French ‘Trump’ Britain

Great Wall of CalaisThe French are taking their lead from Donald Trump and getting the UK Government (Taxpayer) to pay for the building of a wall in Calais to keep the migrants out of Britain.

The 13ft concrete wall will replace fencing that has failed to stop stowaways targeting Lorries.

Some of the motoring and Driver Associations believe this is not going to be effective and that the money would be better spent re-enforcing our border controls.

The Road Haulage Association said the wall was a ‘scandalous waste of taxpayers’ cash’ that would simply shift problems farther down the road.

Britain has agreed to stump up £2m to build a wall in Calais to protect British drivers from the migrants who have been attacking Lorries and cars on their way to the port.

This is part of a £17m package Britain has agreed with the French to ensure the safe passage of British Lorries and cars through Calais and to keep the surge of migrants from reaching our shores.  It is known locally as ‘The Great Wall of Calais’wall

The Achilles heel in the Mexican wall proposed by Donald Trump is that it will be susceptible to tunnelling by well organised gangs………………..  need we say more.

Immigration minister Robert Goodwill told the Commons home affairs committee last night that the wall would halt the flow of migrants and keep drivers safe.

The Home Office said the measure would stop stowaways using projectiles in attempts to ‘disrupt, delay or even attack vehicles approaching the port’.

4 thoughts on “French ‘Trump’ Britain

  1. I was always taught thieves will pinch anything not screwed down. Smart thieves steal a screw driver. Has anyone heard of that great invention ‘the ladder’. I prophesy a theft of ladders in Calais. even those screwed down.
    Unless of course we pay the French to employ trigger happy gendarmes to man the wall. What an absolute pile of crap our politicians take from those surrender monkeys.

  2. Blame the EU for this whole farce. Giving these ”migrants” a ferry service and allowing them to parasite of Europe is nothing new, but the sheer scale of the facilitated invasion is now beyond the control of the authorities….building a wall because of their own incompetence and pandering to these third world dependants is testament to the failings of the toothless establishment.

    Then ”diversity” comes in and common sense goes out the window. Third world crime in London is continuing to rise and the latest farce is that the Met Police’s new ”diversity officer” says that blacks are being unfairly targeted for stop and search. Despite the fact they cause most violent crime in the capital.

    London’s ”diversity” is also responsible for the highest levels of attacks and rapes of women in the homeplace on record. ”Shock Figures” the Evening Standard calls it…it doesn’t shock me one bit because if you bring the Third World here, then a Third World society you most certainly will get.

  3. Horrible , multi- culti , no standards Hillary Clinton is fond of saying that the wall with Mexico will never be built because the Mexican government will refuse to pay for it. This nonsense is repeated in the American Liberal media. A ten year old could tell them that with the U.S.A. giving Mexico billions of Dollars every year , Donald will deduct the cost of the wall from this foreign aid given to them. If they don’t like it he will probably end all aid to them , altogether ! As for us , we are so lucky to be an island with natural defence , for free !

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