Farage gets a taste of the loony-left anti-immigration medicine

farage-edinburghFor many years, Nigel Farage, leader of Ukip, has used the existence of the BNP as a doormat on which to clean his boots.  He has conveniently pointed to the existence of the BNP as a racist organisation – an Orwellian term devised to close debate – to deflect criticism of Ukip.  Proudly, to deflect criticism of his party, he has stated that no one who has been a member of the BNP is permitted to join Ukip – thus denying his party thousands of activists that Ukip lacks.

In Edinburgh, on 16th May, a clearly shocked and frightened Nigel Farage experienced what all Patriotic Nationalist activists have known for years – the hatred of the hard left mob.

As the International Business Times reports: “However when he arrived at a press conference in Canon’s Gait pub, Farage was heckled by a group who yelled “homophobe” and “scum” at him.

They then followed him out of the pub and onto the Royal Mile, where the famous Farage grin began to sag quickly.”

And from the BBC, Farage is quoted as stating:

“I’m sorry but I don’t think that is the way that normal, legitimate political debate takes place. Normally you at least do the courtesy of listening to somebody else…”

The BNP and others of a similar persuasion have, for years, been denied debate. For years, BNP members and supporters have been confronted by the mob.  In one well documented instance, a member of the BNP was attacked and nearly killed by a claw-hammer. That we know, this incident and numerous others have never been condemned by Farage.  Never, have we heard Nigel Farage defend the free speech of nationalists and we are not aware that he has ever condemned the activities of the myriad of left wing fascists who have organised mobs to attack those of our political persuasions.

Now that the BNP has collapsed –  the attention of the loony-left mob will increasingly focus on Farage and his party that they have  elevated to ‘New Fascists/Nazis on the block’ status.




19 thoughts on “Farage gets a taste of the loony-left anti-immigration medicine

  1. Farage is, of course, a hypocrite. He knows very well that UKIP is home to “right wing extremists” including a former founder member of the NF and at least one former NF regional organiser. Indeed if he wants to find “right wing extremists” then, as he knows full well, he doesn’t have to look further than the current and past membership of that party’s governing body. Strange is it not that the media/Zionist Searchlight have not exposed these people – then again the media’s inflation of Farage is equally strange – unless, of course, neither he nor his party is actually what it claims to be!

  2. Jim, spot on with the “right wing extremist” tag for this bunch of Free market Capitalist .For years it has baffled me why our people have described themselves as “right wing” a description actually used as ridicule by our enemies. In reality most Nationalist have Socialist leanings and should be described as Patriotic Socialist, we have far more in common with the early Labour movement than we do with Tories past and present. Farage has managed to con the general public with his plastic patriotism and until now he has had an easy ride, but as this incident has shown life is going to get a lot more unpleasant for “KIPPERS”. For years Searchlight and Gerry Goebbels have been in bed with British intelligence and it benefits them to leave UKIP alone for the time being. There is no doubt that thousands of BNP voters switched to UKIP but given a creditable choice voters may well have voted in favour of a true Nationalist Party something the BDP may be in a position rectify in the near future.

  3. I detect a little bit of gloating in the tone of this article. A touch of “what goes around comes around”, even a hint of “serves him right”. Yes it is manifestly ‘unfair’ that Nigel Farage and UKIP generally, have a public stance which is hostile to the likes of the BNP, NF, BDP (presumably) and any manifestation of ethnic British nationalism. Farage has been careful to present this stance in response to the practical political realities of the age. UKIP’s aim has been to build a populist movement with the primary goal of extricating the UK from the EU. It was launched in 1993 following a split in the Anti-Federalist League, at a time when British Nationalism was very much in the doldrums and the politics of race and ethnicity was gaining no traction amidst the ‘climate of fear’ generated by the the doctrine of ‘political correctness’. Many nationalists – myself included – became involved with the ‘anti-EU’ movement in the general sense, as a means of advancing at least one of the ‘pillars’ of nationalism e.g national sovereignty/independent self-government. The Campaign for Independent Britain, and Goldsmith’s Referendum Party were also important components of this battle which is now, it would seem, coming to some fruition. But this was always a coalition of forces that included anti-EU campaigners from across the political spectrum. The embryo of UKIP was the AFL led by Liberal academic Alan Sked, yet the main activist base seemed ultimately to be dominated by former Tories. As UKIP achieved electoral success via EU elections, it was obvious it was going to be scrutinised by the ‘powers that be’ for the presence of former NF members and the like. The truth is that on a personal level, Nigel Farage is not hostile to individual former members of nationalist parties or indeed their views. But he is having to deal with hard practical realities. He cannot change the perceptions generated by the media and realises that if he were to have to spend time defending the reputation of the NF and the BNP he wiould likely become bogged down in a quagmire.
    In conclusion, I would simply say that we have to make our own choice. As we are now presented with a new ;political landscape’ by the emergence of UKIP, do we embrace and welcome it as an ‘agent of change’ .towards a more favourable political climate for our brand, or do we sit on the sidelines and carp and whinge about how they have stolen our clothes and left us for dead on the roadside as clearly many of our people perceive it?

    1. UKIP leaders ought to use every media opportunity to defend Free Speech –even if some people chose to be offended by it. Good politics ought to be VERBALLY dirty, nasty and offensive –better than bloody warfare! Too many Ukippers are resigning for past words and opinions which only upset the PC brigade in BBC-land.

  4. In many ways these Reds and their stooges are not “loony”. They are effective and quietly funded by the LibLabContrick to do their paramilitary dirty work –snarling, spitting, shouting, intimidating assembly hall managers, duffing up patriots, vandalizing their cars, collecting intelligence on them and excluding them from jobs in the public sector and private corporations etc.

    Yes, pseudo-patriot Farage was happy when the BNP were getting the flack, and happy to add to it! Serves him right!

  5. I did hear tell that all Ukip membership applications are run through the ‘Searchlight’ database. Isn’t that strange?

    1. Too true Mo. The UKIP Searchlight link allegedly used to be a former publican in Dartford, its now through the UKIP Friends of Israel group.

  6. The verbal assault on Farage in Edinburgh by the mob was salutary. It will now teach him what real patriots have had to endure for decades – the very same patriots he attacks gratuitously.

    There was, however, another interesting revelation in one of the interviews with Farage during his Scottish trip.

    Farage stated that whenever right wing ‘extremists’ were discovered in the party or others voicing ‘racist’ views, the media jumped down his throat demanding action and consequently he duly expelled them. That tells us all we need to know: Farage’s ukip is not a principled party and its policies are vetted and approved by the media.

    Probably, he did not appreciate the significance of his comments.

    In answer to David M, no we do not complain that ukip has stolen our clothes; it has not. It wants to secede from the EU but what is the point in preserving the integrity of the nation state when, in 50 years time, there will be no nation within the state worth preserving? No, we attack ukip for its collaboration with the Lib/Lab/Con parties in seeking the destruction of our people – we shall become a minority within 50 years..

    1. 50 yrs! sorry, have you seen the differential birth rates? More like 20 yrs! unless something is done in the meantime.

  7. Something will have to give. Would the establishment really want UKIP to threaten their nice tame Conservative Party? With UKIP the establishment are riding a tiger – they simply cant allow it to roam unfettered to savage sacred cows such as the EU and immigration. UKIP will have to be brought to heel. If Farage cant or wont do it then the establishment will call in the media lion tamer to do the job.

    1. No, they would not. I think the media will suddenly ‘switch off’ any favourable publicity as soon as next year’s Euro elections are over. After all, is is ok for UKIP to gain mainly meaningless protest votes at council elections, by-elections and Euro elections but not at general elections where it can damage the Tory Party.

  8. I’m curious to see whether Cameron will be forced to do some sort of deal with UKIP going into the next general election. Either the Tories clobber UKIP beforehand or they do a deal – to ignore UKIP on its present showing will cost the Tories the next general election. Should the Tories do a deal with UKIP
    Furthermore I would not mind betting that at some future date they will offer Farage a nice safe parliamentary seat to buy him off.

    1. He will of course accept such a seat because at the end of the day Mr Farage is what he has always been ie a Thatcherite globalist anti-EU Tory and that is all.

  9. For most people in the political establishment free speech has only been seen in recent times as something that should be granted to those who repeat the establishment mantra of globalist, multicultural political correctness. Anyone who dares to speak their mind and disagree with this is instantly banished from all debate. The BNP were the object of the far lefts hatred for many years but now the BNP is ineffective the left have inevitably turned their attention on the UKIP, and Farage in particular. Although it is tempting to gloat and show no sympathy, I believe that we should not accept that anyone should be subject to this kind of political violence and intimidation. I have no sympathy with Farage in most other areas but in this one area we should join together to condemn such political tactics that the far left believe they have the right to use. This being endorsed, it seems, by the political establishment at large. As a candidate in the last General Election I and my colleagues were subjected to exactly this kind of extreme behaviour from far left activists on election night. They had put up a bogus candidate for a bogus party in order to gain access to the evening count. They sought us out in order to hurl the most vile verbal abuse at us. These far left activists then proceeded to push inflammatory and hateful literature into the hands of the activist members of the other main political parties. They also jumped in between us and those who we were having civilised conversations with from other parties, demanding attention for their vile and rude comments. They had no desire to listen to anything that anyone had to say, only to use foul language and do their utmost to spoil our interaction with others. They had brought a banner with them that they were intent on unfurling from the balcony when the results were announced. I can tell you that the candidates and activists from the main three political parties had never witnessed or experienced such vile and harassing behaviour, they were clearly in disbelief when we told them that we were used to this type of thing happening to us. In spite of complaining to the police who were present, they did nothing to stop these left wing pests. This would be condemned by the political establishment if it were happening in another countries elections, but it seems that dirty tricks are acceptable when they are being played on the opposition. We must condemn these tactics, without reservation, as they have no place in any real democracy. It’s just a pity that some of us have learnt the hard way that we are not actually living in one at the moment.

    1. The people are hate-filled brats who revel in their own maniacal vileness. Nothing more than an establishment patronised hate-cult.

  10. Best to stop describing the screeching mobs as ‘left-wing’.

    The reality is that they are government funded QUANGOs. That’s the reality of it and why the police shuffle their feet.

  11. the photo of Farage in the Telegraph made him appear as a Twerp ,that’s the only description that comes close to reality.
    Dufton Bufton meets Captain Mainwaring, a gin and tonic tory to his core.

  12. The reply from Geoff Crompton above is so true, as are the other comments. I hope our new British Democratic Party defends its self vigorously by insisting the police do their job without fear or favour in relation to our party. They are sworn to do this, believe it or not. Also I hope we defend ourselves in the courts when the, N.U.J. inspired, false newspaper articles appear against us. they can not fault our policies so the joint tactics of physical intimidation and demonisation in the media are employed. We must not stand for it the way the old party did. The Front National was financed by the profits of winning a massive court case with a fortune in damages being won many years ago but that is another story. It is not easy being a nationalist in Britain but keep the faith and join the British Democratic Party.

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