Immigrants, Generation 3, Are Destroying London And Elsewhere

by John Shaw

No one is saying that every immigrant that came to Britain from 1960 – 1980 (Immigrant Generation 1) has behaved badly. However, there were many social, economic and law & order problems with many.

The situation with the immigrants 1980 – 2000 (Immigrant Generation 2), importantly the offspring of Generation 1, have refused to adapt British values, indeed showing social and religious hostility to those values. There were many riots and acts of hatred between the different types.

The offspring of Immigrant Generation 2, Immigrant Generation 3 (20000 – 2018), have totally rejected British values and have in fact increased the hatred to include Christianity and other religions like Hinduism and Sikhism.

On top of this many (not all) have turned to crime, particularly drug dealing, prostitution and people smuggling. They are now killing one another at an ever increasing rate around the country particularly in London.

The British people were never consulted about the massive import of these people and things are so bad that many are either moving to the country side (White Flight) or really giving up and going to live abroad.

People need to make a protest at all this, reject the old parties and join us today.

4 thoughts on “Immigrants, Generation 3, Are Destroying London And Elsewhere

  1. In full agreement with the article. London and our other towns and cities, are now being taken over, all because of the treachoury of those the British put their trust in. Yes the immigrants and their second and third generations are at war with each other. It is the case that most of the time whites are being attacked and murdered, more often than not, it’s also the newcomers who are responsible. There are troubled times ahead as the funeral pyre keeps heaping up.

  2. To add to the insult , fifty million pounds of British taxpayers money is being sent to Africa to “tackleFGM” ; all this while they let the ones here get away with the barbaric act ! And this at a time when the people of Hartlepool have to patrol their own streets, as there are hardly any police there due to cuts in funding! Wake up Britain!

  3. We can be left with no doubt whatsoever that mass immigration has transformed this Nation into an unrecognisable hell hole!

    I am currently reading a book at the moment entitled ‘The Islamic Republic of Dewsbury’ by A chap called Danny Lockwood, whilst needless to say I find it truly shocking just how swiftly our British culture is being completely eroded.

    Mr Lockwood informs us in one of the chapters that narcotics are running rife within Dewsbury, the main culprits & dealers are identified as members from the Muslim community. Yet the forces responsible for law enforcement seemingly hold back, do nothing as they appear to be more terrified of the ‘racist’ stigma.

    Even something as innocent nowadays as enquiring about the sex of an unborn baby – Well, apparently such information is being deliberately withheld from the expectant parents-to-be as members from the Muslim community put a much higher value on a male than a female, this can result in a higher risk of termination for the latter if such information is disclosed to parents from that section of the community. So we all now have to go through the same process in the name of ‘Equality’ & ‘Non discrimination’.

    These are only a couple of brief examples from Mr Lockwoods book, but there are many, many more within the pages that demonstrate just how far we have spiralled toward our own self destruction.

    I honestly belive that if the Liberal conservative party or their equally ghastly counterparts, the marxist labour party are allowed to continue, then sooner rather than later they will hammer the final nail in Britain’s coffin.

    This is the sole priority reason as to why I wholeheartedly support the policies, aims & goals of the British Democratic Party.

  4. I was born in Dewsbury in the 1940s and am filled with dismay that my birth town has been swamped by large numbers of alien invaders who have changed our traditional culture and ethnicity – our identity.

    The responsibility for this outrage lies with our own treacherous politicians and media, who not only allow social fragmentation to occur but actively promote it. They are motivated by political correctness promoted by Frankfurt School enemies from the 1920s and their modern successors, and by Labour’s desire for additional supportive voters and for cheap labour to increase business profits of Tory funders.

    The solution? To persuade British voters to cease voting Labour, Tory, Lib Dem and Green Party, all of whom support mass immigration, and in future vote only for the patriotic, conservationist British Democrats. If the Hungarian government can protect its people from foreign invasion, then so can a British government.

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