Homelands For World’s Main Races


John Bean says


uk nursing jobs (1)The political establishment contends that one of the main reasons why Britain cannot stop all Afro-Asian immigration is that it  would cause our NHS to collapse. All parties say that such is the shortage of nursing staff and junior doctors that we need to import them from India, Africa and the Philippines. Yet Dr Peter Carter, head of the Royal College of Nursing, said at its recent annual conference that last year 57,000 applicants in the UK tried to train as a nurse, but 37,000 were rejected. He added: “I can’t believe the majority of them would not  be fit to be trained.’

Meanwhile, the number of foreign nurses registering to work in Britain rose by one third, as did the amount spent on agency nurses, who rely on many overseas  nurses. It reached a .record £3.3 billion.

Dr Carter added that virtually every NHS trust in England and a lot in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland is recruiting overseas. “It is ludicrous, hugely expensive and labour intensive.  The root cause is not training and retaining enough UK nurses.


Dr Carter also made this important point, which .has also been made by British Democrat spokesmen such as Andrew Brons on several occasions.

“There is an ethical and a moral issue here. The UK is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. We cut our training programmes to save money but we are going off to India Africa and the Philippines to recruit nurses who they have trained and can ill afford to lose.”


A new Brit Dem leaflet  stresses that the most talented and best educated cream of those countries are talent spotted and recruited by greedy employers in Europe. The effects are as cumulative as they are devastating for those countries as well as us. There must be a reverse flow by the exploited population to serve their countries and continents of origin.


Addressing immigrants, the leaflet says: “You are in Britain to serve two purposes of the Political Class. You and your ancestors have been encouraged to come here in the hope that your mere presence would destroy the sense of identity of the British People. Secondly, you have been used to provide votes to support the Lib-Lab-Con Gang. You are simply innocent pawns in a serious and deadly political game.

“The Political Class does not care about you, any more than it cares or has interest in  the indigenous population. “


A World-wide Answer

If we now reflect on the effect of multiculturalism and .multiracialism in Britain and Europe, and also in the United States, it is obvious that it has been given enough time in both areas to show whether or not it works. The answer is it does not.


In Britain, France and the Netherlands after 60 years when  Afro-Asian immigration began as a trickle and is now a flood, major sections of all main cities have become third world enclaves. They are slowly being dominated by militant Islam, a version of a medieval religion which is anathema to European  thought and culture.


A recent example of the permanent divide between indigenous Brits and British nationals born here of Afro-Caribbean origin was the surprise shown by sports commentators that our Under 20 football team socialised with their specific racial origin after a match.  The media did not seem to get the message from the photo showing seven white players sitting at one table and seven black ones at the other. This reflected inherent choice,  not prejudice.


In the USA, although black crime upon whites is ten times greater than white upon black,  the media’s overwhelming political correctness presents it as only white upon black. Whoever’s fault it is, 150 years of American history since slavery was   eliminated shows that all attempts to blend White America and Black America are destined for permanent failure.  


In recent months I am coming to believe that British patriots as well as the rest of the White World must campaign differently to the old Nationalist Right that in reality has not really moved from the slogan ‘if they’re black, send them back’.  With the pressure of the expanding third world population  building up and now seriously  threatening to take over  Europe, the homeland of the White people, we must come to an accord whereby in return for stopping all further Afro-Asian immigration we invest (as the Chinese are now doing) in helping Africa and certain parts of South East Asia to develop.  We tear up EU and other International trade agreements which prevent Africans in particular selling their crops in Europe. The return of immigrants to their racial homelands would be long-term so as to cope with the financial assistance that would be given to returnees.


As for the USA, the situation is different to Europe, the home of their white forbears who made that nation the superpower it is still. The New Right there are calling for a metapolitical approach to gradually educate sufficient leaders of thought to set aside several states for the  Black population to control completely. See www..counter-currents.com


This short article can only give an outline of how the concept of each racial grouping having its own defined homeland  – supported by us where necessary – is a way of avoiding the extinction of the white people of this world.

7 thoughts on “Homelands For World’s Main Races

  1. It is very difficult, or perhaps impossible, to assist in the development of countries whose own path was of a continued cultural inertia. The Western model has failed in these parts of the world, and yet it is still the one aspired to, simply because they regard it as succeeding and their own as failing. The simple fact is that the reason these countries fail, is that they cannot cope with high populations in the way a civilised country can…

  2. Also, western medical advances and ”overseas aid” projects have only succeeded in increasing populations that otherwise would not have reached such high numbers. We all know what the road to hell is paved with. The Wests leaders have, through a combination of poor judgement, utopianism, and utter naivety, help to sow the seeds of our own demise.

    1. ( Party Official ) Yes , Paul. Things that were true then are true now. Whatever the deluded left may think in their drug fuddled minds.

  3. “In the USA, although black crime upon whites is ten times greater than white upon black, the media’s overwhelming political correctness presents it as only white upon black.” Remind me again which interest group has an arm lock on much of the “US” media!

  4. The actual statistics are much more depressing than 10 to 1. It is far higher. ….for violent crime, 39 to 1. Other stats are there too, relating to different types of crimes, all showing the same pattern that overwhelmingly whites are most often the victims. Search : Pat Buchanan’s color of crime. creators.com.

  5. These stats have been disputed. The disputers claim they could be less… or more ! but you get the general picture. The media as we know, cannot be trusted at all on these issues.

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