DC Stephen Robin Oake, QGM

Oake Memorial

Our Manchester supporters placed flowers at the memorial plaque of DC Stephen Robin Oake to commemorate the anniversary of his death.

Multiracial societies cause bedlam and this stems from the introduction of competing cultures with different value systems.  This courageous PC was the victim of the undebated imposition of multicutluralism and immigration.

Stephen Oake, an anti-terrorism detective with Greater Manchester Police, was murdered while attempting to arrest a suspected terrorist in Manchester on 14 January 2003

Our Manchester supporters placed flowers at the memorial plaque of DC Stephen Robin Oake to commemorate the anniversary of his death.

On 14 January 2003, Oake and colleagues went to a Flat in the North of Manchester, as part of an immigration operation. The police found three men at the flat, including Algerian illegal immigrant Kamel Bourgass, who had arrived in England in the back of a lorry three years prior. Bourgass was not immediately recognised despite being wanted in London in connection with what became known as the Wood Green ricin plot, a bioterrorism plot to attack the London Underground.  He was not perceived to pose a threat and thus was not immediately handcuffed by the officers.


DC Stephen Robin Oake

Believing that the officers had identified him in connection with the ricin plot, Bourgass made an attempt to escape and, in the process of doing so, punched one officer and picked up a kitchen knife. Oake, who was unarmed and not wearing protective clothing, went to restrain the suspect but was stabbed eight times in the chest and upper body, including one blow which penetrated his heart.  Despite his extensive injuries, Oake continued trying to help his colleagues bring Bourgass under control; three other officers suffered stab wounds before the suspect was eventually detained. Oake later died of his injuries.

DC Stephen Robin Oake was posthumously awarded the Queen’s Gallantry Medal.

Kamel Bourgass was convicted at the Old Bailey in June 2004 of the murder of Oake, of the attempted murder of two other officers and of the wounding of another. He had claimed he killed Oake out of fear, but was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum term of 22 years plus an additional 15 years for the attempted murder charges.  Bourgass appealed the conviction, which was upheld in July 2005.

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  1. ( Party Official ) It all reminds me of P.C. Blakelock and W.P.C. Yvonne Fletcher , both of whome I marched for , a long time ago now. This was despite hostility from the Police ( NOT on those occasions ) I always wondered that Police training school at Hendon and such like , taught them we were the bad guys ! They have got to be kidding !

  2. My local Police Barracks ( police station anymore ) is name Patrick Dunne House. Like so many Police Barracks in London , named after a murdered on duty copper. Patrick dunne murdered by an illegal West Indian Rasta , who by all accounts was allowed to flout our immigration laws as he was a Police snitch .
    Well lets hope the information he provided was worth the soul of Patrick Dunne and his grieving family. Some how I doubt it.
    I’m sure they would love to have him back, rather that his name attached to an ugly imposing barracks

  3. In fact if truth were know at least 90% of all coppers murdered is by non indigenous people.
    And they then have the police described as institutionally racist. If they were not, just imagine the carnage they might have suffered. Instead the powers that be, decide to change the police and turn them into robo style battle dressed zombies, that will attack its supporters, and cherish those that wish them harm.
    I’m still not convinced all coppers are of that new persuasion . But how can one tell.

  4. Excactly what proportion of coppers murdered are murdered by ”minorities” ? And what about everyday violent crime against Britons ? And to rub salt into the wound our PM has chosen David Lammy to investigate potential ”racism” in the courts.

    ”Hug a Hoodie” has taken this move to tackle -here we go again- ”institutional racism” in the courts as well as in universities and the armed forces. No wonder coppers are demoralised because of the politically correct bullies criticising them for ”racism”. Not to mention ”positive discrimination” in police recruitment to appease high crime communities.

    David Lammy blamed London’s worst ever riots over five years ago on ”children not being smacked when they were growing up.” naturally our PM thinks he’s right for this latest job. You really could not make this stuff up.

  5. According to the Sun :”Despite the fact that Jamaica is a tiny island, Jamaicans are the third largest foreign contingent in our prisons”… I wonder will David Lammy blame that on the fact they were not smacked as children, or will our PM think it’s because of ”racism” in the courts. ‘Institutional Racism’ ?…more like Inherently Criminal.

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