FEAR STALKS THE LAND as patriots found guilty of disliking Islam

by John Shaw




On The Road To Being An Islamic State?








Judge Barron, having already said he was in no doubt that Fransen and Golding demonstrated “hostility to those  of the Muslim faith” made an even more biased summing up by actually saying:

“I am sure that when Ms Fransen and Mr Golding decided to come to Kent, their reason was not because four men were on trial for the rape of a 16 year old child. The reason for their decision was the men included Muslim immigrants. I have no doubt it was the joint intention to use the case for their own ends.”

In other circumstances this fatally flawed summing up would result in an instant appeal against the judgement because the Judge insinuated that people can be hostile to child rapists, as long as they are Christian, Jewish, or even Buddhist rapists!

Any dislike of Islamic child rapists is not allowed!

I believe this sort of inequality before the law is clearly wrong and flies in the face of the first principle of British justice, ‘Equality Before The Law’.

I assume, even though I am a British Nationalist, that I am still entitled to have an opinion.

God Bless Those Well Meaning Patriots. 



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  1. whether We like Britain First or not they are right about these Muslim deviants they do not belong in Britain or any other civilised European Country

    • The British Democratic Party consider Britain First to be OUR FELLOW NATIONALISTS. It is not a question of ‘ like ‘, but tactics. We salute the bravery , but feel our measured , considered approach will see us WIN THROUGH IN THE END. We do however , need all PATRIOTS to JOIN US , whether a member of another group or not. WE are a POLITICAL PARTY with Policies on all subjects., SO JOIN US !

      • williamkimmet45@gmail.com

        hi johnshaw i have join the british democratic party as i was not wellcome in the snp when u are a nationalist u are allways a nationalist all the snp want is to split the uk up it good to be part of a party that love britian as a nation

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