Election to the National Executive Council of the British Democratic Party, November 2014

Nominations are invited for the National Executive of the British Democratic Party.




There are ten vacancies on the Council.  If there are more candidates than vacancies, candidates will be notified and requested to submit a photograph and a 200 word statement by 15th October. Election packs including ballot paper will be sent out to all members on 20th October. Ballot papers must be returned by Monday 10th November. The result will be declared no later than Wednesday 12th November.

The candidate and the persons nominating and seconding him or her must all be paid up members of the party, whose subscription for the year 2014 is not overdue.

If you wish to stand for election but have difficulty in finding members to propose and second you, please e-mail  enquiries@britishdemocraticparty.org or write to the returning officer, Mr A. M. Davies, P. O. Box 63718, London, SW3 9AT, asking the founder members, Mr Davies and Mr Ray Heath, to propose and second you.

The nomination form will be sent out by post to all members and must be returned to Mr A. M. Davies, P. O. Box 63718, London, SW3 9AT, postmarked no later than Saturday, 30th September 2014.

You can download a  nomination form here.


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  1. Although I will be happy to be a member of the National Executive, I would willingly give up my place to a new member under 45, male or female. Most of us ‘old boys’ have experience of the long-term struggle for nationalism, but we urgently need younger people who are more in touch with the personal problems of modern Britain. This should include Mums.

  2. (Party Member) When our Party Election is concluded, I hope we appoint County Organisers as part of a Policy of ‘ upping the pace ‘ .

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