Immigration Invasion Update: Council of Europe Forced to Act on “Female Baby Abortion” Threat

There are now so many Third World and Muslim invaders residing in Europe that the deranged liberals at the Council of Europe have agreed that parents should be denied the right to know the sex of their child—in order to prevent the selective abortion of female children.

The shocking development was revealed in a Council of Europe committee draft resolution which said that medical staff should be “instructed to withhold information about the sex of the foetus” to parents.

The resolution, adopted last week, says that prenatal sex selection has reached “worrying proportions” in several member states, in particular Armenia, Azerbaijan and Albania, where the ratio is 112 boys for 100 girls, and in Georgia, where the ratio is 111 boys for 100 girls.

The common factor in all these nations is, of course, that they all have significant Muslim populations, and that the modern practice of preferring male children over females is a common Third World and Islamic institution.

The Council of Europe is based in Strasbourg and has 47 member countries. It should not be confused with the bodies created by the European Union, which are separate bodies.

The Council of Europe was established in 1949 and seeks to develop “throughout Europe common and democratic principles based on the European Convention on Human Rights.”  It has therefore, no legislative powers, only advisory and is reliant on member states’ voluntary participation in any rules which it may make.

Nonetheless, the mere fact that the Council of Europe would even make the suggestion that the practice of identifying the sex of unborn children should be forbidden throughout Europe, is a worrying sign of the demographic shift which is under way.

It is a suggestion which is unlikely to be imposed for two reasons:

(1) As there are still white European people having children, the chances of such a ruling becoming standard and practicably enforceable are tiny; and

(2) If white Europeans are completely overrun and the maternity wards are filled with Third Worlders and Third World-origin doctors, they will most certainly persist in the practice of identifying the sex of unborn children for exactly the reason that the Council of Europe wants it banned,

The real lesson to be learned from all of this is that it is more proof of the eternal law which states that a culture is merely a reflection of a people, and not the other way round.

A First World people will create a culture which is reflection of themselves, and a Third World people will create a culture which reflects their values.

If a Third World population replaces a First World population in any territory, the culture of that region will change accordingly.

This simple fact is the best reason of all to oppose mass immigration into Europe: it will inevitably lead to the extinction of the European people and their culture.

4 thoughts on “Immigration Invasion Update: Council of Europe Forced to Act on “Female Baby Abortion” Threat

  1. i think you will find that Armenia is the oldest Christian country in the world, you should also find out about the Armenian genocide, when up to 1.5 million Christian Armenians were murdered by Turkish muslims . I dont think the people of Armenia would like to be identified as islamic.

  2. Interesting isn’t it, they take steps to ensure muslim babies are not aborted yet when Nadine Dorris tries to bring in a Bill that would allow abortion clinics to adopt a more pro life message to mothers, the bill is blocked by the Government.
    Abortion, is a weapon being used against Western civilization.

  3. I seem to remember some ‘Hate Cleric or other saying ” We will conquer the West with the wombs of our women ” . He could have added ” and with the benefits you pay us “. If the above excellent article disturbs you – and it should , then please read the policies and constitution of our New decent British Democratic Party and then join us !

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