Why Is Our Government Conspiring With The European Union About Our Guest Workers

by John Shaw


Like all immigrants who came to Britain, the Polish and other eastern European people come here for economic reasons.  Nobody in their right mind would claim otherwise, as it could hardly be for the weather, could it!

Living in Poole, Dorset, that is fast becoming known as Pole, I find the Polish great people to get on with and very hard working. However the sheer weight of numbers is staggering and the strain on the NHS and Housing supply is terrible.

We are told that Britain has a shortage of workers despite the fact that we have many people living on unemployment benefit and this actual fact is obscured by a Conservative Party, that wants workers on the cheap for big business, despite the terrible cost to our country. The Labour party just don’t care as they want the immigrant Labour voters, despite the fact that it is keeping their traditional British voters wages down.

We in the British Democratic Party believe that Britain may need a few hundred technical specialists to come and live here as guest workers but the question of citizenship should never arise, as these proud people should return to their own countries, as soon as their work contracts end!

There is therefore no need to import millions of people, many of whom do not work and certainly no need for citizenship at all.

7 thoughts on “Why Is Our Government Conspiring With The European Union About Our Guest Workers

  1. We have a Conservative Prime Minister who want’s to REMAIN in the E.U. , trying to secure a deal to LEAVE ! We also have a Leader of H.M. Opposition who in his heart , probably want’s to LEAVE , leading a Labour Party that want’s to STAY ! Meanwhile THE BIG LIE continues that the referendum vote was close and the British are divided. NO we are not. The INDIGENOUS BRITISH voted to LEAVE and only the massive Commonwealth and Eastern European voters , who should not have had a say , made the Remain vote respectable in size. We have had enough of the E.U. telling us what to do and charging us for the Privilege ! WE WANT OUT , NOW !

  2. Having read and read all that I can regarding the last minute , late night dealings of our Prime Minister with European Council President , Donald Tusk ( does her husband know ? ! ) I can not make ‘ head or tail ‘ of it ! There seems to be no real details available , of this so called AGREEMENT and this gives me a horrible feeling that we have been betrayed. One rare sliver of information says that the ‘ deal struck will GUARANTEE THE RIGHTS OF MORE THAN 3 MILLION E.U.CITIZENS LIVING IN THE U.K.’. What does this mean ? They are GUEST WORKERS NOT CITIZENS OF OUR COUNTRY. Does it mean that they will NEVER GO HOME ,despite the fact that we have a couple of million unemployed People and another 10 million ‘ under employed ‘ ! What about our friends and fellow BRITISH CITIZENS IN ULSTER ? Have they been ‘ sold down the river ‘ and us paying the E.U. Superstate for the privilege ? Fear and Mistrust stalks our land as the Prime Minister WORRIES US ALL.

  3. Bearing in mind the previous comment and for the purpose of clarity , here are two extracts from our POLICY DOCUMENT ; ‘ Nationality is acquired by descent and unlike Citizenship , can not be acquired by Legal Contrivence . Citizenship should be based on Nationality , but it has , quite wrongly , been bestowed on People who are not British Nationals. Since 1948 there have been enormous Demographic Changes , without any consultation of the Electorate. ALSO ; We would Appose any move to break up the United Kingdom , by Independence for Scotland or the Ceding of Northern Ireland to the Republic of Ireland.

  4. Well , it is the morning after the day before and things are looking a little clearer , clear as mud ! Information seems to be being released in a very ambiguous way and this just stokes my fears. We seem , despite the Prime Ministers declaration that there has been concessions on both sides , to have given way on THREE MAJOR POINTS and I have yet to hear what point the European union Superstate has given way on. I fear that just like Neville Chamberlain’s return from Munich , claiming he had a victory , when the dust settles on what Theresa May has done , I feel we have had a disaster. Oh for a Winston Churchill figure to sort this mess out !

  5. the Tory or sorry the Bankers Party must remove Maybe now this was the same party who dumped 3 time election winner Mrs Thatcher for John Major Theresa Ditherer May has a history of failure politically most unforgivable was allowing the ECHR to dictate to us over Abu Hamza I would of deported Him regardless

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