Government to study Migration Watch immigration plan

migration-watchIt was reported this week that a hard line plan to curb immigration after Brexit, put forward by the think tank Migration Watch, will be studied by the Home Secretary.

The scheme – under which only highly-skilled workers with well-paid job offers would be allowed into Britain – would aim to slash EU immigration by as much as 80%.  That cap would be raised if necessary to plug skill gaps identified by the Migration Advisory Council, meaning it would be decided by Government – not business.

Migration Watch believes this could cut net migration by 100,000, because 80 per cent of those who came to the UK to work in the last ten years were low-skilled, however, imposing work permits on EU citizens would breach EU free movement rules and almost certainly eject Britain from Europe’s single market for goods and services.  Nevertheless, at the weekend Home Secretary Amber Rudd confirmed she was considering work permits, after the idea of an Australian-style points-based system was rejected.


Amber Rudd MP

Ms Rudd is expected to be briefed on the plan by Lord Green, Migration Watch’s chairman, next week. Whitehall sources have reported that Theresa May was “keen” on it.



Pic Bruce Adams / Copy Lobby - 28/9/14 Conservative party Conference at the Birmingham International Convention Centre.- Fringe meeting on Immigration- Sir Andrew green dir. Migration Watch

Lord Green

Lord Green reported that the Government risked getting “bogged down in a quagmire” if it tried to make immigration concessions for an EU trade deal.  He went on to say, “The UK’s service sector will obviously be affected by the loss of an endless supply of cheap labour from Europe. However, the present work force will be here for several years yet so employers will have time to adjust, perhaps by increasing wages and conditions for British workers.”

Significantly, Migration Watch had some success in influencing Mrs May’s immigration policies when she was Home Secretary.

Its blueprint would offer free movement for EU tourists, students, pensioners and other self-sufficient people as long as that was reciprocated.

A further deep cut to immigration would then be achieved by a much tougher regime against non-EU students who fail to leave at the end of their studies.

Net immigration currently stands at a near-record 327,000 a year. Ms Rudd has accepted the target to reduce that to “tens of thousands” – but warned it would take time.

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  1. People need to realise there will never be a ‘hard line curb’ of immigration because the ruling elite do not want to stop immigration.If they wanted to they could stop immigration tomorrow simply by not allowing anyone to enter Britain!We are an island, and whilst we may never eliminate illegals entering, the overall immigration figures could be substantially reduced.They camouflage the figures talking about ‘net migration.’ As 250,000 leave Britain annually (usually the best and brightest British stock), zero net immigration still means 250,000 immigrants have entered.With unemployment approaching 2 million (real figs. closer to 6 or 7 million if calculated as was done in the 1970’s),I don’t feel there need be any ‘skill gaps.’ It’s just an excuse for more immigration.

  2. Even if it were implemented, the fact remains one out of two immigrants, is from outside the EU
    That poor chap killed on the tube by police, came from Brazil and was illegal. It seems quite a few hail from that part of the world. So only those with skills need apply. Ever heard of dodgy CV’s. Certain parts of the Commonwealth are very adept at forging such .
    What is needed is teaching home grown skills. Then using the American model. Making their industries prove the job was offered to at least three Americans before an outsider gets chosen. Whether that is the case today I know not. But it was 30 years back.
    In all truth we must have a government that wants to change. Not the mealy mouthed bunch of filth, chosen for us by the elites, to vote for. I include ‘migration watch’ as a part of the misdirection used to bamboozle those weak minded 70% of the voting population .
    If it were not so, then ‘migration watch ‘ would never have had the platform, it has.

  3. Now that we have “got our country back” we will ban immigrants from the EU and replace them with Indians, Pakistanis, Nigerians and other ‘Commonwealth’ immigrants who play cricket and speak English. Isn’t that what good old Nigel fought for?

    • What you must understand Bill Baillie is, Nigel Farage was and still is a Thatcherite. A leftie liberal of the worst sort . Just as Thatcher was. Talk the talk not walking the walk. He is pro immigration pro relaxing the laws on cannabis pro cheap labour. All dressed up as us making our own laws detached from Brussels.
      Whilst we await that detachment , he takes a vacation. Over to The good old US of A. Joining Trump on his platform, then returning back here and bad mouthing Trump. With friends like that we all must be more vigilant. Trump may be the worst possible candidate. if it were not for the Clinton crime family. But hey the establishment, and the BBC hate him , so he cannot be at all bad.
      Farage at best, is an enigma dressed up in a conundrum. Not what you see.

  4. Migration Watch never get called racists or Fascists by the media. The people that do receive that kind of treatment are the ones who predicted all along the direction in which we were heading : overpopulation, social fragmentation, higher crime, lack of adequate resources, housing crisis, racial and religious tensions, prisons at bursting point…all the kind of things you hear Migration Watch now saying…long after the ”racists” said it many years before them.

    • How very well said , JJM. The total trashing of our Nationalist NAME by the powers that be and their all powerful MEDIA has been awful. The fact that WE HAVE BEEN RIGHT ALL ALONG is a terrible , frustrating burden. However , things can change and we just need to hope that a great ORATOR will rise from our ranks and help us break the mould of failed , ghastly , LYING POLITICIANS that are destroying OUR COUNTRY AND PEOPLE.

      • Talking about our horrible media , there is some good news ! Having just read a typical , lefty , misleading article about the Presidential contest in the states , from the horrible Gaurdian newspaper computer link , I was thrilled to read an appeal for money at the end ! Things are not looking good for these ‘ OPINION FORMERS ‘ . The thought that they could just report the facts , without a Marxist take on matters , will NEVER cross their little minds. Bless !

  5. Mass Immigration causes nothing but pain. The effect on housing , public finances , jobs , law and order as these people bring their religious disputes with them , jobs and social problems are horrific. The sooner Members of Parliament are required by law to genuinely LIVE IN THEIR OWN CONSTITUENCIES THE BETTER. ANY CHILDREN SHOULD GO TO SCHOOL IN THE AREA REPRESENTED BY THEIR PARENT.

    • Another Nationalist suggestion is regarding our Prime Ministers. Some , like David Cameron , are wealthy before taking office but others suddenly seem to become very wealthy after serving as Prime Minister on a humble salary. Maybe we could look into this and just like crimminals having their wealth took away after conviction so they do not profit from crime , then the same could apply to our failed leaders who , lets face it , receive vast payments for favours done !

  6. Being a life long Nationalist , I am sceptical when the Conservatives sound good. However , having found myself cheering and clapping our Prime Minister , throughout her speech , MY HOPES ARE UP. When David Davies backed this up with a great speech with , amongst other things , quoted sad lefty Jeremy Corbyn on saying he wants NO LIMIT ON IMMIGRATION and pointing out that he is totally at odds with his own voters by saying these things , I was thrilled to bits.

  7. The World is slowly returning to common sense , despite the European Unions awful attempts to destroy civilised Countries. Although the media made a lot of fuss about the low turnout in the HUNGARIAN referendum regarding taking , OR NOT , the E.U.FORCED QUOTA OF MIGRANTS ! The FACT is that 3.2 MILLION PEOPLE VOTED TO REFUSE THE E.U. MIGRANTS and 168,000 VOTED TO ACCEPT THEM ! Common sense !

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