"Enrichers" Continue to "Enrich" Stockholm

ethnic-riotsIf you import the Third World into our cities then you must expect Third World standards of behaviour.  This is as true for Stockholm as it is for the former English city of London.

The rioting lasted a week and spread to other areas before it subsided.

Most people in Britain will remember only too well  how quickly the riots spread here in 2001.  A lot of taxpayers money has been put into these areas since then, but the problem is simmering away in the background.  Most budgets for ethnic minorities and community cohesion projects have not seen the axe of austerity like the budgets for native Britons have.  The day their appeasement payouts have to cease will only increase the tensions in our fragile, fragmented and uncoheasive population.

Hopefully, one day, the Lib-Lab-Con criminals responsible for the destruction of our country will pay for their crimes against the British people.  In the meantime a video report from Sweden following a fourth night of rioting there.

Incidentally, this is video footage that the BBC (aka “The Ministry of Truth”) – ever careful to censor inconvenient news – has not shown.

3 thoughts on “"Enrichers" Continue to "Enrich" Stockholm

  1. I think it may be ill advised to openly call for harsh punishment of the traitors. As hard as it may be to do (surely even say), these dimwits should be given the option of doing right and/or stepping down in exchange for legal amnesty. If we call for their heads, it only forces them to fallow course helter skelter.

    The BDP, BNP, EDL, Liberty GB, and NF should set aside the sibling rivalries for a bit and put a hurting on the delusional establishment.

    The classic quote we’ve all heard and as many have said comes sharply to mind, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

    Sun Tsu would say, “Join hands with your allies. Do not linger in dangerously isolated positions”.

    And, Sun Tsu made clear that having “The Moral Law” was essential. The Nationalists have the moral high ground, no doubt.

    The enemies Lib/Lab/Cons are united in their crime. The nationalists are divided in their petty differences and egos.
    Let’s all speak with one voice and save the nasty feuding for Christmas dinner like a normal family.

  2. If Ingrid was British and had been given the opportunity to voice her opinion on British TV she would have been sacked , there is hope for Sweden whilst they continue to allow uncensored debate.

  3. Perhaps it is time for Nationalists to stop merely reacting (whinging) at events in MSM derived and ill’ informed reflexing, and instead to start putting the effort in to finding out what is really going on, and who is running the show?
    The vast dirth in current nationalist intelligence, compared with say, those well-informed/connected, and wide-awake nationalist leaders of say, fifty years ago is immense. For goodness sake folks: In this age when vast amounts of data- historical facts and day-to day information is available, we nationalists should have transcended the moronic ideology of the Daily Mail and ‘Sun-readers’ and the pretentious Coincidentalist theoreticians? For Britain’s sake wake the **** up, we are long past the 11th hour?
    Let me shake you up with these facts:There has never been onbe -single ‘Terrorist’ outrage- (save for the USA funded IRA) in UK or USA that wasn’t connected to the security services- FBI/ MI5.
    Immigration/ multicult This is not merely an UK phenomenon, but a ‘whites-everywhere’ global/ genocidal attack.By who? Possibly the ones who boast aboyut creating it- Look Up ‘Barbara Spector’ for starters.
    Then there’s our sometime / would-be, socially acceptable, coincidentallism-obsessed- leaders-:How peasantish and ‘American’ to entertain the notion that certain people conspire together to destroy us’. Such folk then always repeat the Maxwell Mantra-‘It’s more likely to be cock-up than conspiracy.’ Maxwell was buried in Israel, with full Jewish honours for his services to Israel, as a spy. (which, by the way, I, alone, had maintained the crazed scumbag was for years previously- having met him once)
    The mainstream media, for some reason, I cannot fully fathom, but may be located in the self delusional hope of some Nationalists, that there remains a decent Britain, of bicicling midwives, sociable, ruddy cheeked postmen, and free, harmless banter in the local pub of a friday night.

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