Cameron's Tough Love, Supermuscular Style

By Southwest Nationalist. Stepping from the Supermuscular Blue Oyster Bar, garbed in tight leather, and with scantily clad sidekick the (C)Leggless Liberal on a choke chain, here comes superhero Dave Cameron to the rescue again.

What a guy. Is it a bird, is it a plane, no…’s Supermuscularliberalman!

Tough love. That’s what is needed. Those riots weren’t about race, they weren’t about politics, instead they were because people need moral boundaries and tough love.

Ooo, love me toughly Dave, suits you sir!

Just which politicians and political parties presided over the dismantling of all moral boundaries and constants of behaviour Dave?

Who thought that abolishing all norms, creating an anything goes society, and peopling it with hundreds of different races and cultures was a great plan?

Not us, not the British people that’s for sure, we’re just the mugs picking up the pieces whilst you strut around like a superhero pretending to fix the problems which you and your ilk created to begin with.

The breakdown in law and order – of which the riots are just the most visible and headline grabbing incident – is entirely of political making.

You and yours made all this possible, you created a monster, and still you can’t face up to that. There’s nothing but excuses and soundbites.

Tough love? It’s more like two fingers up and tough luck to the British people, another gimmicky catchphrase that will leave the real issues to fester untouched.

3 thoughts on “Cameron's Tough Love, Supermuscular Style

  1. This liberal-minded idiot can delude himself for a while. He can even delude and mislead many others for a while, but sooner or later the reality of the truth will become undeniable. Cameron’s behaviour is like that of a child who thinks that closing his eyes and pretending something dangerous isn’t there will make it simply disappear. His kind will always seek to blame anyone and anything but themselves for the mess that they have created by their short-sightedness and political stupidity.

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