Here We Go Again – 7,000 Africans Entered Europe during the Easter Weekend

Record breaking rescues in the Mediterranean Sea as huge number of migrants are picked up by rescue ships between Italy and Libya.  This is unlikely to end as long as we keep ‘rescuing’ and taking them to European ports..  They should instead be picked up are returned to where they came from – Libya.

The present policy of ‘rescue’ by the MOAS ‘charity’ patrol ship is well known to the migrants and people traffickers and just encourages more and more migrants to take the REDUCED risk.  MOAS Vessels should be barred from entering all European ports in order to offload their ‘human cargos’

On Sunday evening in Italy, the Italian Coast Guard estimated the number of those rescued since Friday was approaching 7,000, though that number will surely grow as a steady stream of rubber dinghies and rickety wooden fishing vessels were still being spotted off the coast of Libya.


5 thoughts on “Here We Go Again – 7,000 Africans Entered Europe during the Easter Weekend

  1. They will rescue them, give all of them a place in a hostel and then a council flat will follow, supply benefits and offer them freedom of movement in our European countries, don’t forget they have never given us a penny or put a single roof over a white man’s head in the history of planet earth. Not that we would want to live in their rundown shanty huts anyway, but the point is clear. we give, they take and don’t forget we’re called ‘racist’ if we don’t agree to give them a free ride for life on easy street.

  2. The shootings in Paris yesterday reinforces the message that these people HATE Westerners.Just how many of this 7,000 are genuine refugees ? ISIS must be delighted just how easy it is to plant there fighters in our midst.It will be interesting to see the French Electorates reaction this weekend.

  3. lets hope Madame Le Pen saves Her Great Country destroys the EU and saves Europe and lets hope ex Banker Macron does not win the French Presidency

  4. Adam Hiley, Macron will win for certain, because he is a puppet candidate and has the full backing of the corrupt establishment, crooked mass media and the various anti French religious leaders. If Le Pen can secure 30 to 35% than it will be a fine achievement and a victory for the truth over the might of the big lie, and remember that the truth needs to chisel away at the big lie gradually, and there is no denying that is now beginning to happen!

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