French Run European Airbus Situation Proves Nationalists Right, Yet Again

by Anglo Saxon

A couple of decades ago, we British nationalists were the only ones to point out that, with Britain only making the wings and engines of the EU planes, Britain would lose the ability  to make a whole plane, to the obvious detriment to the nation.

Everyone has seen the threats,  from the French dominated EU Airbus Company, to pull out of Britain because of Brexit.

As with all these things Britain has a wonderful opportunity to buy the factories outright and start a BRITISH AEROPLANE INDUSTRY.  We will have a need for a large new fleet of cargo planes and then we could provide our own passenger planes again.  These could be followed by helicopters for all three Services and then our own fighter plane.

As usual this British Democratic Party policy would create hundreds of thousands of jobs, with the prosperity that comes with it!

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