Friendly Critics of Israel


By Kevan Stafford

Israel and the wider Jewish diaspora should not be above honest criticism where appropriate. All too often however, the response to criticism, no matter how accurate, is a howl of indignation and a counter accusation of “anti-Semitism”, or unjustified hatred.
It is apparent that the Jewish community in general is talented and successful, and some criticism could well be motivated by envy of that success. But serious critics maintain that success has been achieved by aggressive deviousness and a cultural proclivity for networking amongst the Jewish community which European cultures do not exhibit to anything like the same extent. We tend to value independence rather than acting in support of each other, and this may not be in our best interests when faced with a competitor with a highly developed sense of cohesiveness.
Rightly or wrongly it has been claimed that Jews were instrumental in fomenting the 1917 Russian Revolution, the First World War of 1914-18 and the Second World War of 1939-45 and in planning the destruction of the twin towers in New York in 2002. If there is truth in these allegations then it would be appropriate to help disseminate the truth to the general public.
Most mainstream political parties in Britain and elsewhere have been persuaded to incorporate a “Friends of Israel” section in order to promote the interests of Israel, presumably in exchange for help with funding. With the hegemony that the Jewish community exerts over the media, politics and especially finance in Britain and throughout Western societies, it would be useful to the indigenous people of these lands to have at least one political party in each country adopting a “Critics of Israel” section, to critically analyse the actions and statements of Israel and the Jewish community. Truthful criticism in the interests of greater understanding does not constitute anti-Semitism, nor hatred, nor abuse nor prejudice.

The blog “The Enemy Within” is an extensive source of analysis of Zionism

4 thoughts on “Friendly Critics of Israel

  1. “Truthful criticism in the interests of greater understanding does not constitute anti-Semitism, nor hatred, nor abuse nor prejudice.”

    The Zionists are terrified that the truth you categorised as “Rightly or wrongly it has been claimed” will come out. That’s why they always play the anti-Semitism card. They are not interested in constructive criticism and greater understanding; indeed – greater understanding of their crimes is their greatest fear.

    And you didn’t even mention the holohoax.

  2. Hypersensitive as they are, and with a monopoly on suffering, it seems these people can do as they please. Two years ago Israeli forces killed 2,100 Palestinians in little over a month, claiming they had targeted and killed ”1,000 terrorists”…the vast majority were in fact civilians, many women and children included. With such a mentality of self justification, there appears to be no hope of any solution to the Israel/Palestine conflict.

    The definition of an Anti-Semite might as well be ‘someone the Jews don’t like’, or anyone who dares to criticise Israeli policy.

  3. With the now ongoing fable of Green and his millions added to earlier ones of Maxwell and the lost Mirror workers pensions. Both guys of that particular tribe. Maxwell given a heroes grave in Israel.
    One could be excused for having feelings of antipathy toward both offenders and Israel for the exploits of its own in the international banking trade, and the new world order they try very unsuccessfully to distance themselves from .
    Europe’s hatred towards that tribe in the early part of the last century, was not without cause. Many got extremely rich on the chaos of the period between WWI and WWII. Hence the ease with which many states were happy to chuck them out.
    Me I’m an old fashioned kind of guy. I trust now one, especially if their surname is a colour.

  4. It is significant that there is a Labour Friends of Israel/Labour Friends of Palestine and the Middle East, Liberal Democrat Friends of Israel/Liberal Democrat Friends of Palestine, Conservative Friends of Israel BUT NO CONSERVATIVE FRIENDS OF PALESTINE – despite the fact that more than 40 Tory MP’s voted to recognise a Palestinian State and only 6 Tories voted against. There is a UKIP Friends of Israel (but no longer a UKIP Friends of Palestine which came under furious attack from UKIP Zionists) See also the excellent Channel 4 Dispatches documentary expose on YouTube – ‘Inside Britain’s Israel Lobby’

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