French Right Wing Party Wins Mayoral Vote Amid Rising Terror Fears

A FRONT National mayor has been elected in a southern French region as the eurosceptic party’s popularity sweeps the nation.

Jean-Marie Moulin – New mayor of Saint Bonnet du Gard.

Jean-Marie Moulin , 46, was elected as the mayor of the French region Saint-Bonnet-du-Gard after the resignation of Sandrine Peridier who quit the official position at the beginning of August.  Although she was close to the Front National, she was not officially part of the far-right, eurosceptic party.

Marie Lepen 1
Front National Leader – Marine Le Pen

Following horrific terrorist attacks in France, The leader, Marine Le Pen, has been promising tighter security, an end to immigration and the closure of France’s borders and more people have been joining the right-wing party Front National. 

Front National MP Dominique Bilde said that this is “one of the little victories before the 2017 big victory”. 

In December of 2015, the Front National won a record share of votes in the first round of regional elections confirming Le Pen as a serious contender in the 2017 presidential race.  The rising party won more than 40 per cent of the vote in certain regions.  The result could be a good sign for Marine Le Pen and the Party in the 2017 elections

marion le pen1-698515
Rising star of the party and niece of the leader, Marion Le Pen

The rising star of the party and niece of the leader, Marion Le Pen, wrote on Twitter: “Congratulations to Jean-Marie Moulin, the new mayor of Saint Bonnet du Gard.”

The 26-year-old also congratulated the new mayor on Facebook where hundreds of people commented.

One user of the social media site said: “The Front National is the only party to save France, the others are not capable.”





5 thoughts on “French Right Wing Party Wins Mayoral Vote Amid Rising Terror Fears

  1. Having followed the progression of the FN since 1968, I am alway’s amazed at the fine quality of the people that they manage to atract. From the upper echelons through to the youth movement one can discerne intelligence,education and commitment. If only nationalism in GB had managed likewise,we would not now be splintered into many small inefective groups

  2. As far as I’m aware French mayors wield quite a lot of power. The local gendarmerie are answerable to the mayor.. So living in that area will be good for those law abiding and hell for the others, unlike here in Britain where all sorts of low life’s get preferential treatment .
    As for the presidential elections, one saw how the extremes of left and right formed a front to deny Jean Le Pen back a few years ago. Still being a non Muslim in parts of France is now very dangerous, So I guess even some communists might vote Le Pen . Fingers crossed.
    So named Front National, as a reflection on the British version the National front who at that time impressed even the French. We really do have a habit of self explosion.

  3. We can expect the by now familiar snide tactics of the establishment when it comes to the general election. It will be the same ”let’s keep them out” block vote cooperative, only the more realistic opponents standing in regions to mobilise the anti FN vote.

    1. In the past “normal times” the “faire barrage” blocking of the FN was effective. But the question is will this work next year? It may only take a “terrorist attack” between the two rounds of voting to give the edge to Marine. The parlimentary elections which follow the presidential may well see a FN group in parliment as was the case under president Mitterand

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