Even The Suggestion Of A Transition Period Is A Betrayal

by John Shaw


Britain, despite millions of immigrant, dual nationality and EU citizen votes, choose to leave the EU.


We choose to govern ourselves again as a sovereign, independent nation.

Which part of this does the Conservative, Liberal, Labour and SNP parties not understand?

5 thoughts on “Even The Suggestion Of A Transition Period Is A Betrayal

  1. They KNOW what it means alright. Our problem is that Labour/Lib Dem/CONServative and the sick joke that is the SNP DON’T want to leave the European Union and would prefer we stayed a part of it, despite the referendum last year returning a leave vote. We will be in an ENDLESS ‘transition’ before we arrive at the promised land of returning to being a fully self-governing independent country. REMAINER (don’t forget!) Teresa Maybe is deliberately stalling for time in the hope that her party loses the next general election and then Labour can quietly give Brexit the last rites!

  2. They do not understand any of it. That’s the level of their contempt for a decisive referendum result. Good point about the immigrants, who voted overwhelmingly to remain, the changing demographics will soon make it impossible for Brits to determine their own future. This was the plan all along. Just look how the Tories are being told to ”modernise”(socially engineer their Party) in multicultural areas by Ruth Davidson and Syed Kamall or face electoral wipeout. And yes, one of their own did warn them, all those years ago, and look at the treatment he got!

    1. Yes Indeed E.S. The Conservatives have a situation where the Country is being flooded with new Labour Voters , from the commonwealth , every year. It is obviously in their own interests , even if otherwise they would not care , to stop this and end Mass Immigration. Do they do it NO !

  3. We all need to get together and get rid of the main three parties doing so will be a godsend for us and this Country an immediate exit from the EU & ECHR leave NATO and parts of the UN stop any more immigration get Our Military well away from the Russian Border as We are being dragged into another potential American Neo Con War this time with Russia it is not even Trump that decides this it is the Western Political elites of Bankers and puppet Politicians who call the shots We must get rid of them now not wait for the delusional belief in Jeremy Corbyn apparently racing to the rescue He won’t even be PM as the Blairites will remove Him if they ever got near Power again the Tories should get rid of May and replace May with Boris Davis or Jacob Rees Mogg

    1. Yes, we need independence from the US as well as the EU. There is no point in leaving the EU in order to continue to be America’s lapdog. As for your point about a new Tory leader, Boris is a self-serving charlatan whose only real interest is himself. Davis and Rees-Mogg would be better. Jacob is the best but he may be a bit too Thatcherite. The Conservative Party shouldn’t be so enamoured by neo-liberal economics. That philosophy really belongs to the Liberal Democrats.

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