EU Financial System Is Corrupt And Beyond Reform says Former EU Chief Accountant

MEP-Marta-3-edit“EU: unnecessary, lawless, corrupt, mistaken, undemocratic, bureaucratic, over-regulated and unworkable” says EU Chief Accountant

The words above are by Marta Andreasen from her book “Brussels Laid Bare”, written following her brief period from January to May 2002 as the EU’s Chief Accountant – before she was ignominiously fired by her EU bosses for refusing to comply with their corruption and injustice!

As Ms Andreasen goes on to say, her dealings with the EU administration: “only helped to confirm the commission’s essentially bankrupt philosophy and total disregard for justice, truth or equity.”

She shares with MEP Daniel Hannan his profound misgivings about the essential nature of the EU: “The truth is that EU fraud is structural: a product of how the Brussels institutions are set up … and I have reached the view that the system is beyond reform.”

He goes on to say “We are so blasé about Brussels fraud that we no longer notice it. It doesn’t make the newspapers any more: that’s the shocking thing.”Brussels laid Bare

“We dislike the EU because we see it for what it is: a racket, whose chief function is to look after its own.”

If Britain votes in the referendum on 23rd June to leave the EU and it subsequently proved to be a poor decision, then we could always conduct a second referendum to sanction applying to re-join the EU, and no permanent serious harm would have been caused. In these circumstances those countries remaining as EU members ought to welcome us back, since they claim that the EU is stronger with Britain as a fellow member and say that they don’t want us to leave.

We have nothing to lose by voting for Brexit, as the only certain way of finding out whether the claim is true that an independent Britain would thrive when freed from the costs and restrictions imposed by EU membership.

The argument that Britain would not be burning its bridges behind it by opting for Brexit, that there would be a way of reversing the decision if it was found to be necessary, is one that convinces me that quitting the EU is something that should be tried in order to prove once and for all whether Britain would be better off socially and economically free from the EU. Let us have at least five to ten years of independence to see how things turns out.

If Britain booms and we achieve more peace, security and prosperity, then the advocates of independence will have been vindicated.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

6 thoughts on “EU Financial System Is Corrupt And Beyond Reform says Former EU Chief Accountant

  1. The EU would probably only reform itself into being a loose confederation of sovereign states rather than having excessive centralization if Britain did leave. Whilst we are a part of it, Germany and France will say there is nothing fundamentally wrong with the EU and it needs no reform because even the British are happy enough to stay in it!

  2. ( Party Official ) How can Theresa May possibly be for staying in the European Union Superstate. As Home Secretary of our Country she has been bullied and thwarted at every turn by these people who realy do tell us what to do. They even tell us who can come and who has to stay in OUR COUNTRY. The affair of ‘ Captain Hook ‘ says it all ! The in people are using the same false arguments they did for being in the EUROZONE and NO – ONE wishes we were in that now, so lets VOTE OUT and be done with this nonsense !

  3. ( Party Official ) NO- ONE in BRITAIN now say’s we should be in the EUROZONE. In two years time , the fantastic benefit to our Country of NOT BEING IN THE E.U.SUPERSTATE , WILL BE APPARANT TO EVERYBODY. To the doubters , I would say this. If we were considering JOINING TODAY , WOULD YOU WANT TO JOIN. NO , OF COURSE NOT !

    1. Indeed. Would we join it today? Knowing what we do now after several decades of membership it is surely only the most blinkered enthusiasts who would. The EU appears to be completely unable to reform itself or have any idea as to how the huge democratic deficit at the very heart of this project can be closed or even partially closed.

  4. ( Party Official ) The European Union Superstate were annoyed with OUR COUNTRY for having the AUDACITY to want to charge less tax on womens sanitary products. You could not make it up and I wondered if we had lost a WAR and therefore were being GOVERNED FROM ABROAD !

  5. ( Party Official ) Gordon Brown is warning that Leaving The European Union Superstate is a FINANCIAL RISK ! PARDON ? For the MOST FINANCIALLY INEPT Prime Minister in HISTORY , to even mention ECONOMIC MATTERS is LUDICROUS ! Vote leave !

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