Immigration: Biggest Threat to Environment Bar None

Immigration fueled overpopulation is the biggest threat to our environment bar none.

As government agencies and independent demographers have confirmed, Britain is currently experiencing unprecedented and highly undesirable population growth.

Only a few short years ago the United Nations, in its World Population Prospects report, predicted that Britain’s population will hit 73.3 million by 2050 – largely through immigration.

With the birth rate of native Britons at replacement level at best, this growth will be due to both continuing immigration and births from within the huge and ever expanding immigrant communities already established here.

The impact of population growth is already manifesting itself in many undesirable ways.

Quite apart from the growing pressure on housing, education, health services, employment, social welfare, energy demand, water provision, policing, traffic congestion, rubbish disposal and sewerage treatment, we face an environmental and ecological threat of potentially ruinous proportions.

One only has to look at Africa where overpopulation has reduced once fertile countries to impoverished water parched dust bowls.

To state a truism, hunger and poverty follows overpopulation as night follows day.

For some years now a succession of irresponsible globalist Westminster regimes have told us that we need more homes to house Britain’s expanding population and that green field, as well as brown field, sites will be needed for the new residential and industrial estates, for the roads and car parks, the sewerage works and reservoirs. Yet these same globalist regimes have never explained why it is that we need the immigration that is largely responsible for their artificially created demand.

And whereas an ever increasing number of imported consumers may be beneficial to City corporate profitability it is in no way beneficial to us native Brits.

Indeed, their proposed two million new homes, together with the related infrastructure, will not only despoil our countryside but bury hundreds of thousands of hectares of good agricultural land beneath concrete and asphalt, rendering it useless in terms of food productivity.

Yet, at no stage whatever. has any Westminster regime even so much as asked the British people whether they wanted immigration – far less whether the sacrifice of our countryside and agricultural capacity was a price worth paying for their globalist enforced cultural “enrichment”.

Commonsense dictates that we must slam the door firmly shut on immigration and take whatever steps are necessary to reduce the threat to the environment from overpopulation, to do other would be to perpetuate irresponsibility.

The “Greens” and other politically correct ecologists have chosen to ignore the overpopulation – environmental degradation link because to face the reality would be “racist” in their blinkered eyes. These so called defenders of the environment would rather see the utter ruination of our countryside than lift a finger to call for a halt to the very process that threatens it with utter devastation. That is why it falls to us, British nationalists, to speak out and to expose immigration as the biggest threat to our environment bar none.

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  1. I believe this is the number one issue of importance to our country and have never understood why it hasnt been a top campaigning issue for the BNP.
    A good number of the electorate care very much about holding on to what countryside we have left and in particular,keeping the green belt which may separate their own village or town from neighbouring ones,thus maintaining its identity.
    Those who are concerned about the environment and conservation are often articulate and motivated, perhaps just too scared to swim against the tide and think the obvious.

  2. It’s like you are reading my mind,I have said this for years but have never read the same opinion anywhere else.Racism is to hate someone because of their ethnicity,it is not racist to say”sorry for your troubles, but we have no room or infrastructure to support you,and we cannot put anymore pressure on our health and education services and food and water security”.

  3. It can also be a good way to ‘sell’ nationalism to the less blinkered lefties (not that concern for the enviroment is necessarily a left-wing issue) in our country. Surely the more intelligent amongst them can see that there is an inherent and large connnection between soft immigration policies and the destruction of our countryside?

  4. This country is a small island with finite resources. Ergo our infrastructure cannot absorb a mass influx of foreigners, most of whom have entered our country illegally (subterfugees) as economic migrants. Mass immigration must be curtailed immediately and repatriation; including deportation of convicted criminals must commence.

  5. ( Party Official ) With 19 Billion saved from no longer paying the E.U.Superstate, most of the 12 Billion Foreign Aid withdrawn and the savings from ending the Immigration Burden , our Party would be able to spend 4 Billion on massive flood defensive schemes. Not the derisory 40 Million extra offered by David Cameron. With the work taking 3 or 4 years and employing local people in the various areas , the benefit to the British People and their Enviroment , would be wonderful. Join the British Democratic Party , saving Britain , one step at a time.

  6. ( Party Official ) Peoples ENVIROMENT is very important for a happy life. Anyone considering WHITE FLIGHT would do well to choose moving to Englands fantastic SOUTH COAST. The away fans , travelling to watch BOURNEMOUTH in the PREMIERSHIP must be shocked at the horrible , alien places , full of strange peoples from round the world , that they have visited this season. Lets HOPE they JOIN THE BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY AS THEY WILL NOW UNDERSTAND WHAT WE MEAN AND STAND FOR !

  7. (Party Official ) As our Population has been gently falling in numbers for several decades , JUST IMAGINE what a green and PLEASANT LAND we would still be , if we had NOT SUFFERED MASS IMMIGRATION. Now ,Join up and by doing so , play a small part in helping to restore our Country to it’s previous gentle pleasantness !

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