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A Nationalist Perspective is a new booklet which highlights the speeches of Andrew Brons MEP.




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Note: This publication is 100% EU funded and paid for out of the MEPs communication budget.  View it as a tax rebate if you are a hard-pressed British taxpayer who funds the EU.  Some will say it is an unnecessary expenditure, we agree, so is the EU. The sooner we are out the better!


12 thoughts on “Get your free copy of A Nationalist Perspective today!

  1. Many thanks for my copy which arrived in the post a week ago. I have very much appreciated what I have read thus far.

  2. (Party Member) Monday Myth-buster. ‘ Legally we can not leave the European Union ‘. The truth is Britain could leave the European Union in a single day by repealing the European Communities Act and it’s Amendments.

  3. (Party Member) Monday Myth-Buster. ‘ Ukip is the only Political Party that will withdraw Britain from the European Union’. The Truth is that the British Democratic Party will withdraw Britain from the European Union, straight away !

    1. Indeed. That myth is very pervasive in society and not surprisingly in political circles too (who should know better but we know they all like deliberately promoting UKIP in order to guide the voters away from genuine nationalist parties like ours).

      It’s a myth that needs to be broken. Nationalists were warning Britain of the consequences of joining the so-called ‘Common Market’ – ie that it would result in a large loss of national independence way back in the 1970s – and even before then when people like Nigel Farage were still devoted Tories. He still is – along with many in his party – loyal to a certain Margaret Thatcher who signed away a large amount of our self-governance in 1986 with her agreement to the Single European Act.

      ONLY genuine nationalist parties have been CONSISTENT on this issue unlike Thatcherite Tories like Nigel Farage and UKIP.

  4. (Party Member) ‘The Labour Party invented the National Health Service’.

    The truth is that Winston Churchill insisted on Britain being governed as usual during the Second World War. An all party committee of M.P.’s developed the scheme with an agreement that whoever won the general election after the war would introduce the National Health Service to Britain. So there’s another myth busted !

  5. (Party Member) Monday Myth-Buster. Ukip is against Immigration. The TRUTH is that Ukip’s CONFUSED Policies would just REPLACE BRITONS who have left our shores with the same number of Immigrants, plus their dependents !

  6. (Party Member) HE’S GONE ! Just when all the signs show Britain is moving towards a NATIONALIST POINT OF VIEW, the Chairman of the old party has resigned. FORWARD NOW with the RESPECTED BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY.

  7. Are you sure about that, John? I believe I am correct in stating that the Tory Party under Winston Churchill was officially opposed to the creation of a taxpayer funded state health service and along with Tory supporting doctors in the British Medical Association who campaigned against it.

    Indeed, it was because the Tories were opposed to it and expressly said so during the general election campaign that they lost to Labour in one of their most severe electoral drubbings of the last century. This was a significant factor in that landslide loss.

    1. (Party Member) Yes I am sure. Please try to remember that nationalism is classless as your dislike of ‘Tories’ seems to motivate your every comment. Nick Griffin also thought like that and clearly did not realise that we nationalists want the best for all our people.

  8. (Party Member) Monday Myth Buster. ‘We will lose influence in the world by being outside the European Union’. The truth is Britain has many avenues of influence with our membership of the G20 and G8 nations organisations, coupled with a permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council, the International Monetary Fund and the World Trade Organisation. This is enough influence for any country, so that’s another myth busted !

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