The Country Needs Our Decent Nationalism

by Dorset Lad

The Country, formally known throughout the whole world as Great Britain, is now in dire straights.

We have a Prime Minister, who as a Conservative Leader, has yet again given false hope to our under siege people, regarding immigration.  To have the gall to repeat the ‘we will reduce immigration to the tens of thousands’ (Too many) promise, when it is clear she has no intention of even trying to deal with the problem, just empty words as shown throughout her six years as home secretary.

We have a leader of HM Opposition who says he is friends with and admires the IRA, Hamas, Hezbollah and others. His manifesto is littered with deceptive ways of increasing immigration, and making it very easy for relatives to join their kin in our country!  Even with a couple of good ideas,  like returning our railways to public ownership, the Marxist led Labour Party did not have one suggestion to help our economy which would create wealth to then pay for our hospitals, social care and even roads.

The ghastly deceptive Liberal Democrats had no economic suggestions either, yet their manifesto has hidden within it, various disgusting policies. They added an intention to greatly increase mass immigration with a policy of lowering the age of consent to 14 years old which would make it easier to have sex with little girls or boys!  Also the wanted to legalise cannabis which usually leads people to harder drugs like crack cocaine.

Meanwhile UKIP, who have done nothing but harm to our honest nationalism, have been electorally wiped out byan ungrateful electorate after doing so much to make immigration an issue and of course doing the spade work towards getting the country out of the E.U. Superstate.

Britain clearly needs a classless, genuine, nationalist party to sort this mess out and save our people and country.

It Needs the British Democratic Party

2 thoughts on “The Country Needs Our Decent Nationalism

  1. Theresa May has very little character, she relied on parroting the strong and stable line, which people quickly tired of. Meanwhile, Nice Guy Jeremy appeals to the idealistic and is grinning like a Cheshire cat right now, UKIP are fading fast, as they were really the Nigel Farage party all along!!!

  2. Theresa May is a ghastly Woman Corbyn is a cretin whoever takes over as leader of the Liberals will be waste of space Vince Cable probably who sounds like a porn star UKIP is & always been a joke

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