact' to help facilitate the appointment and growth of organisers and contacts nationally.


Further Liam, is helping to organise activities in West Yorkshire, with a focus on Wakefield and Bradford coming up to May.


Last year Liam contested Tong ward for the Party. However, this May Liam is the Party prospective candidate in Wyke, Bradford – a ward that used to have a BNP councillor and traditionally good patriotic vote. We all wish him good luck in May.
After a lull, we are starting to move forward. It is time for national unity. For those who believe in fighting for our values and presence to get involved and help spread the word.  

If anyone wishes to get involved and start-up in their locations Liam can be contacted on:
(07876) 383636     (01274) 6043658 

3 thoughts on “Improving Party Structure – Group Development

  1. ( Party Member) Bearing in mind that British People who intend to vote Ukip , believe they are voting against Immigration , European Union and the Liblabcon , maybe AFTER the General Election we could have a recruitment leaflet pointing out the facts. They are being conned but we actually mean what we say ! The heading for the leaflet could be ' LIKE UKIP ? THEN YOU WILL LOVE THE BRITISH DEMOCRATS !

  2. ( Party Member ) Thanks Helen. I hope we use it on a recruitment leaflet , AFTER the General Election. We could explain that We Are The ‘ real deal ‘.

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