When The English Begin To Hate

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 immigration-enforcementTaking a break from the nationalists support for Trump’s victory in the USA, I recently came across a copy of a blogspot I ran in 2001 until mid 2002 called johnbeanstalk.

This was a time when the British National Party began to look as if it would continue to gain electoral support and had just gained three council seats. It prompted Tony Blair’s Labour spin doctors to tell the voters, “We are going to tighten up on asylum seekers”. The potential for  the new look BNP and its dedicated activists inspired the Blairite soothsayers to add: “30,000 failed applicants will be removed by next March”.

By the time March 2002 had arrived the removal plan had been quietly dropped. And by the time March 2010 arrived the dictatorial but inefficient leadership of the BNP turned it into a mere footnote in history. Its members had been betrayed through incompetence.

Now follows the comment I made on January 23rd 2002 in my blog, in that it has considerable reference to the immigration problem of today: a problem that is cantered on the out-breeding of our ancestral population by the Afro-Asian Third World amongst us. Compared with this, the minor transient problems resulting from Polish and other European workers in our overcrowded country are insignificant. Those who feel otherwise should join UKIP.

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immigration_accredited_trans“The problem is that we now have a booming sector of the legal profession, mainly Asian practitioners, who have become fully versed in all the legal loopholes that will allow economic migrants (‘asylum seekers’) to appeal successfully against any deportation  order. All they have to do is to appear in front of one of the liberal-minded judges, with homes in leafy suburbia, and they will be allowed to stay.  One reason why we are top of the soft touch list is that these economic migrants know that once here they are most unlikely to be removed.

“Sir Andrew Green (then Chair of Migration Watch) rightly says: ‘The plain fact is that asylum seekers are arriving at the rate of about 100,000 a year (grown to 300,000 in 2016) and being removed at a rate of 10,000 a year. So anyone who claims asylum has a 90% chance of remaining here.

“Of 84,260 whose application last year (2001) to stay here were refused, only 9,285 actually left the country. About 75,000 remained in England and Wales illegally. When dependents are included the total number rises to around 97,500.All this, of course, does not include the LEGAL  immigrants, mainly relatives of those already here, who still flock in!

“The parties of decay are building up a legacy of hatred that in time will see them driven from the political scene. Unfortunately time is not on our side. That hatred is not  (and should not be) directed at immigrants as such but at the parties who turned our country into a multiracial society without ever asking us if that was what we wanted. I am reminded of the following verses from Rudyard Kipling’s poem “The Beginnings”.  Scots, Welsh and Irish patriots should read “British” for “English”.

It was not part of their blood,
It came to them very late
With long arrears to make good,
When the English  began to hate.
It was not suddenly bred,
It will not swiftly abate,
Through the chill years ahead,
When Time shall count from that date
That the English began to hate


5 thoughts on “When The English Begin To Hate

  1. John Shaw ( Party Official ) Well said Sir , having been a ‘ paid up ‘ NATIONALIST ‘ , SINCE 1973 I also remember the many times when we thought ‘ we are on our way ‘.There have been some great victories in the past , only to be proved a ‘ False Dawn ‘ due to MASSIVE ESTABLISHMENT TACTICS AND PREASURE WHICH , COUPLED WITH THE WORST INCOMPETANCE THAT YOU COULD POSSIBLY IMAGINE , DESTROYED OUR HOPES AND DREAMS.

  2. The one important factor relating to the Blair creatures allowing the flood of eastern Europeans into the UK. described as giving the right a bloody nose. Was the fact they were and are white Europeans And therefore all those timid folk who dare not criticise the flooding of our sacred lands by the third world flotsam, for fear of being cast as racists.
    Now one could talk about the negative aspects of immigration without that epithet being launched against them. So today we vote for closing the EU borders, whilst no one it seems ( apart from us ) questions the flooding still, of the world and its wife(s) from coming here.
    Calais and Sangette were a noisy diversion, whilst others entered by the thousands. as has always been the case. Once folk realise the conversation is about white invasion. the dark races proceed to occupy in terrifying numbers.

  3. The Arch Traitor Tony Blair is planning a return to politics, according to the headline of the Metro…as if his legacy of damage to Britain is not enough. Millions of dependant third world immigrants invited over, destabilising Iraq and dragging us into an illegal war… and to top it off, making the British public a prime target for terrorism.

  4. Well said John. Now that we have “got our country back” let’s turn our attention to the real threat to our existences – the never ending influx of Afro-Asians from the dear old Commonwealth.

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