Final push for our candidate in Wyke, Bradford

By Elections Officer

JLA5(S2)The Party will be dropping a final leaflet during the campaign for our candidate Jim Lewthwaite from the middle of next week. We aim to deliver 7,000 leaflets between 27th April to 7th May. Side two of the leaflet discusses the important issues of changing demographics of Bradford (Nigel Farage and UKIP supporting mass immigration!) and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) locally:


Do readers remember the statement by Nigel Farage in the European Parliament, in response to  question by Andrew Brons? “UKIP is NOT an anti-immigration party. We WANT immigration. We WELCOME  immigration” Nigel Farage 11/12/13


Important points include:

‘More than 35% of the total Bradford population is now of non-British origin, with inner city Bradford resembling the Third World (Bradford Moor, City, Manningham, Little Horton, Toller, etc.)’


‘The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a secretive agreement  being negotiated by the EU and the USA. This will open doors to American big businesses to snap up NHS contracts for profit-making. This will have negative impact on vital services provided by the Bradford Royal Infirmary and St Luke’s Hospital.’


If anyone wants to help out this will be appreciated. In takes a lot of courage to stand for a our movement in 2016, so we must all get behind the people who are prepared to stand and defend our values!    Jim Lewthwaite can be contacted directly on: 07554516669

or you can email on:

9 thoughts on “Final push for our candidate in Wyke, Bradford

  1. This is why Obama bin Label wants us to vote remain. The TTIP is not being discussed . It is a two way train carving up the world to two players. The USA and the EU. That would not only put us at the back of the queue, but all other countries not a member of that club.
    So in my view there’s a lot of trade to be had elsewhere. And in truth why would Americans suddenly not wish to buy Range Rovers and assorted cars built here although not owned by us.
    In fact we own very little so being put at the back of the queue ain’t no hardship. Read Hitchens in the mail on Sunday about our non existent special relationship

  2. The Brexit campaign seems to have pushed the local election debate into second place this could work for Jim if the diehard Liebour voters decide to stay at home.Having helped to leaflet a part of the Ward some of the area is in dire need of an upgrade it really makes you wonder what level of poverty and neglect wakes the voters up ?

    1. This was always the case with previous unmentionable nationalist parties Graham. large turn out, low turn out , the weather even . The fact is’ first past the post’ is not democratic Where small percentages can win power. Cameron did it with just 36 % of those that bothered to vote, Thus leaving 65% and those who didn’t vote unfranchised,
      In reality playing their game at a great expense to members moolah, just feeds their ego’s. Something else is required.

  3. Ironic really that the Jewish lobby that has thrown its weight behind the Left and promoted every thuggish ” Anti Fascist” hit squad is having to fend off accusations of Racism!!!! and to cap it all one of the biggest nutjobs in the Liebour Party is taking the full force of the powerful Zionist lobby Ken Livingstone.Lets all sit back and watch this phyco squirm.

  4. ( Party Official ) As a life long Birmingham City Supporter and a paid up NATIONALIST since 1973 , I know a bit about loyalty and determination. If Leicester City can win the Premier League and a false outfit like Ukip can get nearly 4 Million votes , then we to can get SUCCESS IF WE WORK FOR IT ! Not long ago the old Party and Ukip were neck and neck with 2 to 3 hundred VOTES per Council Ward !

  5. ( Party Official ) My Police and Crime Commissioner voting card has arrived. Not being a strict Muslim Country yet , my wife also has the OPPORTUNITY TO VOTE ! Personally I am very sorry our Party was not strong enough , in Dorset to PARTICIPATE. More to follow , including the great Liberal COLLAPSE IN THE SOUTHWEST !

    1. ( Party Official ) Although sad that our Party has not YET TAKEN OFF in DORSET , I was thrilled to see that the once very successful LIBERAL PARTY do NOT have a CANDIDATE IN DORSET for the Police and Crime Commissioner ELECTION. With droves of Councillors and Several M.P.’S LONG GONE it just shows how Political Correctness and various NO STANDARDS ATTITUDES ARE AT LAST ON THE DECLINE !

      1. ( Party Official ) The Conservatives have a retired General , Ukip have an ex Navy Man and the near finished ( round here ) Labour and CO-Operative Party have an ex Trade Unionist shop steward. Any normal Member of the British Democratic Party would do a better JOB than any of them !

        1. ( Party Official ) At the time of writing , not one Party in this Police and Crime Commissioner election , has posted a leaflet through our door ! I am on the Conservatives list for e mails and got one from Theresa May ! This commenced by telling me that Crime was down 25 % ! You could not make it up !

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