Children Threatened With ‘Racial Discrimination Note’ For Not Attending Islamic ‘Workshop’


In the world of the Lib-Lab-Con, it was expected that the controversy over the letter sent to parents by the head teacher of Littleton Green Community School, Staffs, would soon  die down. It threatened  that pupils as young as eight would have a permanent ‘Racial Discrimination Note’ slapped on their files if they  did not attend a visit to an Islamic ‘workshop’ (i.e. cultural indoctrination) at Staffordshire University as part of their ‘cultural education’.

It is understood that because of sufficient opposition from parents and others this has now been moderated somewhat, although the children will still be expected to report for their indoctrination programme in Islam’s beliefs.

Here is a copy of the letter sent to Mrs Lynn Small, head teacher at the school forwarded to us by Mrs Joan Bridge-Taylor.

Subject: Your letter of Wednesday 20th November re National Religious Education Curriculum


This is to inform you that I am in receipt of a copy of the letter you sent out to parents on November 20th 2013 concerning a workshop at Staffordshire University and that I intend to forward a copy of your letter to the Minister of Education.  I shall also be writing to various newspapers to inform them of its content.

The grounds for my complaint are that, although you state that on their visit to Staffordshire University children will be looking at religious artifacts similar to those that would be on display in a museum, you then go on to make a racist issue out of a straightforward matter by saying that refusal to allow a child to attend this trip will result in a Racial Discrimination Note being attached to the child’s education record, which will remain on  file throughout their school career.

Madam, this is conduct of the most serious nature.  Are you aware of the seriousness of your actions?

Please send me the name and address of the Chairman of your Board of Governors.  I intend to treat this with the seriousness and thoroughness that it deserves and make a formal complaint against you. You are bringing your school into disrepute throughout the whole of the country. You cannot be allowed to continue.

Joan Bridge-Taylor (Mrs.) (address supplied)

 Here is a copy of the letter sent to Staffordshire Police  forwarded to us by Mrs Joan Bridge-Taylor.

Staffordshire Police Headquarters,

Dear Sirs,

In connection with your stated objectives of “creating a working environment that is free from any harrassment or bullying” (a quote from your website), I request that you investigate Mrs. Lynn Small, Headteacher, Littleton Green Community School, Colliers Way, Huntington, South Staffs. WS12 4UD in accordance with the Race Relations Act 1976.

The particular sections which apply to the matter I am complaining about are contained in the following parts of the act:- Part 1, section 2 (1); Part 1, section 3 (b); Part 1 section F4 3A (1) subsection (b); Part II, section F63 17A (which refers to section 17); Part II, section 17, [F49 (1)] (ii).

Littleton Community School is an educational establishment maintained by a local education authority and, therefore, comes under section 17, Education subsection 1. Establishment. The children in years 4 to 6, to whom she refers in paragraph 4 of her letter, fall under F63 17A, ‘“Pupil” includes, in England and Wales, any person who receives education at a school or insisution to which that section applies’.

I enclose, as evidence for my complaint, a letter written to parents of children at the school. In paragraph 3 of the letter Mrs. Small refers to “a racial discrimination note being attached to a child’s education record, which will remain on this file throughout their school career”. I maintain that this is a reference to racial discrimination which falls within section 1 of the act.

I maintain that the same reference, quoted above, makes Mrs. Small “a person (who) subjects another to harassment in any circumstances relevant for the purposes of any provision referred to in section 1(b) where, on grounds of race or ethnic or national origins, he engages in unwanted conduct which has the purpose or effect of – ….(b) creating an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment for him.” My grounds for asserting this are as follows:-

The children Mrs.Small intends to stigmatise by being put onto the education record with a permanent racial discrimination slur against their name have no control whatsoever over what their parents decide. Nor are they old enough to understand what is going on. As a result, Mrs. Small is guilty of harassment, bullying and intimidation as the act defines it. She is also creating an offensive environment for her pupils. ( F43A (b), of the section on Harassment).

By threatening these children in this way, I maintain that Mrs. Small subjects her students to what in Section 17 (Education, subsection (ii) is referred to as “subjecting him to any other detriment”.

If you require me to provide any further evidence, I shall be happy to delve into the letter and analyse it further. I believe, however, that I have given you enough grounds to substantiate this formal complaint and initiate a criminal investigation of Mrs. Small. I am sure that I can leave further analysis to your legal expertise and understanding.

Yours sincerely,

Joan Bridge-Taylor (Mrs.)


We know that complaints have been made  to Michael Gove, the Secretary of State for Education and that it has been reported as  a racist  incident to Staffordshire Police.

This incident as well as infuriating the pupils’ parents has created uproar in the wider population thus highlighting  flaws in our educational system and teaching methods.

The decision of who can and who can’t teach in our schools now rests with Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Education. He can be contacted via the following link:

This incident demonstrates the extent to which elements have striven to subvert all that was good in our country and to undermine our cultural heritage.

Whether or not readers consider themselves agnostics, atheists or Christians, the fact remains that there are three Christian crosses in the Union flag and the Christian religion is the accepted religion of these islands. Islam, by contrast, holds no connection with these islands and is incompatible with Christian teaching.

The Littleton Green School is a recipient of taxpayers’ monies – ie your monies – as is the Headmistress. In this instance, taxpayers’ funds have been misused, with threats to tiny children attached, to carry out a process that many would describe as the subtle brainwashing of young minds, often contrary to their parents’ wishes. Some will recall to mind the brainwashing in schools beloved of many of Europe’s 20th Century dictators.

In our opinion, the Headmistress has disgraced herself and demonstrated her inadequacy to teach children.

Next year is the anniversary of the outbreak of WW1. We leave to the imagination of readers what those who spilt their blood for their nation might have said of this Headmistress had they been alive today.”

Although the headmistress has issued a letter of apology to the parents, it will be interesting to follow any developments in the future.


19 thoughts on “Children Threatened With ‘Racial Discrimination Note’ For Not Attending Islamic ‘Workshop’

  1. (Party member) Our people have been subjected to institutionalised Multi-Culturalism for years. We will throw the shackles off and this disgraceful incident will go down in history as an example of the Stalinist tactics that have been employed against us.

  2. What about Islamist children being absent from Christian worship in school? Or a failure to even mention or allow the word of (our) God in Islamic run schools.

    Wake up Britain, please wake up.

  3. I think Mrs Joan Bridge-Taylor should be applauded for her efforts. A really well presented case she has made with fine attention to detail. It will be interesting to see how the case progresses, so I look forward to updates. When one thinks of the way nationalist teachers have been hounded and harrassed within the profession, usually instigated by lefties in the NUT. Cases like this provide ideal opportunities, especially having already garnered MSM attention rather than buried on page 94 or ignored altogether!

    1. The General Teaching Council (GTC) was scrapped under the present shower in No 10, aided and abetted by non other than Michael Gove, as it could not hound out teachers purely for their political beliefs. Responsibility for policing the teachers now rests with him. No surprises there.

  4. This has been going on for years. A long time ago, when my children were in junior school, the headmaster inveighed against the National Front in an assembly. I went to see him to protest at the politicising of young children in his care. He simply could not see that he was wrong and so I withdrew my children from the school.

    What is good now, I think, is that things like this receive far more publicity than before, so they can’t just get away with it. I informed the local newspaper of the headmaster’s political bias, but nothing appeared, ever.

  5. Now if a head teacher with nationalist leanings had demanded that the children must attend a nationalist event that teacher would have been out of a job quicker than they could breathe.

  6. The obvious elephant in the room is that Islam isn’t a race. But this never stopped the “educated” in our self-destruction from spouting rubbish like this.

  7. I am a Nationalist teacher and I can assure you that if I ever provided an alternative view to the multicultural agenda in the classroom I would be sacked immediately. It’s hell working in education but I need to provide for my family.

    I have to listen to the constant multicultural garbage that’s force fed into the minds of young people and the self-righteous politically correct statements/discussions that go on in the office every day. I hate it.

    I educate my little boy myself and tell him to ignore everything he is taught in school about equality and diversity. I am grounding him in his Anglo-Saxon history and the achievements of the white European peoples. I will not allow the Cultural Marxists to make my boy feel guilty. Never!

    1. We now face a situation in Britain – particularly in education – identical to that in communist Russia.

      In order to survive you have to subscribe to and preach a version of reality which bears no resemblance to the real world. One might think that such a lunatic system would quickly break down. The reason it does not is because subscription is rewarded with money and prestige. The system thus generates positive feedback assisting its own continuance – for a while anyway.

    2. It must feel like drowning sharing precious oxygen with these brainwashed idiots. But at the first opportunity getting out should be on your agenda.

  8. As an atheist I find it amazing that Christian church leaders all show such respect for Islam, and wish to foster some kind of multi-faith relationship with Islamic leaders. Surely Islam is contrary to all Christian teachings and therefore should be rejected and condemned as heretical by all Christians. Of course, the multicultural poison being forced onto our whole society from above has also infected those who lead the churches, and this explains their eagerness to accommodate Islam. However, if I were a Christian, I would be most alarmed and in dispute with my church leaders over this. If I were a Christian parent of one of the children who attended Littleton Green Community School, I would also be very against my child having anything to do with Islam for that very same reason. I think it wholly reasonable that I would feel that way, and this should be respected by all those who accept my right to my own religion, including Headmistress Mrs Lynn Small.

    1. Many of our current church leaders are wolves out to infiltrate, confuse and destroy the sheep, and they have been highly successful so far. Most of the churches now teach deadly Marxism, sugar-coated with bits of Christian jargon and rituals.

  9. I shared this on twitter because I think everyone needs to know how our kids are being brainwashed and attacked when their parents step in to protect them. Would a Muslim child be branded a racist for failing to attend a Christian workshop? I think not, and I also think that as long as parents let their kids into schools like that they’ll always be treated like second class. I think parents should home school their kids, it’s not illegal and kids won’t be brainwashed or bullied into anything.

  10. The point carefully being avoided is this. Have all British – apparently racist infested – schools been issued with these RACIAL DISCRIMINATION PADS? Have they already been used and whose lives are now blighted? Has the Government dared to send similar notes to Islamic schools/academies? How many R.E. co-ordinators are now employed and at what cost to the taxpayer?

    I suppose English translations of the Koran are soon to be issued to all British infidel children and will have to be carried at all times to prove their acceptance of the religion. Jesus what a spineless country we are handing to Islam. Anjem Choudary and his ilk must be a little amused and certainly monumentally unimpressed by a country that is frightened to defend itself or worse its children.

    1. This is one of many reasons why I’m voting to get Britain out of the EU in 2017. That way we’ll be able to get our country back without the EU dictating our laws on immigration.

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