If Only We Had Listened

by Simon Fairbairn

Tony Blair

Jeremy Corbyn

Enoch Powell


10 thoughts on “If Only We Had Listened

  1. Blair was also the one who introduced the ”Hate Crime” legislation to coincide with Labour’s facilitated mass invasion of the UK. Much as we condemn criminal acts, this legislation is unfairly biased against Whites, who are by far the most likely to be victims of Diversity Crime. How often have you read about a Hate Crime in the paper, where Whites are the victims of Non Whites ?

    1. On this subject , E S ,Personally I would like to offer my sympathy for FELLOW NATIONALIST’S PAUL GOLDING AND JAYDA FRANSEN OF BRITAIN FIRST. They have been charged with ‘ religious harassment ‘ and although it would not be right and proper , or indeed legal , to comment on the case , my instinct tells me that they will prove to be deserving of an element of support for FELLOW NATIONALISTS.

    2. if Our Party gets into Government all these so-called hate crime laws need to be repealed the Treason Act and Hanging & corporal punishment reinstated

  2. Blair is truly despicable toad who should be held criminally liable for treason and crimes against Our Country People & interests and his party that He once lead should never again be allowed into Government eutruth.info

  3. Enoch paid the price for his courage, honesty and integrity…if he lied like so many others, the political would not have come after him. However he had too much integrity to take that route. He is now widely regarded as a British hero.

  4. Tony Blair was aided and abetted in his PLAN TO REPLACE THE BRITISH PEOPLE by an unrelenting onslaught by the media to CON THE BRITISH PEOPLE. Just like today. This morning I turned on my laptop to the usual ‘ nether world ‘ of the internet and it’s Multi-Cultural agenda. One headline and story was ‘ Boy stabbed outside a Mosque ‘. I turned to the story and the headline had subtly changed to ‘ boy stabbed near Mosque . Actually a 14 year old boy was stabbed , many times , at 1 am in the morning. My first thought was how awful and I hope he is alright. My other thoughts were I hope it was not anything to do with race and knowing the area well , as my company was based there years ago , I doubt it . There are not any white people in that heavily populated area and why was a 14 year old out at 1 am anyway. The PARENTS SHOULD BE PROSECUTED .

  5. Still talking about the ill effects of Immigration , I noticed that following the car and knife attack by an Islamic person who hated Canada , the Canadian Prime Minister said ” we will never let violent extremism win “. In the interest of Decency , Common Sense and Public Safety , he should have said ‘ WE WILL NOT LET POTENTIALLY VIOLENT EXTREMIST’S INTO CANADA.

  6. Another superb article that fairly sums it all up. If our people do nothing else , the least they can do is JOIN and ‘ Carry The Card ‘ , with PRIDE.

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