Clegg Confesses that Eurosceptics Were Right

Arch-liberal and fanatic pro-European Union crank, Nick Clegg, has admitted that euro-sceptics were right all along in warning against the common currency.

In a statement made at the Liberal Democrat’s party conference in Birmingham last night, Mr Clegg said that in hindsight, “joining the euro would have been a “huge, huge error.”

Previously, Mr was one of the strongest supporters of joining the euro currency, and the Lib Dem 2010 election manifesto specifically stated that the party believed “that it is in Britain’s long-term interest to be part of the euro.”

The disaster which has befallen the obviously impractical and unworkable single currency since then, has exposed just how foolish Mr Clegg’s position was.

Asked about his election pledge to join the euro last night, Mr Clegg said “think, clearly, with the benefit of hindsight, you can say it would have been a huge, huge error.”

It is however incorrect to “only” accuse Mr Clegg and the Lib-Dems of short-sightedness. There are, of course, more than enough Tories who also supported joining the euro.

For example, in February this year, David Cameron appointed Andrew Cooper, as a senior aide. Mr Cooper was famously exposed by Tim Montgomerie, editor of the unofficial Tory website ConservativeHome, as having said in 2000 that the “ultimate modernisation would be for the Tories to become pro-euro.

“Not because it was morally right, not because it was economically sensible, not because the euro was popular with voters but because it would show that the Conservative Party had changed,” Mr Montgomerie said.

A report in the Wall Street Journal of September 2010 pointed out that David Cameron has betrayed every single promise on the European Union to his core constituency.

In an opinion piece written by columnist Ian Martin, that paper opined that “almost unnoticed, [Cameron’s] MPs have voted for a list of measures that would a few years ago have triggered full-scale Tory war.

“There was the expansion of justice and home-affairs powers, involving the extension of the so-called European arrest warrant,” Mr Martin wrote.

“The European External Action Service — or EU diplomatic service — was nodded through.

“New regulations for the City of London require the establishment of three pan-European supervisory bodies. This was accepted by the Treasury and if there were protests from the Conservative benches they didn’t make much noise,” he continued.

“A higher budget for the EU has also been approved. Ask senior Conservatives about all this and they point to the coalition with the Liberal Democrats, enthusiasts for integration. It necessitates compromise.

“But that is the myth designed to make Lib Dem leader and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg feel good. Mr Cameron had decided long before he failed to win an overall majority at the general election that he was not going to die in a ditch over Europe,” Mr Martin wrote.

2 thoughts on “Clegg Confesses that Eurosceptics Were Right

  1. All I keep hearing on the media is Europhiles who keep saying, without correction by journalists, that if Greece defaults and leaves the Euro currency “Europe will collapse.”
    No, Europe will not collapse, Greece has defaulted before and it was barely reported, but let us hope the undemocratic (in any real sense) European Union does collapse for without the Euro the whole thing starts to unravel.
    On the other hand is all this turmoil merely a power play to force us into a Catch 22 so that further and much deeper integration is put forward as the only way out of the mess the likes of Clegg and his Euro cranks have caused.

  2. The Euro and massive, uncontrolled third world immigration are two linked policies of the globalist elites and were pushed by the same people at the same time (ie the entire British political class).
    The Euro is a catastrophic failure and has been seen to be a catastrophic failure.
    However, of the two, mass third world immigration is THE disaster that makes the Euro pale into insignificance.It’s just a pity that no seismic event is able to prove the nature of that catastrophe – unlike the markets have done with the Euro.
    Believe you me, uncontrolled immigration is an epochal, geological style extinction-event catastrophe that makes the Euro look like the proverbial vicarage tea party in comparison.

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