Immigration Increases, Nothing Changes

By Southwest Nationalist. Surprise, surprise, and not even a Cilla to come waltzing down and sing us a song. Figures released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) have shown a 21% increase in immigration to the UK in 2010.

Instead of 198,000 in 2009 under Labours insane let em all in policy, we got 239,000 under ConDems ‘tough’ – read muscular sounding but castrated – watch. They’ll pass the buck to Labour, isn’t politics just a game of pass the parcel, but part of this is on ConDem’s watch.

It makes an utter mockery of ConDem’s pledge to reduce mass immigration to the 10s of thousands by 2015. It won’t happen! It sounds great as a pledge and a nice bit of headline grabbing soundbite to appease the British people, but like all those other pledges it is not going to happen.

We are – and will remain – a nation swollen to bursting point by continuing mass immigration, the politicians pathetic attempts (or attempts to look like they are doing something) to pretend our borders have any meaning now is like King Canute holding back the ocean, only at least he genuinely believed he had a chance and wasn’t just playing to public opinion.

“These figures lay bare the legacy of the Labour government” said Sir Andrew Green of Migrationwatch.

That they do, but it is a legacy eagerly embraced and continued by ConDem, they are all birds of the same feather. Immigration, diversity, colonisation, the big three stand for each of those, only the rhetoric and the who and how will change.

It doesn’t matter which of them is in power, which glib politician is telling us that they will do something – they won’t, they just say that because they have to say it, it’s all part of the political game which will always see the same problems continue whoever among the establishment is voted in.

Back in July we covered the fall in Poland’s population since their accession to full EU status – their population has dropped by 2 million, whereas the number of Poles in the UK has increased from 95,000 in 2004 to 521,000 in September 2010. Anyone see a link there?

Anyone want to take a bet that we’d see similar comparisons in many of the other ‘newer’ members of the EU, or that we’ll see the same in say Turkey should they win membership?

Where are these people? They are here, it is that simple.

Our population continues to rise, thanks in most part to immigration and immigrant originated births, other countries witness an actual fall in their populations as many of the younger, start a family age, population end up here.

“Before the election, Conservatives and Liberal Democrats said immigration was out of control; afterwards, they said they would cut it dramatically. Neither was true” said Matt Cavanagh of the Institute for Policy Research (IPPR).

Of course it wasn’t true, they can’t cut immigration, and they won’t. Between their own idiotic obsession with creating a mutlicultural utopia, adherence to EU freedom of movement, and an insane devotion to human rights, we are, and – unless someone with genuine courage is elected – always will be a magnet for mass immigration.

We have no control of our borders, the politicians may as well be honest about it. The politicians will do nothing save for mutter a few tough words as a sop to public opinion. When it comes to immigration they are eunuchs.

ConDem have promised a crackdown on immigration – absolutely nothing will come of it!

Labour, now in opposition, make some tokenistic comments about recognising their mistakes – nothing will come of it!

A vote for any of them is a vote for the continuation of mass immigration, not one of them has a single policy that will do anything about it, other than perhaps changing the nation/s from which we end up receiving most immigrants.

We vote for them, we vote for more migrants. They will not, and indeed cannot unless they radically changed their commitments to many ‘ideals’, do a thing.

Mass immigration is a given under the lot of them. We’ve just seen the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats in action, nothing changed since Labour. After Labours decade of open borders, well, would you trust them on immigration, or on anything else for that matter?

This is the reality which we face for so long as we go on electing the usual suspects.

Mass immigration into the UK will continue unabated, British jobs will go to foreign workers, the benefits system will pander to the foreigner, and our population will continue to grow to an unsustainable level.

Don’t believe us on it, look around you. That’s what you’re getting when voting for Lib/Lab/Con, nothing changes whatsoever, mass immigration is a constant factor.

Can we even support the people here now, are there enough jobs, houses, resources in the health service and everything else?

You know the answer, and it’s only going to get worse. You cannot trust the big three parties on immigration, they’re all reading off the same script.

Mass immigration is here to stay until we change that, the politicians among Lib/Lab/Con are not going to do a damn thing.

The sooner Britain wakes up to that and votes accordingly the better, because this cannot carry on forever without utter catastrophe for Britain being the result – and the catastrophe already here is painful enough.

7 thoughts on “Immigration Increases, Nothing Changes

  1. Forgive me this is somewhat off topic but I have just flicked onto the BNP site and fell over laughing. HOW TO FIX BROKEN BRITAIN is the title for the latest article. The world must be laughing as much as me, who can take advice from Gri££in on fixing things, he can’t even fix his own party.

  2. Words cannot express the hate and disgust I feel for those so-called `honourable` occupants at Westminster.

    Those quislings and ghouls that be-foul that once-honorable place have turned our cultured and peaceful country – our homeland since ages past, the land of our fathers and of our ancesters, this land of our blood and sweat and toil through countless millenia, our own true sacred land – into a boiling mass of fear and hatred purposely filled to the brim with the world`s flotsam and jepsam to destroy us.

    Truly a nightmare and betrayal of epic proportions.

  3. The latest piece of deception is the way immigration figures are being presented by the government through the controlled media. They now refer to ‘Net Migration’ rather than immigration per se. Take this piece from yesterdays London Evening Standard for example:-

    “Net migration increased to 239,000 – an increase of just over a fifth on the 198,000 total for 2009.
    The Office for National Statistics said that 575,000 people moved to this country last year with only 336,000 departing for a life overseas.”

    On the BBC ‘News’ last night the correspondent on this topic sounded almost disappointed – judging by the tone of his voice – that more people had not emigrated (EG white Brits) to help bring that nett figure down; “The government can’t force people to emigrate…” he lamented.

    So we have blatant manipulation of the raw data in order to conceal what is a concerted race-replacement policy. Just look at that figure of actual immigration again – over HALF A MILLION in one single year. As Enoch would have said; “Those whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad…”

  4. I once wore my Union Flag badge on my jacket with pride many years ago, but I am ashamed of my country now that the ConLabLib gangsters are running it. When I visit relations in France and people ask me “Are you English?” I dont admit it.

    After a nasty incident with an immigrant in my hometown of Leicester I dare not go there anymore. It’s like being in a foreign country!

    The “Leicester Mercury” printed that ‘Leicester now has at least a 52% ethnic minority’. When I was at school anything over 50% was a majority, or have I missed something?

  5. Since the above excellent article we have formed the British Democratic Party. Regarding the population of Poland actually falling, because so many came to Britain, I can believe it as I now live on the South Coast ! Most Poles are great, it is just the numbers that is the problem. Ask them or anyone else about Romanians and Bulgarians and then the reality of the horrors of mass Immigration really set in. When half of their populations try to come here and they will, it may be the final straw that breaks the camels back ! Join the British Democratic Party Today.

  6. I hope to be wrong but I believe that for the next General Election the Labour and Liberal party’s will want to have an official ” total amnesty” , for all illegal immigrants, in their manifesto’s. The tories will be frightened to do this as well because of the ukip vote ! God help us !

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