We Have The Most Expensive Strawberry Pickers In The World

by Dorset Lad

Personally, if we have any immigration at all, my favourite people are the Polish, hailing from Birmingham that is now dominated by Islamic and Afro-Caribbean people.

Anyway, East Europeans, together with their wives and children, arrive in Britain on a regular basis.  They generally get temporary accommodation before being upgraded to a council house, housing benefits and the poll tax paid.  A doctor’s surgery is provided and the children allocated places at the local school.

Invariably they take up seasonal crop picking employment and work very hard at this but the relatively low pay they receive from British farmers entitles them to claim income support.  Life has never been better and although most of them do not like immigrants from sunnier climes, they get on very well with the English, especially the ones they meet at our Christian churches.

However, we British have a problem, as we just cannot afford to provide all this financial support to East European crop picking workers to subsidise the British farmers in this way. Also with a couple of million unemployed British workers and many more friends and family of our East European crop pickers about to land on our shores the cost of an occasional crop picker is astronomical!

Isn’t it LIBLABCON!!

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  1. time for Our Party to rise to the occasion and save Britain from further Lib-Lab-Con-SNP-Green-SNP misrule kick all foreigners out We don’t need them

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