Its Our Country And We Want It Back

by John Shaw

The British Democratic Party have a calm measured, democratic approach to politics and indeed life.

Fifty odd years of being governed by godless, self serving parties who only stand for narrow sections of our society, whilst Britain, quite frankly, goes down the toilet.  Visit a multi-cultural area of any of our cities, if you doubt this, where it can be extremely difficult for our policemen to issue a parking ticket let alone trying to establish any sort of civilised order.

We want a decent civilised, prosperous and happy Britain for all our people.  Help us to halt the horrible, political correct, godless, class ridden, diverse march to chaos and end the nightmare by joining the decent, patriotic nationalist party of the future, The British Democratic Party.

6 thoughts on “Its Our Country And We Want It Back

  1. Self serving. Yes, quite right. And traitors like the annoyingly smug hypocrite Mr Bercow. It is time for Britain to defy these traitors and reclaim what is ours.

  2. Clearly the Prime Minister does not make or have the right to veto a visit from the US president on his views or any laws he makes as president in his country. This should be remembered by professional politicans Mr Bercow/ in their work capasity. Personal views are the entitlement of everyone. I’m sure the Hon PM will express her concern in a decent professional manner.

  3. talking of self serving what does anyone think about the Yankie and EU stoodge Tony Blair polluting the air with his presence coming back to lecture Britons on Brexit

    1. John Shaw ( Party Official ) Given that a rapidly growing number of People are coming to the conclusion that he is a WAR CRIMMINAL , he would do better to keep his ‘ head down ‘ , preferably in Cuba or some such place ! Marxist Mozambique is nice this time of year !

  4. I hope People enjoy the above article that explains our thinking on so much. We are against the Politically Correct BRAINWASHING OF OUR PEOPLE , like the latest Trendy lefty , liberal type BUZWORD that has been created. It is TRANSPHOBIC and is designed to make People who would feel uncomfortable meeting a man wearing a dress , in the street , as GUILTY AND UNUSUAL ! IT IS ALL PART OF THE CAMPAIGN TO LOWER OUR STANDARDS OF BEHAVOUR TO THE LOWEST POSSIBLE DENOMINATOR.

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