Ignore The Will Of The People At Your Peril

A great headline from the Daily Express.  A meaningful vote has already been taken by the people of this country and it is time the unelected members of the ‘other house’ and our elected MPs take account it.

12 thoughts on “Ignore The Will Of The People At Your Peril

  1. VICTORY , BUT ONLY JUST and it is not straight forward at all. There are many PERILS ahead as these DISGUSTING MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT try to keep us in the E.U. SUPERSTATE BY DEFAULT. In many other Countries in the World , A NATIONWIDE MILITIA WOULD BE FORMED to ensure the ‘ Powers that be ‘ conformed to the WILL OF THE PEOPLE. Whilst I thank God we do not live in that sort of place , it COULD COME TO THIS AS WE MUST LEAVE THE E.U. SUPERSTATE ‘ COME HELL OR HIGH WATER ‘ !

  2. Someone I know always refers to the leader of the mis-named Scottish National Party as ” that mad woman from Scotland ” as he can never remember her name. Well , bear with me here , Today the entire SNP walked out of Prime Ministers Question Time , in sympathy with one of their rabid remain members getting chucked out by the Speaker. Now this Member , like his Leader , is COMPLAINING THAT POWERS TAKEN BACK FROM BRUSSELS , FOR SCOTLAND , ARE BEING TRANSFERRED TO WESTMINSTER. THEY SAY THEY WANT THESE POWERS FOR THEIR ASSEMBLY. WHY THE HELL ARE THEY FANATICALLY PRO EUROPEAN THEN ? THEY JUST MAKE NO SENSE ! MAYBE MY FRIEND IS RIGHT ABOUT THE MAD WOMAN WHOSE NAME HE CAN NEVER REMEMBER , MAYBE THE WHOLE SNP ARE A BIT , YOU KNOW , MAD !

    1. The SNP are pro ‘independence in Europe’ (whatever that is actually meant to mean in practice) because they see this policy as a way of reassuring Scots that Scotland wouldn’t be ‘isolated’ in the event of their obviously fake ‘independence’ agenda. Basically, it is a policy based-upon political strategy hence why they are so upset about the vote on June 23rd 2016. A so-called ‘hard’ Brexit could, in the fullness of time, harm them significantly whilst a ridiculous ‘soft’ one will help them.

  3. Members of Parliament consider themselves to be Representatives rather than Delegates. Representatives claim to use their knowledge and expertise to serve the public interest whereas Delegates act strictly in accordance with the wishes of voters. The judgement of ordinary people is unfortunately not trusted.

    1. Indeed that is what they say so why did they allow us to have the referendum ie a premier act of direct democracy in the first place? I believe they did so to remove the question from becoming prominent in a general election (its proper place in a parliamentary democracy) where it could have caused some to lose marginal seats and their pay checks. Also, they were afraid it was bringing UKIP to a position in which it may have made a small breakthrough in public support and made members of the public aware of the fact that it isn’t ‘evil’or unreasonable for a party to be non-globalist and be socially conservative. They want to maintain their PC, socially liberal and globalist political cartel against all potential opponents which means others besides UKIP.

      We may win a REAL Brexit through this referendum but other aspects of globalist misrule such as mass Third World immigration roll onwards regardless.

  4. There already is a system within our Parliament that requires M.P.’S to register various financial interests that they have. Well , whilst thinking about these DEMOCRACY DENIERS , particularly amongst the Conservatives , that the rebels who do business with Belgium etc. be refused a VOTE ON E.U. RELATED MATTERS , due to CONFLICT OF INTEREST.

  5. Since the collapse of the pseudo patriotic UKIP, and the ongoing divisions among nationalists confining us to the margins, the government are in the convenient position of having no real opposition apart from leftie Labour.

    It is widely acknowledged that immigration was the main concern with Brexit voters, and yet in their droves, these same voters, flock back to either tweedle dee or tweedle dum.

    When you see the the increased support for Right wing Euro Sceptic partys on the continent, and then you look at the assortment of mainstream grovellers and sell-outs we have “representing” us, can there be any surprise at the their disregard and contempt for Brexit ?

    1. They know they can treat us with utter contempt over Brexit and no doubt give us a fake, botched, so-called ‘soft’ (funny, is it not, how the terms ‘soft’ Brexit and ‘hard’ (meaning REAL) Brexit were ONLY bandied around AFTER the referendum result!) Brexit because very few MP’s seats change hands even in landslide elections due to our use of the positively archaic nonsense of First Past The Post. It should come as no surprise that the serial Tory rebel and promoter of ‘half-in/’half-out’ NONSENSICAL, POINTLESS ‘soft’ Brexit Dominic Grieve holds one of the very safest Tory seats in the entire country ie Beaconsfield,, Buckinghamshire: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beaconsfield_(Beaconsfield_(UK_Parliament_Constituency)

      It is high time we changed our electoral system to one of Proportional Representation so that NO MATTER WHERE IN THE COUNTRY WE LIVE OUR VOTES HAVE EQUAL WEIGHT/VALUE JUST LIKE IN REFERENDUMS!




      Without such a system being in place we will continue to be betrayed, sold-out and our views treated with the utmost derision by the globalists of Lib Dem/Labour and CONServative alike and our elections will still be NON REFLECTIVE of how people ACTUALLY VOTE.

  6. YES , SW. ‘ The ongoing divisions amongst Nationalists ‘. There is actually an answer to this problem. THE BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY. The reason ALL NATIONALISTS should UNITE WITHIN the PARTY WITH THE RESPECTABLE NAME IS OBVIOUS. The Party accepts People who are currently Members of other PATRIOTIC ORGANISATIONS , for now and lets face it the others are finding that even though many People agree with them , the Public still refuse to vote for them ! The best example of this being the B.N.P. Poll after Poll shows MILLIONS of People are between 70% to 100% behind B,N.P. Policies but when told whose thinking they are in tune with , say ,” oh God , not them , no , I will NEVER vote for them. So , the DECISION IS CLEAR. JOIN THE BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY TODAY and let’s fill the party with enthusiastic talent and get the ‘ SLEEPING GIANT OF BRITISH POLITICS AWAKE AT LAST ! together we can start winning.

  7. There is so much going on at the moment it is incredible. Fantastic things are happening in ITALY and many other Countries that give us NATIONALISTS HOPE OF A SANER WORLD. The Prime Minister of Hungary , for example , looks , sounds and ACTS like a BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY MEMBER as do many other Leaders of E.U. Countries ! As for OUR COUNTRY , there is still HOPE THAT FREE MOVEMENT OF PEOPLES WILL END and many other reasons for HOPE ! AS FOR OCCUPIED LONDON , THINGS ARE LOOKING BLEAK IN THE MURDER CITY OF BRITAIN. The Media are doing an amazing job of COVERING UP THE ethnicity and motives behind what is going on ! So COME ON FOLKS , GET THE COMMENTS ROLLING IN AND LETS GET THE ‘ SLEEPING GIANT OF BRITISH POLITICS ‘ MOVING AT LAST !

  8. On the subject of things happening , I have just read that the Queen has today , SIGNED THE ROYAL ASSENT to the Legislation that formally allows BRITAIN TO LEAVE THE EUROPEAN UNION. Although only a small step on the road to REALISING BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY POLICY , but a necessary one. For more decent , common sense policies , read our superb POLICY DOCUMENT TODAY. I WISH THE PARTY COULD SEND A COPY TO EVERY ONE IN THE COUNTRY !

  9. this Country needs a revolution against this arrogant criminal political class don’t get Me started on the Royals

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